Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Or is it surREAL? I don't know. Maybe its both. Think about it. Can you wrap your brain around it? If you can't then don't feel alone. Most people that are awake enough to look into all of the daily machinations are reaching the point of cognitive over-saturation. Some people can deal with it through allowing cognitive dissonance to take over. Others will consciously resign themselves to just recognizing they can't do anything about it and accept their impotence and just say I will only address what I as an insignificant peep can question. You understand don't you? You are just so much chaff, to be discarded like the waste you are. 

I can accept that, but I think what made me question just how far we are lost down the cognitive dissonance rabbit hole was when a friend of mine that I play golf with regularly and is quite aware and agrees with 99% of what is wrong with the system made my jaw drop today. I mentioned on the previous post just how rigged the Company stock prices were through a variety of measures not to mention the Fed's purchasing of SnP futures etc. and how the financial engineering was performed. None of this is really a true secret if you do your own search. What started my journey into the surreal was when I explained to him today that companies had purchased almost ONE TRILLION in share repurchases since early 2013 to keep their earnings per share appearing to grow and thereby elevating their stock prices. He then asked me if the Fed was doing it and I explained only indirectly by their QE giving the major banks the money to loan to the companies to buy their shares back. 

That's where I lost him. He exclaimed thank god, I thought the Fed was secretly buying the shares and implied that the companies doing this instead of the Fed directly was somewhat of a relief to him. He saw I appeared dumbfounded and tried to backtrack saying "you know what I mean". But really I didn't.  If he can't understand there is essentially no difference between either premise then the average Joe has no chance. They just will be hammered into mud. You will just have to decide yourself and make your own contributions to life. Go out and buy a Tesla S and make a million, its the "Amerikan way". But one thing it is not....and that is it is NOT Free Market Capitalism. GL all

Sunday, October 19, 2014


And somebody is about to get squeezed.  Will it be the all the shorts that jumped on the fear last week in the equity market? Will it be the Longs in the equity market that bought "protection" for their positions? Will it be the bond market or dollar shorts? Which side of the boat is loaded for the sharks to feed on when they tip it? Maybe it will be the dip buyers in the equity markets that get their faces ripped of. After all, that is another meme that may have been loaded up on Friday. Easy pickin's.

Paper markets are treacherous for money managers and retail investors in the BEAR of all bears. Oh wait, this is a secular bull market and you're not dealing with reality. Never mind we just had a GREAT jobs number with 200K+ new jobs (never mind most were part time and low wage) AND we had only 300K+ LEAVING the job market. Its all good.  Please disregard also the retail store numbers falling off a cliff. Please disregard the housing numbers showing real estate rolling over. Its all good. Please disregard that bonds are in record low yields in a "solid" economy. Please disregard that Europe is now rolling over into a "recession" .....again. Please disregard Greek yields blew up. Don't forget Goldman's GDP growth calls this year and now guess what.....they're takin' um down.......only by 50% for this year. Its all good. 

Now let's not waste anymore time on rehashing stats that none of you care about. Let's talk metals. You're doomed. Sell your physical metals and buy Stawks. Stawks are where its at. The Buttfoxes of the world have been proven correct as Central Banks and Governments buy Stawks by the hundreds of billions to put a smile on their game. You don't buy that do you? Why? Because you watch CNBS and they said that's not happening. Maybe you're right. But consider this. The Federal Reserve has said they intend to "raise rates" because the "economy" is doing so well as recently as a few weeks ago. They've said they are going to stop buying bonds and big bank derivatives...er....assets. You know......counterfeiting.....they're gonna stop it because our economy is "back on track". Funny thing happens however. The market dumps for a few days and SUDDENLY they are back on track jawboning they may hold interest rates down and maybe even bringing back QE. So you see, its not the economy....its the headline price of the "market" that dictates Fed policy.

Now we come full circle to the "other" headline price. That's metals. Gold and Silver. The bane of fiat counterfeiters. The bane of the control freaks that are engineering global control and policy. 

Something big is about to happen. When? Maybe little Harvey Organ WAS onto something when he was looking at the December Open interest on Silver. Its huge. 500million + standing for delivery would be impossible for the COMEX to fill. "Houston We Have a Problem". Maybe Harvey's December prediction of  collapse of the Comex is already set up. Harvey is a pain in the ass to this game. He is like a dog that has a bone. He began predicting this December crash a few weeks ago and hasn't let up. His blog is read by a lot of people including big players in this market. A court order stopping his blog is highly unusual. Maybe crazy Harv' was onto something. Please take note.

IF they take the price down during the next few weeks and the COMEX is crashed then they'll settle in cash at a "much reduced" price of the metal. What happens after that should be dramatic. I still maintain the Banks are on the long side too. 

