Sunday, April 26, 2015


No, he's not returning to his job, at least not yet. He is back in the news this weekend because the "NBC internal investigation" has had a "leak". The "leaker" disclosed that the investigation of Brian Bullshitter has revealed so far over a thousand instances of "embellishments".  You know what embellishments are don't you? Embellishments are what you call a lie when you are describing a "delicate" sophisticate such as Brian Bullshitter. Now for someone that uses a number like a Zillion(see last post) or says "thousand instances"(see above)...... then you can say LIAR (for little people like me). 

Hey.....I like Brian, but he is emblematic of a greater problem and that is the breakdown of this society and his drop needs to be noted. We've always had a corrupt media, but within the mainstream media, we had voices of truth. Now we've had a lockdown in the CONfidence message through a complex system of CONtrol and with it comes the breakdown that allows the Brian Bullshitters to develop. Why not?.....they watch the daily lies they're fed and then regurgitate to the public. They can't help but realize they're part of a propaganda machine, even though they have some level of self-induced compartmentalization. Immorality is a poisonous gas and it seeps into every crack and crevice available and we are at the terminal phase of seeping. 

Comcast (owner of NBC) just took a corporate beating this past week and they're probably doing nothing more than getting the Brian news out now to unload all the bad news together. They've been whacked by the Russert death and abject failure of  the Gregory hack. At least Russert feigned objectivity. Gregory's hatchet job on  Greenwald was over the top and even the general dumbed down audience was turned off from his disgusting arrogance.

Enjoy Bruce Jenner's transition. Nothing like a slow motion train wreck to get your head turned. How about those Royal baby pics from the past 100 years? Maybe you're glued to Baseball's opening weeks. Your team is going all the way this year (at least at this point). Hockey playoffs going GRRREAT! Thugball still going too. Hey....don't forget the latest police shooting in Balimoar. Its this way. NO....its over here. 

Back to the future. Where are we now? An epic transition from old media to the digital feed is taking place and there must me a CONtrol of the message. Digital media will be crushed at some point through the command and CONtrol but until then we have a window. Could be a lot that gets through that window if you're looking. Enjoy these times they are illuminating. gl and go long the ponzi. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


We can all rest safely now and re-enter the market. The ponzi has arrested the perp responsible for the Flash Crash in 2011. Four years after one of the market's "terrifying events", a culprit was arrested while "pumping iron" in his mum's apartment in London. His name is Jesse James Hinkley. He's a sure bet to go down in history as the notorious evil that "stole your money" along side other notorious evil doers (like Martha Stewart and Fabian Whathisname) that were behind the Bear market events of the "Great Recession". Of course,  the true bull market can now resume unabated as "natural buying" and "market forces" such as algobots and HFT traders drive our markets to glory.

Don't get me wrong. I love a great ponzi. Who doesn't? After all if the markets were allowed to "free float" where would all of our retirement accounts be? I mean WTF, if Faceplant trading at a PE of 4 million and no growth reverted to the mean then just how fun would their after hours earnings have been today? Better yet what about Chipotle Beans and Slop today. Watta company!!!!! Trading at a P/E of Ten Million for Slop in a Burrito can't mean there's "A problem". It just means you don't recognize a "growth stock". I mean seriously, DUH!!!'d think malinvestment was involved at some extreme level created by the Fed's stated "four trillion" and who knows how many trillion of "unannounced" printing to bail out the "other" malinvestments like Chicago's pension funds and municipal debt of 12 Zillion. How can you NOT love it. 

Meanwhile 77 y/o granny and her dipshit husband that worked for American Airlines for 40 years with a retirement that has been decimated are now working at a Neiman Marcus cash register in Boca Raton so they can eas beans at Chipotle tonight and may catch a chance meeting with Hillary driving through to show she's common too and fart beans like the rest of us forced to eat dog food that saved their money to collect 6% on their savings. Good luck with that move. You're a saver and you're and idiot. Like Dylan Ratigan said so famously...."They're EXTRACTING THE WEALTH OF THE MIDDLE CLASS and when they're done they're gonna stick wooden poles up your asses then pour hot oil over you and use you for their Tiki bar lights. 

