Sunday, November 11, 2018


Most of you may not have seen the Grant Williams analogy of the Gray Wolf reintroduction to Yellowstone and its ultimate effect on the Yellowstone ecological system. Some of you really don't care to as they beat the gold trade senseless, and just wanna make just a little bit of money, but you really should pay attention to what he is saying in the video that I will post below. Gold is the monetary apex predator and will be ultimately placed on its proper position in our system as the ultimate fiat ponzi judge. 

Watch the video, but it is about balance. As all systems reach imbalances, they will ultimately revert to the mean.  As the mean reversion occurs, the momentum of the pendulum will swing beyond the mean. Ecological systems will obey the laws of nature whether YOU believe that law or not. Just as the nature has brought its law to bear on much of California and its abuse of the arid land it has over built on or whether its the over grazing of Yellowstone by the Elk and deer. Nature's law must ultimately be obeyed. 

The monetary system is going to revert to its natural mean just as it has over and over  before through its cleansing cycles. This cycle too shall come to pass whether you doubt it will or not. It cannot be stopped. Exactly when and its full impact on society is still debatable but it will happen. Meanwhile we have Exeter's pyramid growing and its Gold standard is continuing to have accelerated Central bank buying around the World. So you can Buttfox your brain and cower in your FANG prison or you can keep taking advantage of metal prices just like the Central banks in Russia, China, and India etc are doing. They know what the apex of money is.

Monday, November 5, 2018


Tuesday is a date of change for the globalists. On election night the American people will vote for their representatives and for the people to lead us into a future of momentous change. On the other hand, maybe we're just walking into another false choice paradigm and Wednesday morning we will wake up and find it to be another Ground Hog day movie scenario. 

I'm going to check and see if the Federal Reserve is still intact. I'm going to check and see if all the banks are open. If they are,  then I'll know that nothing has changed, because therein lies all the true power. The power that couldn't be allowed to fail in 2008. The power that was saved because it was "too big to fail".  I still remember that time like it was yesterday. That is why I will vote tomorrow.

Once Again, Warren Buffett Has Given Us A Major Warning That Everything Is Expensive

Claire McCaskill is the Senator in my state and in 2008 we gave up our chance to change this corrupt system by voting for TARP. A giveaway to the richest most corrupt group of fascist pricks in the world and Claire was the deciding vote that flipped to the Republicans. She sold out. So yes, I will vote tomorrow, only to vote against her. I know the little prick that she is running against will probably be worse than her. I don't care. I'll vote.

Don't bet on the Blue Wave tomorrow. There are a lot of pissed off people still out there. They're confused by the constant propaganda on both side, but the Claires out there could be on borrowed time with the voters. Remember this.....its still Kabuki theater and the tic toc on the ponzi is running out.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Are you scared? Seriously, are you? Were you frightened in 2007 before the market collapsed and "our system as we know it almost ended"? How about in early 2008 in March when Bear Stearns collapsed and Bernanke came out and stated there was no systemic risk and markets rallied for the next two months? Were you scared then?

Maybe you were scared, but most people weren't, as millions were falling behind in their mortgages and job formation was rapidly falling.  The underlying economy was collapsing for millions but it wasn't being reported widely. In other words they were playing music on the deck of the Titanic and if YOUR house and YOUR job was intact, then you continued to dance. ONLY after September and the full blown disaster was underway did the public actually panic. 

China's President Orders Military To "Prepare For War".....well isn't that ducky

People suddenly were asking questions and looking like deer in the headlights as Lehman collapsed and Tarp arose. SUDDENLY we were in a crisis. Laughingly in a span of two months we went from "its all good" to "we came within two hours of having our way of life gone forever and martial law. How can that happen? Did "they" lie to us? Maybe they were just incompetent. That's possible.....right?

So here's another funny one. In early 2009 for about three months it was a series of "its awful out there" headlines and then suddenly the market turned at the SnP 666 and within three months "they" declared the recession OVER and the market was "safe again". Trillions and trillions would have to be printed to keep the "recovery" safe. It was comical to see each further QE announcement with gold collapsing as TRILLIONS of fiat injections occurred.

So here we are. The markets are down big time in just a couple of weeks and no one cares. "They" don't even have to come out and make calming announcements. They have run this ponzi of a market so high that no one even cares. They've seen the movie and how it least they think they have. Pay no attention to the dip. The Fed will bail you out. They'll just print more money and rig the market. Chase the MOMO......BOOO!

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Gimme a break puleeze. This theory is recently being promulgated by Dave Janda and as much as I like Janda, this one is hard to swallow. Trump was chosen because he is just another tool for obfuscation and furthering the central banking system. He may not have been their first choice or even their second, but he is under their thumb. The attacks of the Deep State media on Trump may be real or they may just serve as another Kabuki Theater for the masses. It doesn't really matter as long as the CONfusion keeps the public distracted from the puppet masters behind the curtain while the bubble of wealth extraction continues.

