Saturday, January 30, 2016


Its all CONtained. You just have to believe the PTB, the puppet masters, the Elite, THEY........You just have to believe THEY will hold this all together long enough. What's long enough? Longer than you can stay solvent long enough? Maybe its longer than you can last watching the daily CON game on CNBS. Maybe longer than you can read the daily headlines on Zerohedge wondering whether reality has any bearing on anything we do anymore. 

So who can predict this accurately? Maybe its a hot hand like Bain's Harry Dent. Without getting into dissecting Dent, I'll just focus on his gold call. NO ONE has called him out on his main premise on gold and that is its NEVER done well during deflation. Sorry Harry, you're full of sh#$. I'm not sure he's willfully ignorant, but gold and gold mining shares were the number one assets to  own during the Great Depression and history shows that when fear sets in gold is where the paper assets go for shelter and in my opinion that IS the game of the paper masters. They MUST keep gold from creating the GLOBAL fiat currency bank run. It cannot be allowed to serve as a "safe haven" and paper must be defended at all costs including sovereign nation's loss of gold bullion.

You're being CONNED and eventually all cons end with discovery. All bubbles burst eventually and all Ponzi's collapse. You're living in the middle of an incredible time and as this global collapse unfolds there will be unbelievable events to behold. Enjoy the history we are making and out of the ashes will rise "green shoots"

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Relax pidgeons
Just relax, its only a correction. The best move is to make no move at all.  Its a global market. Its a global economy. China's strength will carry us through. China's economy is not significant to affect our economy. China can slow down and its effect will be negligible. 

Oil's price drop will be the best thing that happens for our economy. Oil's price drop won't effect the employment rate significantly. CONsumers will spend more money with the oil price drop windfall in their pockets.

The strong dollar will be good for Amerikans. The reason the corporations can't make their earnings and revenue estimates is the strong dollar. A weak dollar will help Amerika. Its good for our corporations. 

Higher interest rates are necessary for our strong, growing economy, but we are prepared to go to negative interest rates quickly should it become necessary. Returning to normalized interest rates is essential. However reversing to negative interest rates may be more essential. 

Savings are good for a sound banking system, but we would like to see you spending more on CONsumer goods like I phones and I pads. In fact savings are so good for a sound banking system that we're going to keep interest rates on your savings at zero or below forever in our growing eCONomy. 

We believe your CONfidence is essential to our plan. gl

Thursday, January 21, 2016


And don't you dare believe anything else. You are an Amerikan! You can do anything. You can build offshore gulags and torture anyone you want to. You can work till you're 50 and retire with a pension and benefits until you're dead! You can be a member of the greatest economy in the world that now is a CONsumer economy and has 12% of its GDP manufacturing "something". We now have become a global parasite using our reserve currency status (look at it as a giant credit card) to have one last fling at the expense of the "developing nations" or as I like to refer to them "our slaves". You can now gorge yourself on cheap GMO food and drive gas guzzling SUVs on cheap gas thanks to your scorched earth foreign policy. You can have 800 military bases in 125 countries and threaten war with Russia for going into Syria at the bequest of the Syrian government to fight terrorists that we trained and equipped. 

You can have a press that is owned and paid by seven corporations that daily tell you how great you are and how lucky you are to just have a job and that the 93 million of you little people that have given up looking don't even show up on the people meter. You go ahead and whistle past that graveyard. You go ahead and keep taking your pension that is based on a calculated 8% annualized ROI. You're exceptional.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Maybe Uncle Wally should say bye bye bye, but he won't. He'll be back on your screen soon, as the market breaks down into the road to hell. Just like 2008, you'll see the most amazing stick saves and record short squeezes with the market moving up into a counter trend frenzy with the sycophants chanting praise to the Oracle from Omaha for saving their stock investments. He's a little older and little more worn from his global jet-setting trying to help all of the "little people" become rich in the greatest stock market game ever! Even a cynical curmudgeon like myself finds himself stopping to watch the famous carnival barker shill for the bankers. How can you resists his warm, genuine, charms? After all he's RICH!