As far as Ebola goes. Watch this week. IF no new cases are reported then we are probably out of the woods in Dallas. GL all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Nina Pham is now a name millions of you are familiar with. Unfortunately there will need to be thousands more just like her if this virus breaks out, and so far the level of incompetence is breath-taking in our fight against this threat. 

Nina did not have to be in that room with Duncan. She volunteered. She believed she would be safe but she also knew there was a risk of contracting the virus. She adhered to the infectious disease protections that were instituted by her department. Rest assured she was scared, and when you are faced by Ebola, you obey the rules of engagement. She lost. Now she's fighting for her life. 

The system she works in is a morass of bureaucratic obstacles designed to perpetuate the Peter Principle of mediocrity. Nina is young and believes the system would protect her. Her hospital is full of administrative nurses dressed in nice suits that walk around the halls of the hospital with clipboards in their hands smiling and chatting in between committee meetings during their busy days. Meanwhile there are fewer and fewer nurses like Nina that actually take care of the patients. The threats of termination if nurses like Nina speak out about patient care concerns always exists in hospitals today. That's how these bureaucracies keep CONtrol. Sound familiar?  Maybe Nina had concerns maybe she didn't, but the silence was always to be maintained for the protection of the nightmare of our Health Care system. Nina's first concern was to care for that Ebola patient. That was her job. That was her calling and that was her chance to make her life have meaning. Most of us may never have that same chance. Some of us will and some of us will fail and find an excuse to say "let someone else do it". 

Systems can hide their stink only so long before nature exposes it. Right now that hospital has been exposed and its breaking down. There will probably be many more examples to follow in health care if this virus breaks out. I still have hope they stop it, but its going to require some dramatic changes in their current quarantine measures. That's going to be necessary if we get an obvious outbreak and its not going to be pretty. 

One thing seems relatively certain, there are going to be more announcements of new Ebola patients during the next few weeks in Dallas and maybe other cities. I think the markets will rollover hard if they come. There will be short squeezes and hard down days, ie volatility. Careful out there and be thankful for the real heroes out there volunteering to care for these patients. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014


YOU  thought is was "stopped dead" didn't you? At least that's what you were promised. After all, this isn't a third world Health Care system. This is the most powerful nation in the World and we can do anything, including stopping Nature DEAD in its tracks. We're so good at controlling Nature, that we can permit flights into this country from countries that are being overwhelmed by a killer virus because we take the passengers temperature at the country of origination and make them fill out a questionaire. 

That makes me feel safe. I know if I were stuck in one of those collapsing countries I wouldn't lie on my questionaire to get out of there. Of course modern medicine has a second firewall up now in the U.S..... We take a second temperature. Maybe some people don't know this, but temperatures fluctuate/undulate....meaning they go up and DOWN....especially if they take motrin/tylenol. So...you may not detect a temperature. Answer to this problem....isolate anyone coming in from these countries for 21 days OR stop the flights.

Now just one problem with that, even if they did it. You have a porous border that is being flooded with refugees already from Ebola and its going to get worse to our south. What happens if it takes hold in Central and South America? Do you think we'll stop it? I think you can write Texas off. 

Beating a dead horse again but it bears repeating. Pay close attention to the next 14 days. If we get several patients turning positive then Dallas will be the perfect urban beta test. If you are informed and reading this, then watch the response. If its muted without panic and breakdown of the JIT system, then we may have a few months of breathing room with this nasty bug. If it goes full bore panic in Dallas, it may herald a further breakdown coming more quickly than we are ready for.

Watch the medical system reaction too in Dallas for a clue if several cases arise in the next few weeks. It is ill prepared for this bug and frankly could not handle a pandemic of it, even a small pandemic without collapsing. If we buy the few months, then I believe we will have a vaccine available by early next year. Whether its effective enough if a viral shift occurs remains to be seen. gl

Thursday, October 9, 2014


And so it begins. Nature meets man and man loses... the Law of Nature. You don't break Nature's laws. The Masters of the Universe know this and they use it. They manipulate it and they massage it. They disguise it and they lie about it, but in the end the force of Nature will always be obeyed. Its enforcement can only be contained to a degree and then eventually... "for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction".  In this case we have only prolonged the inevitable unwinding of the greatest leveraged Ponzi  scheme that began unwinding in 2000 then again accelerating in 2008 and now the final hard down unwinding as the Kondratief Wave unfolds. 

Most of the public continues to meander in relative ignorance as the GMO/vaccine addled brain is distracted by NFL football and hot wings. Distraction is a panacea and the Masters of the Universe use it for their benefit. 

It doesn't hurt either when the MSM is completely complicit feeding the public a steady diet of daily Stateism. 