I may have misquoted some of my statistics but who cares its AMERIKA!!! Like I said above WHO doesn't love a good ponzi. After all who can get hurt. Right now I'm listening to Judith Miller pumping her new book on CNBS. Some of you might not know who Judith Miller is and you should consider yourself lucky. She was one of the reporters that pumped the two recent wars we were in. She shamelessly distorted, lied, and manipulated her stories for the public's well-being. Now she's writing her version of history. Stick a fork in reality. Stick a fork in price discovery. Everyday just gets more the above piece does have satire and took some liberties. I hope you don't get mad.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


There are predators and there are prey. That buffalo has very few predators, but there is one undeniable predator that will take down an animal that weighs more than three time its weight. That's Nature's law and it will be obeyed. That buffalo will feed that pride for a week. Its life and death and its the way Nature works. That buffalo may still escape the clutches of that Alpha male lion, just as our current ponzi has escaped the clutches of Nature's law for the past several years. 

The dominant alpha male in the banker's world is still going to be the dominant player when all the dust settles. What will be changing is the landscape for the ponzi. You cannot run the same ponzi indefinitely although it may seem that way to many of you. Fractional reserve banking will always remain but the CONfidence must be re-established to make the reset for the next mega-cycle and with that reset will come dramatic change, just as it did at the beginning of the last great cycles. Changes politically and economically. Changes in populations and changes in beliefs. Nature's law must be obeyed. 

Just as long time market players like Russell, Druckenmiller, Dalio, Fleckenstein, Pento and many others are saying......a major change is coming and the current fiat counterfeiting must come to an end. Our savers and retirees are being destroyed and they know it. The strong hands are being tested and they will be the force that moves us forward. Unfortunately they are being systematically weakened which means the transition will be that much more difficult for all of the countries that are being buried in debt. 

Enjoy the time you have now. Just be aware that time is at the expense of the generations behind you and they will pay a dear price for some time. However that price is necessary for the undergrowth the past generations have created to be cleared for the new growth to proceed. The corruption and greed must be vanquished for the next great cycle to begin. 

Final note. Anyone that wishes to have their posts placed just send me a note at my e mail address.   I will enjoy your participation if you so choose.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Apparently the Fed doesn't. It should be obvious to anyone by now that one of the basic tenets of free markets just isn't going to be allowed. And what is that tenet? Well of course its that little bitty thing called PRICE DISCOVERY! I have news for those of you that believe we are in a "recovery". Do you REALLY believe that an economy will recover if the very worst investment ideas aren't washed out in the "cycle"? Do you REALLY believe that fat, lazy, debt ridden companies can lead us into the next "growth" cycle? The dead undergrowth must be burned for the new growth to begin. The cycle will be obeyed.

Look inward for your own growth now. You won't control the path that the elite choose to take us on. How they travel that path is not even certain within their ranks and their eventual goal may or MAY NOT be achieved entirely or even AT ALL. We are pawns in their game. Great market participants with hundreds of years of experience cannot tell where the "Grand Illusion" is headed. They do seem to think now that it will all end very badly. They are especially transfixed by its scope and timeline. I thoroughly enjoy studying the history and real time events but at the same time I still take time to enjoy life and laugh and play. All of you need to find your own balance and try to solidify your own relationships now.......not LATER. gl

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Maybe you're one of those "deniers". Maybe you're one of those special math people that think 2+2=5. Maybe you're one of those happy go lucky peeps that believe we are just going to keep on piling on more debt on top of a debt bubble collapse that will indefinitely keep the debt cycle going. Maybe you think the rest of the world is going to keep sitting on their hands while we just keep printing money out of thin air to buy their oil, their food, their steel, their cars, their labor, their clothing.....well you get it. They get to give us their sweat and tears and we give them thin air. Why wouldn't they like it?

And if they don't like it we give them fire. We bring in tanks, and troops, and missiles, and drones.........all bought with the same thin air money/debt. In turn we force our will upon entire nations and leaders and people. You comply or you die. We starve you. We deny you medications for your children. You comply. You accept our money out of thin air. But something is happening right under your clueless, pollyanna nose. They want out. They know the system is broken and the masses aren't going to keep taking it. You can only keep the music going so long in a ponzi like this before the participants start to look for chairs. The path is now very clear and once the AIIB and BRICK banks and alternate SWIFT systems are in place then you will finally see the exit of the dollar stranglehold. The Shanghai gold exchange is the final linchpin and the bubble blows. Its very clear all of these various moves by the rest of the world have a clear target in mind. Unless you're blind, you can plainly see what their target is. Its not to be caught in dollar denominated paper assets when the plug gets pulled. Its been boiling a frog up to now. Its not going to be that subtle when the switch gets flipped. gl

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


By now you have either figured out the game is rigged or you never will. Some of you may still be trying to figure out just how, when, and why they are doing it, and some may have just given up troubling themselves with the particulars of the casino fix and are just living day to day trying to enjoy their time before the doors are closed. I find myself somewhere in all of these endeavors, but as Richard Russell has frequently said, I'm just trying to find an inner peace as the time approaches for the "reckoning".

