Sunday, August 17, 2014


Watching and listening to the daily machinations on the MSM trying to explain why we are still mired in ZIRP and QE while simultaneously explaining the economy is growing now at a healthy rate is becoming increasingly painful. Listening to the morning Bloomberg show with Tom Keene and various guests trying to reassure the listener that the market is THE place to be invested now makes one wonder just WHAT would it take for these shills to express an "opposite" viewpoint. 

They never seem to miss the opportunity to bring up gold on its down days as "NOT being a safe haven", then ridiculing the idea of owning gold while simultaneously expressing they just "don't understand gold". I guess you can have your cake and eat it too if you're the Wall Street media circus. 

As each day goes by now there is less and less meaningful "investment news" and more "reassurance news" filling each hour of CNBS, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. If you watch and listen long enough you will catch some of the pundits letting their guard down and expressing a more honest comment about the real state of the economy and the market. When you're trying to fill so much air time you will periodically slip up. The "slip ups" are becoming more frequent lately and doubt is creeping into their prescribed memes. Usually they'll shift back on track quickly, but you can tell there is an underlying doubt in their job to placate the sheep.

I notice the numbers in most of Europe, China, Japan, and the U.S. are slipping badly now as the Re-over-leveraged consumer begins to tuck in their horns. Stress is being exhibited in a variety of ways once again as the debt supercycle begins to exert its effects. 

Hey, let's not forget Ferguson. Nothing like a beta test to bring out some oldies but goodies. This morning CNN (CONtrolled Neocon News) rolled out BERNARD KERIK as an expert on police tactics and response regarding Ferguson. You remember Bernie...the guy who helped CONtrol the 9/11 pre and post response. The same Bernie that GW tried to appoint to run Homeland Security or one of the Gestapo positions post 9/11. But do you remember his Federal convictions on corruption? His time in prison, but HEY...this is Amerika and once you've towed the line for the cabal, they will bring you right back in front of the sheep.

Remember that your health and your family's health is paramount. Most of the issues I address are not what I call "uplifting" and it just may not be something that some of you want to read on a daily basis and I understand that. Its reaching a very uncomfortable level in the supercycle collapse and Stay away from these sites if they upset you. I encourage all of you to stay physically and spiritually healthy. Exercise daily. Get rid of the GMO caloric poison. Try your best to reduce prescription medications that aren't absolutely necessary. Lastly take the time to talk and LISTEN to your family and loved ones. They need you too now. 

Don't worry about the gold and silver and the dollar and the stock market. That will take care of itself. Time is what's not for sale. You don't get a "do over". gl

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The case for a militarized police force? Or is this a result of a more militarized police force? Are these riots only the beginning of more to come? Is this the beginning of the case to impose hardening the current soft marshal law present from NDAA and the Patriot Act? We certainly are building police forces that are viewing the public as no longer to "serve and protect" but to "beware of". 

 Look... I know that many of you really think this is all random human behavior that really has no connection to any current agenda by some higher government/corporate control agenda. Crazy talk....that really is all it is. Crazy, conspiratorial internet koo-koo bird stuff. 

That's why the appointment of a banker technocrat in Ukraine occurred a few months ago friendly to the EU. Never mind the coup overthrew a duly elected president after only a year that said no thanks to joining the EU. 

That's why Banker technocrats were appointed as Presidents in Greece, Italy etc after elected Presidents "resigned".

That's why were in our fourth stage of QE AFTER the recession was declared over and a steady recovery is "well in place". 

That's why the median family income in the U.S. is 51K TODAY.....which is exactly what it was in 1996.... THAT'S 17 years ago and its STILL the exact same.

Yeah baby.....focus on Ferguson. Its scary. It makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy with fear. You'll take that police power and LIKE IT. Like Ben Franklin said "those that would give up essential liberty to purchase a little security deserve neither". Be afraid. gl

Sunday, August 10, 2014


For some strange reason I thought it might be appropriate to start off with the words of wisdom from the philosopher Yogi Berra. After some careful soul searching this weekend and transendental meditation I returned from the mountain and also found this quote from Yogi worth sharing......."There are some people who, if they don't already know you can't tell 'em". 

 I knew Red would be especially appreciative of these pearls of wisdom and other recent philosophical revelations. The rest of us in this universe will just have to muddle along trying to read the tea leaves like most mortals and usually reading them wrong.  

