Sunday, July 22, 2018


That Zero Hedge headline today sums up more than just the election antics of the FBI and Deep State. It really is a headline for many of our own experiences in our journey on this planet. Many of my generation entered into a paradigm where there was a nuclear family with 2.4 children and Leave It To Beaver episodes on a small black and white TV when we came home from school. We had to fill ice trays for an ice box big enough for a half gallon of ice cream and a couple of cans of frozen orange juice. We had windows and screens with fans and no air-conditioning. 

Then came the 70s and the promises of the 50s and 60s began to fade into reality. The markets and economy of America began to sputter. Jobs became more scarce. Economic pressures began changing the landscape of industry. Wages started losing ground to inflation. A fear began to creep into the Cleaver household. June had to get a job. The nuclear household began to break apart. Wally was smoking pot with Eddy before June got home from work. Ward was drinking a Martini or two and a couple of lines of coke with his secretary before he got home from work. We were developing cancer.

So we needed a cure. They gave us Reagan, but what they really did was give us a reset and put us into derivatives. Reagan promised us doubling the Defense budget. We did. We were off the "gold standard" thanks to Dick, but they needed to clear out the dead wood in the system and Volker did that with interest rates over16% ( so don't tell me that can't happen again). The Drexel boyz were the first to give us a hint of what they were doing in the back rooms. 

They were jacking the money supply to finance the biggest spending binge in history. We were spending money like there was no tomorrow. We had the Shadow banking system. We no longer had to worry about a two square foot ice box.  Everyone that was anyone wanted a Sub-Zero by the end of the 80s. We had five-hundred dollar Gucci  handbags the pharmacist's wife had to have. The 2.4 kids were down to 1.4 and attended pre-school by age 2 to get ahead of education game. The nuclear family was getting nuked.

We needed more money and the nineties were the 80s on steroids. The tech industry was a whole new debt creator. Company after company was springing up. They were like little baby sparrows crying for more feedings.  No one seemed to notice the "old" rust bucket companies closing with Ward going back for retraining. It was a bonanza for the bankers. What could go wrong?

The next decade was marked by two market crashes. The printed money was creating malinvestment distortions but no one fully realized how distorted these would become. Ward was eighty and working as a cashier at Nordstroms in Bradenton Florida. June landed a part-time job as a night waitress at a Waffle House. They had Medicare but it wasn't covering their prescriptions fully. Beaver and Wally visited when they could, but Wally's job as a nurse ended when he was caught stealing Fentanyl from the Pixus. 

Beaver was an investment banker and was too busy to visit, but promised he was coming to Florida to see mom and dad for Christmas this year. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018


And maybe a billion more ready to go. Q-Con says we're ready to take down the deep state and we'll all have justice soon. At least very soon they're gonna move on the bad guys. The good guys are ready to roll. Donald is getting ready to file charges on Billary and Comey and Lynch and Santa Claus.  Once the deep state goes down, we can relax and let true, hard money take over from the moneychangers. No doubt in my mind, the deep state is about to surrender and turn over its power to the people.

Trump Reverses: "I Accept Intelligence Conclusion That Russia Meddled In 2016"....he's a

Bourdain's Parting Words: "Piece Of Sh*t" Bill Clinton Is "Entitled, Rapey, Gropey, Grabby, Disgusting"

Better yet, once we revert to hard money, all of our debt that we've been binging on for the past 40 years or more will be vaporized and   in its place will be only unicorns farting lollipops. Free energy will replace the fossil fuel polluting corporations that have ravaged our planet. With the free energy will come peace as we pull out of the 140 countries we now occupy. The slaughter of innocents will finally end. Our murderers row of defense contractors can stop draining our treasury and resources and the massive police state can return to the private sector to create a more stable and safer planet.

Now back to our current week. Gold and silver stocks were beaten and slapped around like red headed step children at a meth cooking contest. This is of course a simple way to run off the latest group of new leaf hedges and retail looking to jump on the bull train. Are we for certain on a bull train? You'll only know when you look back and see what this train station your leaving looks like in 3 months.

Lots of negative sentiment out there right now. Hope you appreciate just how good they are and just how they can keep you out of their game.. gl

Saturday, July 7, 2018


This is the typical nonsense headline appearing for the past two weeks. Instead of bottom picking headlines, it seems that a predominance of "further to fall" headlines appear with the most frequency.  Its already a sector that has sustained a long and painful pullback after its early 2016 run for glory, particularly in the mining sector where gains of 300% and more were common. Of course these gains were seen from ridiculous lows in many of the primary producers and mid tiers.

San Francisco Home Prices Soar By A Record $200,000 In Six Months....Okay I give up lol

Trump's Bite May Be Worse Than His Bark: Stockman Slams "Absurd, Dangerous, Stupid" Policies

So why all the gloom? Because that is the desired goal. Miners were brought up to a more acceptable price point in 2016. Then all of the "late to the party" new leaves had to endure a severe shake out to test their resolve to the precious metals trade. Of course after gains of 300% the trade had attracted a lot of attention in 2016 and a mere 6 month or so shake out was not going to be sufficient and a more lengthy, brutal beatdown occurred with an "ever-lengthening" accumulation phase playing out in the miners and the metal. 