This time will be different. This time they won't let the market crash like the last two bear markets in 2000 and 2008. This time they won't let fear enter into the equation like 2008 when we began to find out that banks were levered 100:1 on subprime loans. This time we have taken important steps to prevent just such an occurrence. For instance this time we've levered up on student loans. We've levered up on sub-prime auto loans. We've levered up on shale oil drilling all over North America. We've levered up on Biotechnology. We've levered up on electric cars. We've levered up on Solar and Wind energy. But best of all......we are going to make sure that NO big bank has to show us any losses this time. This time we have already told the banks that "Mark to Fantasy" isn't even necessary.....just quietly keep it off your books. Tell your bankrupt clients just to start selling their pieces off to anyone that'll throw um a buck and you'll take any dime they give you. Great game ain't it? Just one problem ain't gonna work. Oh maybe for a quarter or two they will be able to stop the bleeding, but this is an age old game that never has worked, and the reason is simple. CONfidence. Once you lose the CONfidence game you can't put it back and they're losing it big time.

"You will not survive here, you are not a wolf. This is the land of wolves."

Those of you that want to play the big casino, be advised the time is running out fast. Enjoy the big move up coming soon. Remember in August when the market cracked and I had told you we had CONfirmed a new Primary Bear and I told you get ready for a big squeeze and we got three months of bliss with it looking like they just might make new highs and violate the Primary Bear call??? Remember? Well they didn't. This time they'll squeeze again and cast doubts on the Bear. Don't fall for it. Take some time out and reassess your preps.......whatever they are......Time is precious and I enjoy the reparte but this is not going to be funny much longer. At least we won't be able to pretend we're laughing much longer. gl

Sunday, January 10, 2016


After the past two weeks of carnage in the stock market if you are still in the camp this is just a correction, then you need to stop reading this post now. For those of you that are having doubts now about the Fed's ability to levitate this steaming pile of a stock market to give the illusion the underlying economy is in a recovery......congratulations, you just might have a chance to make it through the meeting of reality and pixie dust.

We just had the worst first week in the HISTORY of the stock market and its a bell weather of what could be the worst year in the history of WORLD stock markets. Most of us have succumbed to the snake charming skills of the global puppet masters pouring trillions of digitally printed dollars into the banking system in order to fill an ever expanding black hole of debt.

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.

The illusion of "recovery" is repeated over and over and over on virtually every MSM outlet in an effort to stoke the embers of "CONsumerism" and the resultant "VELOCITY OF MONEY" and its become so comical the Faux Journalists can't even CONceal their own contempt now when they question their prescribed daily "expert" pumper guests. The faux journalists have retirement accounts that are being decimated by the stealth bear that has been brewing for over a year now while many S&P 500 high flyers have been already taken down over 40%.  

Hedge funds are beginning to close down shop and openly stating they can't in good CONscious manage other peoples money in an environment that no longer is guided by any historic economic principles. A nice way to tell you they think we are about to collapse and "we're gettin' the hell outta here now, before the pitchforks and lamp posts arrive".

I have a problem with Harry Dent as most of you know by now. I think he misses a key element in the gold argument. He's lumping gold into every other asset that collapses in price during a deflationary collapse and states that gold collapses too. Historically he is obviously wrong. The last deflationary collapse was the 30s and gold rose magnificently as did the miners. This time I believe that gold's performance will also be the same except on steroids. The reason.....simple, they have created so much printed money and distorted so many paper currencies and lied so much that CONfidence in their ability to make real economies and protect your paper assets will collapse with gold being the last currency standing. I think this occurs much earlier in this deflationary cycle than Dent does due to this LOSS OF CONfidence. Dent believes it will happen late in the cycle ONLY WHEN INFLATION rears its head because of their out of CONtrol printing. It may sound nuanced to some of you but I think its critical in your preparation of owning sound money. You can decide yourself and so far Dent has appeared to be right in his predictions. gl 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Its not about China. After all they aren't that important. Its really about Facebook. Its really about Amazon. WE own Nike. We own KFC. That's what Jim Cramer says is really going on. China's just not that important. 