Markets In Turmoil: S&P, Dow Erase 2018 Gains As Momo Massacre Accelerates....nahh..its all good..the Fed has your back

Migrant Declares That Trump Is "The Antichrist" As Caravan Swells To 14,000 and the kabuki theater intensifies

I HOPE that Trump has a grand plan to somehow break the grip of the banking cartel on our economy and its military industrial complex. I HOPE that somehow we see a return to the rule of law. I HOPE that the countless number of corrupt CONgressmen, Judiciary, and Executive members that are receiving hundreds of millions in payoffs from this system are dealt with by the Hand of Justice. But its not going to be. The Justice Department itself is corrupt. The Judges, the FBI, the local police departments, all of these purveyors of justice are corrupt. 

We are living in a society that is rotting. Not only rotting, but its stink is so strong, millions of ordinary people are now able to smell it. They are so desperate for help as they drown in this cesspool of a system that they are willing to reach out for help from a flim flam man with orange hair and a penchant for porn queens. I voted for him and I HOPED he would come through. I'm just not seeing it.

Until I see dramatic evidence that he is an agent of true change then I'll stick with the age old playbook that he was presented as the "lesser of two evils" and the system will continue to blow the current bubble until it blows so big that when they pop it, the blowback of shit will have us begging for help from the money printers. I think before this year is up the tremors will begin to show in the bubble  as the mid term elections play out.  Expect a lot more CONfusion. Think about it. Look WHO we were cheering for at the most recent SCOTUS CONfirmation.  They're all crooked.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


After months of warning by the money masters, our markets farted out their blow holes this week. Pundits all across the financial landscape declared victory at the end of the week. Some declared this a "much needed" pullback. Some declared the pullback "over". Some advocated an even "greater" pullback was needed to make the market "healthier".  There was a cacophony of calls to buy the "bargains" here. A few suggested that waiting for even better buying opportunities might be prudent. 

It reminded me of my mistakes in investing during the 2000 Bear Market. I had made some spectacular returns leading up to that crash and began advising my crowd of retail (fellow sheeple morons) that the market was going too high and to get out. In those days I didn't short markets yet and only used timing. I also listened to the pundits that advised during the first hard pullbacks in the tech market that pullbacks were "healthy". I timed the pullbacks and traded the first few months of the tech bubble pop with my portfolio staying intact. I invested also in "CONservative" tech plays that were the "pipe" for the internet. I won't list them but they were Cisco System companies that "withstand a severe bear". I would buy them on "dips" and sell them on "rips". I was essentially a "long only" investor that was using market timing to trade a Bear.

It worked well until midway through the bear and I was caught buying one of the really big dips thinking "shit how can this not be a big bottom to buy".  That was not the right move. I loaded up on the JDS Uniphase and Cisco Systems that had "corrected significantly" and were down 50% from their highs.  And then all hell broke loose. The leadership and the "pipe" of the "internet bubble" just got HAMMERED over the next month. Microsoft, Worldcom, Enron, Intel.....the biggest of the BEST were then butchered. The "no lose" masters of the tech space that had "already corrected" were slaughtered along with my "blue chip" portfolio. 

ECB Headed For Trouble With Rates Already Negative...YA THINK?

I had learned from my 87 mistakes and I again tried to learn from these mistakes. I knew that some of these beaten down stocks might NEVER recover. I looked for different sectors to enter that had also been hurt in the market takedown. I was in energy and biotech with my surviving funds. I stayed in the casino and made back the paper with a strong portfolio going into the next collapse and most of you know how I played that one....mostly SHORT!

Mercedes Massacre: Daimler Plummets After Slashing Outlook; European Auto Sector Crashes.....its all good

Leon Cooperman: "The Whole Structure Of The Market Is Broken" no shit

US Job Openings Hits Record High: 1.2 Million More Job Vacancies Than Unemployed Workers....tic toc.....sumthin' is gonna give.....and its wage inflation

This time I have tried to see just how they would fix the game and its been fairly predictable although my paper strategy was pounded in 2012....also not shocking given the need to CONtrol gold and silver prices from exposing the dollar pyramid printing scheme.  I still think we had the beginning of a major bull move off of the 2015 precious metals bottom and certainly the miners are still up dramatically from that December 2015 bottom.  I still believe this sector is the sector to own and will wait for these pricks to clean the suckers out of the general equities shares. As usual physical metals is the ultimate store of value. Counter party risk will again be a phrase used in financial circles so BE PREPARED boyz and girlz.