Saturday, December 7, 2019


Whether you agree this Keynesian experiment you're being subjected to is justified or whether its as close as you get to pure evil is certainly debatable, but one thing is inevitable and that is nature will determine the outcome. Nature is also going to determine your stay on this earth.

The 2008 collapse opened many of our eyes to the fragility of this economic system. It made us question many of our long held beliefs in this system of democracy. We began to look at many of our previous beliefs with skepticism. We've watched our rich sources of alternative views on current and geopolitical events now being overtly censored. Our "consumer" economy is propped up with insane amounts of fiat money printed out of air. Individual, corporate and government debt seems to mean nothing any longer.

"It's About To Get Very Bad" - Repo Market Legend Predicts Market Crash In Christmas!! They wouldn't do that to us....

Many of us expected this monumental, pile of shit to collapse years ago, yet it just slowly grinds ahead with a seemingly new lie created now daily to support its narrative that "its all good". 

Those of us that prepared with food, guns, gold, and silver and safe places to live should take the time given to enjoy their limited lives to the fullest. Compartmentalization is a craft those of us that are "aware" need to embrace. More than ever, you need to enhance your human relationships with your family and friends. Take day trips. Take vacations and get the hell out of Dodge. The crooked bastards gave you this time, so USE IT. You prepared and now enjoy this limited time on this planet with your loved ones before these crooks pull the plug.

Thousands Of Truck Drivers Lose Jobs Weeks Before Xmas, Many LEFT STRANDED WITHOUT FUEL OR CASH

They've extracted most of the population for 9 years, but don't let them extract your soul. You are prepared, and now let people around you enjoy this time. Keep your doom compartmentalized. Same way with your anger towards these pricks. You can't change what's coming but you can address your own life and its effect on others. 

Its Christmas. Its a time to help others. Its a time to bring some joy. Give to those in your family that need help. Give whatever you can afford to give to strangers that need help. Give to the Salvation Army if you don't know who or what to give to. Lets make use of our time. 

Sunday, December 1, 2019


There will be no deflationary collapse like Rick Ackerman believes. It will be a continued myriad of schemes designed to continue the inflationary blowing of the current bubble you are in. Its a PONZI. Everything is designed to inflate the DEBT based economy. Its all based on keeping CONfidence in the system so you acquire more debt. As our illustrious Bush Jr once famously said BUY MORE SHIT.

You're in the greatest CONfidence game in history. I have maintained over the years they will theoretically be able to push the money printing until real hyper-inflation in the real economy kicks in. Ackerman believes, as do others, that a deflationary collapse will be the first hammer we get from some "black swan".

"Is Something Going Wrong? Is Something Broken?" Quants Running "Scared" As Nothing Makes course its broken

Don't bet on it. He's right that inevitably this all ends in a "Mad Max" scenario, but its the route to this end I differ with him on. They will print and print and print. QE to infinity or as they call it now Repo to infinity. The "path to hell" will be inflation...then HYPERinflation. Until we see hyperinflation with the dollar beaten slowly (then rapidly) to hell, Rick's deflationary "Mad Max" will have to wait.  

We're obviously in inflation now but its "stagflation". This will worsen eventually to hyperinflation. Then we will get the collapse that Ackerman sees coming. That time period could be months to years. WHY is this the most likely scenario? Because that is what they have been and ARE doing. They INFLATE because Rick's deflation is way to painful for the bankers. They will be hung from lamp posts if they deflate. I'm counting on them behaving just as they are now and just like I believe they will into the future.

There will be a "collapse" and it might be "mad max", but they will devalue the dollar and they will bring in major inflation before the collapse. Meanwhile they will keep telling us "all is good". enjoy

Sunday, November 24, 2019


So can you. Its just too quiet. Its been so carefully crafted. Its another crisis created by a "trade war". Its even being discussed by many "experts" on Bloomberg now. They are saying daily we are nearing the "end of the cycle". Most don't want you to leave the market, but just invest in "safer" stocks. Of course most don't advocate gold, some do, but most don't. BUT they beat the drum of the coming cycle "end".

There's a circus in CONgress right now. Its not about the culture that's rotting the core of our country but its the rotting core resisting its own exposure and destruction. We have a circus of candidates "debating" just how much they support our military intervention to bring "democracy" to the world to "keep us safe". They attack the only candidate openly opposing the endless wars. Our troops are still in over 130 countries. They will stay in 130 countries. The dollar is the crux of this power vortex and that battle is raging right in front of you.