The complexities of this Supercycle Ponzi dictate a resolution of monumental repercussions. Some posting here have indicated they expect this to be nothing more than a hiccup in the overall DJIA as the Bull readjusts from whatever the Fed decides should be the "reset". Unfortunately you're dreaming, but oh how I wish you would be right. I have enjoyed this most recent ride, but like all good dreams, it will come to an end. The amount of effort going into reflating the burst 2008 bubble has been enormous and probably is not over. But we're pushing against a growing avalanche of debt and the end is not in doubt. Its just a matter of when now. The bigger they build the avalanche the more disastrous it will be when it goes. It won't be stopped and unfortunately it will not be slowed.

Look to form unions locally and continue preparations, because the pace of the dollar unwind is quickening. Virtually the entire world is making preparations for the removal of the dollar reserve status. I've never imagined it would be so obvious with so much warning given, yet no one seems to be noting it on MSM. I hope you are. These days are like no other. enjoy and gl.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Of course it is our true leader .... Janet. Do you grow weary of hearing your Zombie pals tell you how great things are? That's right....they don't tell you that, because it isn't, unless you live in one of the "lucky zones" that benefit from the Fed spending. Most of our "recovery" is a combination of EBT cards, disability checks, unemployment checks, Medicaid checks, Social Security checks, Veterans benefits, Military pay/retirement, State,local, and Federal  pay and retirement checks. Maybe YOU are one of those that believe we are in a recovery that has 94 MILLION working age Americans that are NOT even in the labor force. Better yet maybe you're one of the zombies that believe the BLM headline number of 5.4% unemployment rate. You must like those "new jobs created" in bartenders/servers/retail at $7/hr. Maybe you like a "new job" that provides its lucky recipient 16 hours of work a week. Imagine the audacity of calling a new job that pays a person that wage and only gives them 16 hours per week. Its just sick. We're a product of the greatest mind CONtrol experiment ever!

So what happens next? Do you really believe the countries outside our direct sphere of influence are going to tolerate our "wonder economy" as we counterfeit "money" and truth to maintain our "standard of living" while we keep taking their products and resources with our "Fedbucks"? Really? You believe that? Well then, you'll believe anything. Not only will they not tolerate it, but they are well into the process of escaping the "Fedbuck" monster. It is happening right now, right in front of the Zombies.  Its already game over for this "cycle of scam" and the zombie economy that most of us are sucking off of. Unfortunately the culmination of this cycle change will be very painful for most of us, so just keep pretending and enjoy the time we have in our suspended animation. gl

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Only a fool couldn't have recognized "it". You bulls were right and I missed it. Obama crossed his legs in March of 2009 and gestured to the camera calmly recommending that "you" should buy stocks here they were a good investment. It was a bizarre moment in history where a sitting President after weeks of telling the American people over and over just how "bad" the economy was suddenly smiles and does a 180 on the "stock market" and says publicly BUY BUY BUY. Was there a partnership made between the government and the bankers? Maybe, or just maybe it was a coincidence that the recession was shortly declared "over" and the market has gone straight up now for over 6 years. 

Sure, its a ton of money missed on the long side of the "market". Do share buy backs and massive executive compensation as a result make me feel any better with the artificial P/Es? Does the languishing median wages for the past 10 years make the economy any more palatable to the masses? Probably not to most but to many it may be considered a success. Many pundits constantly (and correctly) point out that QE did not work because we are essentially in a 2% growth rate that probably is not keeping up with true inflation. To be fair to QE proponents WHAT do you think the real economy would be if they hadn't printed TRILLIONS to buy our debt and prop up their banks? 