One leaf that is becoming a little more obvious to some of you that may have stuck around through the last three years of one of the most ridiculous bear markets in the gold miner's sector is we are gradually coming out of it. Bottoming processes take some time but this one appears to be coming to a conclusion as several quality miners such as GORO SSRI RIC EXK GPL have all had 100% moves and ON VOLUME. Will you see your old highs attained this year if you held? Maybe, but most likely it will take some time. One thing is certain, many of you will cough, choke and puke your shares up way before their highs are attained in this bull move. That is not a criticism, just the history of the game. Once the big early moves are attained I will trade them actively and reduce my account to cash for physical and hard asset purchases. That was my intention two years ago and I "just missed" it......"by THAT much". Maybe I get luckier this time.....maybe not.......we'll see.

If this doom and gloom is too much for you here then I suggest you wise up and move along. We're not going to get much "happier" here and I suggest you turn your attention to more positive influences. We have all been on this "journey" together and at some point it will end for us. I know it gets a little "weird" here but its sometimes better entertainment than reality TV.  It is a personal challenge for me to see if I can continue this blog in spite of past difficulties in this attempt. Sometimes I get it wrong, but my intentions are to just try and help. I enjoy your inputs and even the detractors so gl to all of you and gl in your trading if you're crazy enough to still be in the casino.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Maybe its because they are the anchors of the number one morning slot at CNBS. Of course their 7 figure salaries are nice too. Nothing wrong with making money especially if all of you are married to producers of CNBS. Corporations apparently like nepotism today. Maybe they are smiling because they know they have the "right stuff" for their job. You know what I mean, right? To have the right stuff for this job you are required to have a certain degree of "moral flexibility"....and this trio has it in SPADES. 

During the 2008 dump of the market they spoke derogatorily if any guest came on and tried to warn the public to get out of the market. They were never at a loss to heap praise on the likes of Paulson, Dimon, or Bernanke. Buffet was a regular on Becky Quick's schedule. This trio was chosen for a reason and that reason was THEY COULD DELIVER THE MESSAGE. And that message had to be delivered by trustworthy people that would not question it.

Just to make it look good there will be an occasional deviation from their meme or even the dumbest of the sheep would be able to see them for what they are........shills. 

Notice their longevity. Its paramount the message is delivered and the messenger keeps silent as to what the real truth is. They aren't alone. Its ubiquitous and its slowly deteriorating, but it still caries a tremendous amount of influence with the sheep. Enjoy these last days, because the house is coming down. Maybe not tomorrow, but the days of this "house of pox" are ending. 

Don't invest in gold or silver or farmland etc. Invest in the stock market. That's your meme peeps. gl

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Behold a pale horse and on it set death.....or at least something like that depending on your biblical reference.  Whether you consider yourself a believer or not, you can't help but be dismayed by the last few months of accelerating chaos worldwide as the economic supercycle nears its ultimate conclusion.  To young adults this may seem to be business as usual, but rest assured it is anything but.

What it definitely confusing. We have companies buying over a TRILLION dollars and maybe much more of their stocks from banks loaning them freshly printed fiat. This makes their earnings report climb the "wall of worry" while the sheep gain CONfidence that we really can print our way out of this. The truth is we CAN print our way out of this. That's right....we long as the rest of the world with their resources and manufactured goods allow the dollar to remain the World Reserve Currency. Its really diabolical. Imagine having your enforcer ( the military and CIA) strong arming countries to maintain the Dollar's status. Then printing CounterFIAT reserve notes out of thin air to buy their hard work and their resources to our content. After all how do you think you can have a CONSUMER based economy. Just think about what that means.  A CONSUMER based economy.....just WHAT is that? Well of course even a sheep must have enough cognitive ability to understand that is purely just a ludicrous PONZI scheme.

 Its the old protection racket. You've seen it before. You go to the marks that are making money in their business and tell them they need to pay for protection. Of course the protection you are paying for is from the enforcers telling you to pay. Its real easy to play. You know that your biggest threat is the guy you're paying. In this case who has 800 military bases in 125 countries and CIA assets and mercenaries involved in multiple conflicts throughout the World? OF COURSE you need protection if you are a smaller developing country. Why do you think these little countries like North Korea scrambled to get some crude nuclear bombs. It was either do that ....or give your resources over for counterfiat/debt. 

The game is up and the clock is ticking for the mob. The will shift their game as a new paradigm is developed that will in fact be the old paradigm...just with a new skin.  Its accelerating right now as the music gets closer to stopping. Tremendous inroads on the dollar's supremacy have been made by the China and Russia with some of the other victims of the mob. Stay tuned but don't expect the exact timetable to be announced by the mob. Who knows.....we might even see some perp walks but don't hold your breath.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

GDP 4% !!!!!!