Sentiment is so bad now, that no one even gives a shit about analysis like this. All the bagholders in this trade just want to get out of their miner positions when their trade turns green.  What interests me at this point is how technicals such as MACD RSI and STOCHASTICS on the metal prices and HUI and GDX all look like a short term bottom is nearing but even the technical traders are afraid of more pain. Well so am I, but that's what I expect to feel at these junctures (if its a juncture of course).

“I have no enemies. I dont permit such a thing. ” 
― Cormac McCarthyNo Country for Old Men

Bottom line is they want your shares and they can push it all lower to take them. BUT look at what is going on in miners like GORO, AG, EXK, AKG, CDE, and SSRM. There are many others with similar patterns and looking at HUI XAU and GDX show a very different picture which just might not be an accident while the individual quality miners are accumulated. Why are they doing this? I don't know, but as a confessed CONspiracy theorist I have a few ideas. 

China Threatened By "Vicious Circle Of Panic Selling" From Marketwide Margin bail um all out bitchezz lets see how that wurks out fur ya

I watched negative headlines on gold on my muted Bloomberg screen for the past  two weeks. That's what you see at bottoms. Its not accidental. I pay more attention to following the money and right now the money is buying an awful large number of miners while the headline paper METAL PRICES are moving DOWN. That might mean nothing, but these moves have been quiet, and sustained for about 6 months. No one cares and no one talks about

Sunday, July 1, 2018


LOL......but at least there isn't one CNBS or Boomberg commentator that agrees with the above headline.  Its all good in their world. Another hint that "sumthin's not right" are the alignment of the trolls. Trolls show up at important bottoms and right now just might be one of those times. If you read the trolls on the different metal blogs and youtube, it must be another bottom. Even this little blog received a drive by from one of its resident trolls last week. Many times the tsunami of trolls show up at sentiment bottoms to help separate the last bitter retail clingers from their positions. It may look innocent to the readers of these blogs, but in fact are well orchestrated attacks from hedge funds and traders to instill doubt in your positions and pick up the last of the cheap shares.

Meet Hadrian, The Brick Laying Robot That Will Make Construction Workers to you all

Greg Hunter: Trump Gets To Pick A Supreme Court Justice Who Will Defend The U.S. Greg have you learned nothing?

We're in the Bear of all bears. You've got the Central Banks pulling out every stop they can dream of to manipulate the money printing ponzi while telling you they are going to normalize interest rates. Its beyond insane, but its managed to create a bizarre feeling that a debt crisis was resolved by using are
even larger mountain of debt to drag out the inevitable collapse. The irony is a debt resolution cannot be "managed" by maintaining and enlarging zombi companies and banking institutions. It violates the law of nature allowing the worst to survive at the expense of the companies that are the most sound and solvent. In other words, the parasites are now being enabled to destroy their hosts. Once the hosts is killed then everyone will die. Its a violation of natural law, but then when did that matter to a Central banker. LOL after all they're just doing what they were created to do. Its like criticizing a rattle snake for biting a human. 

Central Banks In A ‘Catch-22’ As Emerging Market Crisis Spreads To The Financial System’s if you think they're gonna let that dollar keep risin'.....think again....tic toc

Don't let these clowns stampede YOUR decision with their games. If you're leveraged then you're playing their game and you probably will get beat, but most of us aren't leveraged and can sit back and take their bullshit games. If you're really smart, you're just using your time to pick up more physical metal, but those of you with a gambling predilection just need to sit back and look at just how out of control the the money printing has become. A lot of gas is being poured into the fuel tank of inflation and when that bomb explodes its going to be a monster fire of destruction for us all. gl

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Let's start right off agreeing to not say what "it" is. It is right there in front of you but most don't even see it. It began in late 2015 and has continued right through today. Its been carefully conducted to escape the scrutiny of the majority of the market participants. There's a very important reason it remains in the darkest corners of the market. Its only to be discussed in the most negative tones. Its to be disguised. Its to be denied. You know what it is don't you? Keep it to yourself and let it just continue to slowly grow. Let it grow incrementally with fits and starts day by day. 

 this is something that people who know how the Deep State works in DC they will tell you always the same thing: You don't become a candidate for a President of the United States if you are not the people who actually run the US...Pepe Escobar 

Let the Bloomberg headline scroll call it the failed trade. Let the talking heads laugh at it when its brought up as a possible investment. No self respecting millennial would engage this sector as even a remote area to invest in. You would never hear the subject even brought up in polite discussion.  You know what it is, but even you wouldn't bring it up in casual financial discussion for fear of being an object of impolite scorn.

Futures Spike After Trump Blinks, Decides Against Harshest Measures On China's a rock....

Global Stocks Dive On Fears Of "Irreversible" Trade War; Italian Bonds, Turkish Lira Tumble....guess who caused it

On the other hand, maybe an uncomfortable snicker from your critics at the Rotary Club doesn't bother when your past recommendations surface today. Maybe you're very secure with your positions and the reasons you originally recommended this area to your fellow sophisticates remains. You steadfastly abide by your conviction in your reasoning and accept their derisive jabs with a smile and a nod. Your a rock. 

Well don't look, but things are changing right in front of you and its so slow you may not notice. I do. I like it. It is happening. Here's the deal. Shhhhhh.