Its all about the dollar. That's why gold is and will be contained. It will be contained until nature overwhelms the facade of invincibility and slaps the snot right out of the unsuspecting, asleep, populace. 

You and I will just wake up one day and see gasoline at 10 bucks a gallon. Gold won't be available. Something will have snapped.  I have no idea what the excuse will be, but it will be the fault of a carefully crafted boogeyman. BOO! I think we might make it as a site until gold hits 2000. I will close this site just below that number. It will be erased without a trace. I promise to say goodbye first. gl

Sunday, November 10, 2019


Why did Donald Trump repeatedly state when he was running for president the stock market and economy were fake, and then turn around as soon as he was elected and take ownership of both the fake market and economy? He duly noted when he was running for President, the pain that was being experienced by the destruction of the middle class and especially the flyover America.
Bottom Line From Fed Chairman Jay Powell
November 13 (King World News) – 
Peter Boockvar:  “I think it only took one sentence in the entire Jay Powell speech that bottom lines his thoughts on future monetary policy: We see the current stance of monetary policy as likely to remain appropriate as long as incoming information about the economy remains broadly consistent with our outlook.” In other words, we do not want to see more rate cuts from here (after the ‘insurance’ taken out) because of what that would imply…

Code Brown: California Poo Situation Upgraded To 'Hot Diarrhea' Attacks; Urinating In Public OK......its all good

He shouted out the fraud of not only the Clintons but the system that had destroyed our economy including even the CONspiratorial Globalism. It gave us a champion that was going to wage war on this unseen cabal that had extracted not only our money but more importantly the very morality that defined our humanity. We now had someone that would fight the satanic perversion that had taken over our existence. We had a knight that would take on the evil that had destroyed the CONstitution, the family, the church, the school. It was the evil that had permeated every part of our lives and was seemingly too powerful for a now corrupt  system to eliminate. But we had the Donald, a bigger than life champion that had starred in his own reality show as a Billionaire...

Greyerz – Hell Will Soon Be Unleashed In Global Markets...tictoc

Never mind his personality was blatantly divisive. He was our champion because he told us what WE knew to be not only obvious but obviously TRUE. No one had ever said this so publicly therefore he must be our champion. 

We now have two clear sides. The left vs the right. Shiff vs Nunez. Democrats vs Republicans. The 1% vs the 99%. The globalists vs the nationalists. Well maybe we have more than two sides. Isn't that interesting. Funny how that worked out.

Gabbard And Trump Jr. Change America's View Of 'The View'......let's run um as a team

Lock her up went to lock him up. Arrests of corrupt Clintanistas went to actual arrests of Trump officials. Square jawed patriots like Flynn were mugged shot and taken out of play immediately. An orange haired Commander of the military cannot even arrest an obvious felon like Hunter Biden. Hell he couldn't even keep Epstein alive for trial. He seems perfectly fine letting his internet supporters being destroyed and shut down by the matrix. The stifling of the voices of dissent is virtually complete.

Surely this wasn't a grande illusion. Surely this was not designed to placate the masses and create just one more illusion to divide us while our "freedoms" were plundered and our wealth transferred. It can't be that corrupt? Can it?

Sunday, November 3, 2019


I know you must be worried too. This is very scary if you're Buttfox or any other trader in this casino. You're looking at gold being shaken out right now and you're concerned we're about to be beaten shitless again. Why wouldn't you be? You'd be silly not to be frightened after the last 8 years of conditioning. 

That's how you're supposed to be right now. SCARED. You're supposed to stay on the sidelines. You're supposed to sell here if you're in the gold miner trade. This sector is CONSOLIDATING. That's a fancy Wall Street term for beating the shit out of the weak handed holders of what will be the greatest bull run ever in the gold and silver miners. lol....well maybe the greatest bull run ever.....

Gold, Silver & Commodities Ready To Blastoff On Greatest Bull Market In History – “We Are A Bunch Of Lucky Bastards To Be Here” funny I don't feel lucky

Once gold crossed 1359 and CONFIRMED this summer, then everything else is just paper trading designed to keep YOU out of this bull move. THAT is what bull markets are designed to do.....KEEP YOU THE HELL OUT! Its all noise now as this major move develops. LOL I don't blame you for staying the hell out of the maelstrom. In fact, those of you in physical metal have been the big winners over the past few years, especially if you've been accumulating. Congratulations and sit back and watch this storm coming. See you down the road. It'll be epic.