Well carry on and don't worry about it folks. The market is going to the moon. I've got lollipops dancing in my head and pixie dust to sprinkle all over us forever. Just remember one little thing. We are in a Primary Bear now. Adjust accordingly.

Now I can comment

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Don't worry you won't see this...we have EBT cards (we aren't stupid)
No you don't. Well maybe you do, so let's examine this meme a little closer. You have a job. Yet, 95 million working age Americans have given up looking for a job. You are in a recovery. You just received a raise. Yet, overall working Americans have had stagnant nominal wages for over 15 years. That is unheard of in our history. 

You save dollars in your bank account. Yet, the FDIC is effectively broke. You say they will be able to just print money to pay you your dollars if your bank closes. Yet they have already said their plan is for bail-ins instead. Why? This time they apparently believe the "dollar" may face a drastic devaluation either through it losing its reserve status (see IMF (SDR) or China/Russia/etc currency swaps). You see there are many Countries being forced right now to absorb our pain by accepting the dollar as the reserve currency and they're not going to take it much longer and are positioning themselves now. Are you?

You listen to the daily cacophony on MSM telling you we are engaged in multiple military operations around the World and view this as just another video game on your phone. You view this as a natural evolution in the global power structure with "cooler heads" eventually prevailing. You view the execution of a Shiite Cleric by Saudi Arabia as just another crazy Arab event in the context of a multitude of crazy Arab events. In other words you are so bombarded by these escalating events, it becomes just noise in your daily existence.

You listen to the MSM tell you its normal to print 18 Trillion in debt paper and that our recovery can CONtinue to procede without any regard to Nature and the mathematics that must be obeyed. In other words you have a new God now. A God that is so powerful they CAN walk on water, they CAN defy gravity and they can willfully violate every tenant of Economic Law and just tell you its a new tool they have developed for your "recovery" from an Economic collapse that they told you they "Couldn't see coming" and when we were in the middle of it, they told you "There is no crisis". So now you believe them. Now, you believe it when the tell you there was a crisis and it was the "worst crisis since the Great Depression"..........but its all fixed now and we are in a "recovery". In fact its such a good recovery with top line revenues falling across virtually all companies, that we can raise interest rates. 

Amen, I have a new God. gl all

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Add cnaption
Bloomberg just spent the morning segment debating why the Fed is still front and center in the daily "market".  Even a chief propagandist for the Fed is discussing WHY every word from the Fed is still the guiding light for the "market".  You really mean "Faux Market". Why slice and dice words from the Fed anymore? Its truly ludicrous to pretend this is anything other than a mirage. They've broken it completely. They've openly destroyed the "quaint notion" of SAVINGS. They've taken the strongest hands that normally step in and repair an over leveraged, malinvested, cycle and tied a concrete block to them and pushed them overboard with ZIRP.  Now we've propped up the companies that the strong hands should have stepped into and instead propped these zombies up with our children's "dollars" and promises.  

They just didn't want to pull back the curtain all the way this time because they thought you just wouldn't like to see what the wizard really does look like. They pulled it back quite a way by September 2008 but the pitchforks and lampposts started to frighten them and it stopped with the decision to go "all in" on the printing press, even if it created UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES like destroying the Business Cycle and FREE MARKETS.  

Print Trillions. Create a massive government subsidized underclass that is totally dependent on the Fed. CONtinue to prop up bloated Corporations with ZIRP and subsidies while crushing the ability for smaller, more agile new companies to gain higher interest rate loans to compete with the massive multinationals. Throw in even more regulations and you have the greatest marriage Fascism could ever have envisioned.  Normally capital would flow to other countries more financially strong in these circumstances but all Western countries are being ring-fenced into the Fed cartel or threatened with war. Watch the rest. Its not going to be pretty.