That's all you really need to know. Or is it? Do you really believe that? Or, did you just look at the number and say .....really?...REALLY??? You go from two negative GDP prints and revisions with the meme that its the WEATHER!!!! Now you print 4% and you expect the sheep to swallow that with Wal Mart CEO saying the economy is collapsing for them. You have a consumer economy and virtually every big retail company is failing on their earnings.

Housing is COLLAPSING and not only collapsing but collapsing with 3% mortgage rates. Germany rates are now at a 200 Year low. France at a 500 year low. How can the world call ANY of this a slow, normal recovery. If this is stable then I dread to see what the next "stumble" looks like. 

Inventory rising was a big part of the faux GDP print today which should send shivers up your back if you realize that is occurring with record low interest rates. YOU HAVE A TAPPED OUT CONSUMER. He's finished. You've pumped a dead man up with EBT cards, disability checks, medicaid, medicare, social security, and multiple emergency programs in housing and debt aid backed by the taxpayer. The problem is there is a declining taxpayer base and EVERYONE that looks at this beyond Cramer's "Mad Dash" knows it. 

Sometimes when you listen to Cramer rant you will catch some truth that he accidentally spills. This AM while spewing just how EVERYONE is wrong about the economy/GDP and how good we are doing he suddenly blurts out that Waste Management (good ol buttfox's stock) announced recently that its VOLUME OF TRASH is declining and Cramer (appropriately) continued how concerning this is because it reflects a DECLINING economy/GDP. You see....even the shills trip up in their spew if you just listen.

So what does this mean for us? We are just sheep, but maybe we can glean a pearl from this circus.  If you can filter the noise, you can see their is a real time acceleration in the game. We are rapidly approaching a resolution. The number of countries on fire right now are staggering. The level of tension continues to be ratcheted up by the Western banking cartel. The proverbial rock and a hard place is about to be discovered by Yellen. She will be told what to do and you need to understand what her instructions will be ....NOT what she might do but WHAT she will be told to do.

She will "Pull it". Just as Ben did when he came in. He knew he had to do it and she knows her job. Of course there may be cover for it this time depending on Wars, false flags/terrorists events, "natural" disasters" such as viruses/earth quakes/hurricanes.....but all of these black swans are still part of her job which is to make sure we wash out the "speculators".....which is the "dumb money" and she will. 

Its one big poker game in a casino where the "eye in the ceiling" is really going to take ALL the chips when the table tilts. gl

Sunday, July 27, 2014


You may still think that miraculously a massive economy that shipped its manufacturing base overseas decades ago and turned its manufacturing energy into building McMansions that were then bundled into hundreds of trillions of mortgage derivatives to disguise the collapse of a once strong manufacturing based economy really is still alive. You may think that all of those massive military expenditures to fight global conflicts really do benefit us and are being supported by our economy and its strong tax base. You may actually think its "360 Billion" per year that this is costing us. You may think our budget is "only" in the red 700 billion this year. You may think our budget has a cumulative deficit of  17 Trillion. All of these numbers are not even in most people's capability to comprehend. They cannot even begin to correlate their impact on their own lives much less the future of the country.

This is the CONfidence game. Its a remarkable endeavor that has reached such a level of complexity that its beginning to take on a life of its own. Its merging with the digital information age where an uneducated third world citizen can access information before many MSM outlets do through the magic of their smart phone. Imagine the pictures of the Kennedy Assassination if it occurred today. What would be the coverage? Look at what happened in the Boston Bombing? Why do you think no one believes the MSM today? 

The illusion of CONtrol keeps CONfidence in our Western banking system and for now at least the Dollar remains the most prominent currency, but the winds of change are growing stronger by the day now as many important economies are running from the dollar hegemony and its inherent evils. 

Many of us realize now, this country changed forever in Dallas on that fateful day in November of 1963. We suffered a Coup d etat and there was "never a tank in any town square". It was the final head to roll. No one would ever be able to stop the coming storm. Eisenhower cowardly warned us at the end of his term and then remained silent. Others spoke obtusely, but never crossed the line. A few intrepid journalist like Seymour Hersch and Noam Chomsky have fought the fight for decades, but only a handful listen. Posner and Donahue were removed from the air on MSNBC with the highest rated show when they voiced opposing views on going into Iraq. Dissent is to be silenced, and eventually the heartbeat will follow. gl

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The real God the sheeple worship. What the sheeple don't realize is the future of this FRN is already decided. Its just the timing that remains to be determined. Most holders of this FRN believe the Central bank is performing QE to SAVE the FRN, but in reality they are only playing a game to acquire positions before the transition to the next currency. 