So was that indeed the right choice? I'll wager you would not like to see what things would have looked like around the world if they had not printed more debt. So here we are. We're fixed and good times ahead.....right? They've kicked the can and pushed us out far enough that everything has fixed itself....right? We've controlled the media message. We've twisted our allies arms. Heck...we've twisted virtually every arm of every country in the world to keep this together. If they didn't go fully along, we broke their arms and/or bullied them into compliance. We've stretched our armies beyond belief and expanded the spy grid into everyone's bedroom to keep the glue together.....and so here we are.....we're in a recovery. The stock markets tell you so. 

Yet something just doesn't feel right. Now every country besides us seems to be in a race to debase their currency. Strong arm tactics are being exerted everywhere for capitol controls and negative interest rates. Never in my lifetime could I imagine a world this distorted with only MOAR distortion on the horizon as far as the eye can see. The Fed is talking tightening of course...they're backed into a corner, but even the massaged economic numbers are showing slowing. So how does that work out? 

Greenspan, Dalio, and many mainstream banking gurus are sounding an alarm, and they seem to feel its going to be a very hard time ahead for the "recovery". Maybe they know something. 

What happens when you've thrown trillions of dollars at your economy that you don't have? What does the world think when you've bullied and browbeat them for the last decade? Maybe they're growing weary of the wars and collusion of Central Banks. What happens when they say enough of the dollar supremacy and your ability to print endless amounts to enable you to bully some more? Maybe they develop an alternative to that hegemony. Surely not? Surely they wouldn't want to leave that subservient role. I mean seriously who doesn't want their daughters turning to prostitution after a medical education. Who doesn't like a few million casualties to protect the hegemony. Human nature, maybe its more predictable than you think. People are getting more and more disgusted. gl

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Morning news cycle meet Middle East Destabilization plan. Low Oil meet Saudi troops in Yemen. Yemen populace meet Arab Spring. Up meet down. Good meet bad. Time for some air to come out of the tire. Algobots will remain in CONtrol, but that doesn't mean the trade doesn't change. There's a lot of money to make on the downside for the bankers here and never fear they'll eventually be on that trade. 

Will they "use" the fear trade to sucker in some more short money for a nice scalping or do they slaughter all the sucker money and the "buy the dipchit" crowd? Only the hand knows. Its a paper slaughter and there isn't any self-respecting smart money on the street that isn't just perplexed but scared shitless of this market. They can't make money in this type of algo driven trade. Its insane.

Watch the MSM for a clue on when they squeeze the shorts, but it should be volatile for the next few weeks. Look for gold to be taken up before the paper players crush it again. China's accumulating physical and will help the West paper pushers keep the price down until they cannot be provided physical any longer. Its a game and its beginning its final phase of quickening. One morning you'll wake up and the headlines will say "game over". gl

Sunday, March 22, 2015


You don't get it do you Alice? This is very serious. We gotta get this Greek guy Tspiras or whatever his name is to go along with our deal. We can't keep jugglin' this ponzi if these guys won't play ball. After all, we have control of the money. We can print and they can't so what in the hell do you think they're trying to pull. They gotta pay the vig Alice, its just the way things are. It really pisses me if they think they can walk away from the deal after everything we've done for them.

We gave em that Olympic dog and pony show. We let'em build all of those hotels on the Adriatic. We let'em have all of those great retail shop developments and their pensions and their schools and the big vacations and this is what we get for thanks. Well Alice, it just ain't gonna happen. I ain't gonna let it happen. These two snot nosed boys that we put in down there in Olive Oil land are our people. They wouldn't stiff a boss, they know better.

We can fix their debt problem. We've told them its easy. Alls they gots to do is sign on for some more debt to pay the vig on the old debt. What's so damn hard to understand? Its not rocket science Alice. The dumbasses in the States get it. The Germans get it. Hell, even the Japanese get it, so why can't the Greeks just relax and take it. After all, if they can't take a little pain now with our austerity then what do you think they'll be like when we Ukraine them and turn their beloved ancient rubble into dust. But I guess you just can't make everybody happy. Hey Frank, get Biden on the phone for me......I got another job coming up for his kid. Ask him how would he like to be on the board of an Olive Oil company.

How many of us understand just how far things have fallen in this country when the SON OF A SITTING VICE PRESIDENT IS APPOINTED TO A MAJOR ENERGY COMPANY IN A COUNTRY WE ARE IN A MAJOR CONFLICT OVER. Just how absurd has the farce become? gl