If you can't understand why I buy physical silver by now and how it and gold are so hated by these assclowns then you really need to read another blog and quit wasting your life here. People will say "what can I do". Well, every time you buy an ounce of silver you put another pin prick in their ass and with each pinprick a drop of blood comes out of this monster. gl

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Tired of it yet? Ya gotta be chokin' on the BS pouring out every single morning. You turn on Bloomberg and two economic journalists are arguing for 15 minutes the difference between the meaning of "measured" and "slow". They must think we are complete idiots (hopefully if you are still here you aren't). To think that anyone that is a real investor really pays any attention to these absurd word games from the spinmeisters at this point in the game is absurd, but I'm sure they believe the masses are lulled into a stupor as they slice and dice the Fed music.

If you think this music is going to disappear soon, you are mistaken. They will only increase their efforts to soothe your nerves with even more Fedspeak.  They've GOT to keep the masses CONfident the game can be extended. GDP, PMI, LEI, Baltic Dry Index, are all collapsing worldwide and we RAISE interest rates. WHY? Its really very simple. They are trying every trick in the book to CONvince the public that we are in a very slow RECOVERY!!

The Fed knows very well the velocity of money is dead. They can't resuscitate a corpse but they're going to keep pretending they can. Reality is not going to be like 2008. Remember when the 20 members of the Government and the Fed all stood on the stage together that morning on September 15 and said they all had been puking for an hour in a meeting and told you the world almost ended before they digitally printed 500 Billion that morning and sent it all over the world to stem the bank runs. Well, that was a lie. They printed over 4 Trillion that morning and 4 Trillion the next week. This time lets see how they allay the bank runs. Let me give you a hint...... CAPITAL CONtrols!! Its already started in a number of countries including our own. Don't believe me huh? Try taking 10K out of your bank tomorrow. These are "soft" CONtrols. The hard ones will be much more unpleasant.  Try transferring money out of the country. Its your money, so its your right. You paid taxes on it already, so try it. China's already locking their people down. Why do you think that art work is selling for hundreds of millions for a single bullshit painting.

You see it all, right? Or maybe you don't buy the reality. Maybe its the music. Maybe its the Fog. You know, the Fog of War. Its a war to save the dollar. A war to save our current way of life. It really is a global war. You just have trouble seeing it because of the fog. gl

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Of course its time to raise rates, right smack dab in the middle of the first cracks in the "Recovery" façade begin to appear as two funds blowup last week as a result of strains in the Junk Bond or "High Yield" market begin to show up on the street. This is the "first blood" spilled in the battle to save the dollar.

That's right, the dollar. Its all about the dollar. Maintaining the illusion the currency has value while liquidity is pumped into every corner of the Western World in the form of these so called paper reserve currencies. The "rest" of the World is sick of us. They're sick of being threatened by us. They're sick of being forced to take our paper promises for their labor and resources with artificially suppressed prices on top of it. There own currencies are crushed and they pay higher and higher prices for essentials while we drive our new sub-prime car loan purchases with even cheaper gas from their reserves. They're sick of it. They watch their countries being carpet bombed and millions of people displaced into refugee camps and starving children by the millions. They're sick of it.

They watch our bloated, bloviating politicians campaign on promises of bringing even more death and destruction to their countries while debating who can bomb the most in the name of freedom. They're sick of it.

Larger, more powerful leaders are looking at these policies as they, themselves are pushed into increasingly uncomfortable choices of supporting the hegemony or resisting it with force. They are sick of it too.

Unlike the poorer less defensible countries, Russia, China and their allies (which are increasing) continue to prepare for the eventual shift away from the dollar burden, while the West tries to extend its power by pushing more and more dollars into the liquidity trap.

No one wants to buy any of the Junk now. As liquidity dries up now, the TRILLIONS of printed new debt to support the hundreds of Trillions of existing debt. Its called a trap for a reason. All of the shadow banking system has all of its newly acquired debt vehicles but without Trillions more of Fedbux coming their is now NO DEMAND and therefore NO BUYERS for their funds and debt. Its over. It may not end tomorrow but more than likely increasing strains will show up very shortly and then the panic begins. Its called the music has stopped. Now find your chairs. gl