China knows the game. Russia knows the game. Germany knows the game. Most nations know the game. Many are doing their best to prepare but when your country is ablaze its rather hard to acquire hard assets and precious metals. You don't have a printing press and your government is teetering on the brink. You're infiltrated by Western intelligence agencies and you can't make a move without the game being one step ahead of you to block your move. So without cutting your throat you can only position yourself as a nation carefully.

Now ... to the "solutions" to the mess that we are in. Basically I am here to share ideas. I put out my pathetic little blog and let you contribute your ideas, opinions, and links. If you post a different opinion and take a personal swipe I just might swat back but that's your choice to play here. We're entering a various dangerous time on the internet and I doubt seriously this site lasts another year, but I hope we are here. I am way past the stage of paranoia and realize now that life is too short to let these scumbags destroy what little freedom we have. You may have solutions, I do not. Its beyond ludicrous to believe you can elicit change within this fetid, rotten system. They'll just grind you into dust, or corrupt you. Either way you're dead.  Just look in the mirror. That is your change. Your family and your friends are your life and that is very short. Gold and silver are just a game.

It was nice to see one of the "old boyz" back as an anonymous this week. gl all 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


If you began trying to invest in the Supercycle collapse of 2008, you must feel at times that you've picked the wrong horse, if you were in the Precious Metals trade, especially mining shares. Have you set at dinners with family members or friends trying to extol the virtues of gold and silver only to have the prices collapse and the recipients of your sage advice now try and avoid any conversation on these subjects. Worse yet, some might have taken your advice and now are openly hostile towards you. Amazing how human behavior is so predictable. In fact after watching these same reactions it becomes obvious how effective the strategy in price suppression in precious metals has been and just how easy it was for the cartel.

Some of you may have had these experiences. What I find to be fascinating is just HOW FEW people own ANY physical gold or silver. Some are interested in the miners, but NO ONE is really buying or owns gold or silver. Cartel strategy .....HUGELY SUCCESSFUL! At least successful in terms of their short term goals and that was to maintain the fiat system as long as possible while they used the current fiat (ESPECIALLY the dollar) to accumulate vast amounts of real resources. 

This is where it becomes more interesting. IF gold is so valuable and so important to the system, then where is all of this gold? China IS accumulating vast amounts of it. So are several other NON Western Central Banks. So are various very wealthy individuals. Of course Chinese and Indians citizens are large consumers of gold. Where is the bulk of the above ground physical gold? Western Central Banks? I don't think so. Just look at Germany's inability to get its gold from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Its not there OR they just won't give it to them.... EVEN IN VERY SMALL AMOUNTS???? That just doesn't add up. It isn't there. So...again...where is it?  Rest assured it is somewhere and that somewhere is NOT GOING TO GIVE IT UP. That's because that somewhere KNOWS its the game. It knows its the next transition of power because it IS real money and has been for 6000 years. That somewhere has struck a deal with China to give them three years to accumulate gold at a reasonable price, without the world knowing the true value of gold and the dire future they face economically as the fiat disaster transitions to a new model. 

You're on the right horse. Your coffee friends and family are sheep. They've always been sheep and they will die as sheep. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was right. He knew over 300 years ago just how incredibly stupid the average human is. He knew how they behaved and how they were easily guided by emotions. gl 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Remember not too long ago when the cartel would attack the price of gold and silver how the miners would be even more crushed. Did you notice the last several times the price of gold and silver getting whacked, the miners seemed to have relatively quick recoveries, in fact being green on some red metal days. This relative strength in miners has been in play for over six months and reflects a nearing of the end of the downtrend in PMs. The recovery of gold's price over 1300 is also interesting, and may represent trouble in the physical market as Eastern interests take possession of more metal with each smackdown.

One thing that is constant and that is the success that these takedowns have had in suppressing retail investor buying of actual physical metal in the West. In spite of the fundamentals deteriorating in the real economy, the shills seem to have solid control of the sheeple and in my opinion will maintain that control until its too late for the sheep to react.

As the physical markets begin to exert control on the real price of metals the increased volatility will become more noticeable. It will rapidly turn into a market of "fear" and panic will become an overwhelming driving force as the paper CONfidence game becomes exposed.

Can you really not see the game? Did you watch Yellen's rambling incoherent testimony this week? She's going to be their sacrificial lamb as they crash the whole system. Its really painful to watch her hmm and hah and uh and oh......through relatively simple, softball questions. It underscores just how ill equipped she is to exert CONfidence in the system when it starts to crack. Its all designed. Were not in Kansas