Awakening is a process and even the Budfoxes of the world begin to realize that many of the "crazy" conspiratorial rants across the alternate media over the years are actually being given credence as confirmatory events unfold. Most of the public don't read the content of articles and research. The only scan headlines. The Masters know this weakness, but a big ship is slowly moving. People are waking up. I see it more and more and its accelerating. The average prole is uneasy and that is the beginning.

You can't stand in front of the public and tell them Ebola is NOTHING to worry about from a safety standpoint and that it will never become a pandemic in Africa and then it DOES. Then again repeat the same absolutism gibberish a few months later as they begin importing patients to the U.S. to treat and reassuring it CAN'T possibly happen here on our shores......and it DOES. You again repeat that the virus is extremely difficult to contract and simple handwashing and avoiding DIRECT contact will prevent you from ever being infected as the public simultaneously witnesses fully hazmatted healthcare workers becoming infected.

Its called lying. It has a consequence. It causes a collapse of CONfidence. If you think that is a small matter then why are you here reading this. Its everything. Its why you can gas up your car. Its why you have a nice home. Its why you can go to a nice grocery store and buy food. In a nutshell.... its EVERYTHING. Its always been about that little word. The entire last 6 years has been about that game. Its really the whole game, because that little piece of paper in your wallet has nothing else backing it...gl

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Quote from CDC chief Frieden today on CNN that we have NO DOUBT that Ebola will be stopped from spreading in the U.S. Using absolute terms like many of the Doctors appearing on MSM outlets have used about Ebola should be troubling to anyone familiar with the language the Medical Doctors typically use when describing a subject like Ebola. Doctors are very deliberate in their choice of language regarding uncertain events pertaining to medicine since it is an art as much as a science in many of these diseases. There is likely a very scripted attempt to prevent panic by disseminating these absolute terms. 

We do not know how this disease is transmitted. Yet we persist in telling you its ONLY by DIRECT contact. If you define direct contact as "swapping spit or blood" as they try to imply, you are not watching what is going on here. My conclusion is based on a number of events that seem obvious and on research by scientist recently studying Ebola and its transmission. 

As stated by many people, WHY would Doctors wearing face shields and Hazmat suits become sick with Ebola if it were only transmitted by direct contact? Canadian researches showed that it may very well be transmitted airborne now. This of course explains why Africa is erupting with this outbreak. It also is important to a fragile world economy that this is NOT true. If this were true then international air travel collapses. So when you have all of these talking heads telling you it CANNOT be transmitted through the air in those absolute terms, it does a disservice to the current epidemiological evidence and science itself. This is spreading across borders in Africa and exponentially in numbers. Something has changed with either its vector transmission and/or it is airborne.

Pay attention. IF they can stop it in Dallas, then you probably have bought some real important time. If sporadic outbreaks begin elsewhere then notice their patterns of secondary spread. If we see a confirmed outbreak in any Metro area in the U.S. of more than three cases then make your preparation. I don't KNOW if ANY outbreak will occur in the U.S. but I do predict if it does then panic will be the biggest enemy initially of the JIT system, not Ebola. See pictures of Grocery shelves prior to Sandy Hook.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Contrary to what you're being told, NO ONE knows the full facts on Ebola. They do not know for certain its contagion rate. They don't know exactly how its being spread. They don't know its true mortality rate with "proper" medical supportive care. 

What they do know is its potential for creating panic. The kind of panic that only a high mortality rate airborne disease can do. The modern day version of the Plague. So they will lie about it. The fear it can create is more dangerous than the virus. With JIT delivery systems of virtually every commodity it sets the stage for major urban areas to be turned into virtual deserts overnight as populations exit their homes in search for food. 

No one knows if this will become a pandemic in the United States. One thing is certain, and that is they will tell your repeatedly they have it under control and that our modern, sophisticated medical system will keep this virus from spreading. I will tell you I work in this system and that is ludicrous. They will tell you its not airborne. It obviously is airborne.  The only thing that will keep this in check is a "miracle" vaccine in the nick of time (and that may happen since I believe they engineered it). 

What has me concerned is the current economic state and how this "pandemic" just might create the cover for the collapse that the PTB need. THEN we just might see the vaccine rolled out. Wouldn't that be diabolical. Again, WHO knows.... I don't. 

What do I know? I believe if you're healthy you can survive this virus if you contract it. You need a water source and Hydration. Electrolytes like gatorade are great. It does affect the respiratory tract so you have to be healthy. Don't expect hospitals to be open unless you are one of the first victims in your area. No one will be going to work in hospitals or grocery stores etc. True panic is not pretty. Will it get there? I hope not, but its on our shores 3 months ahead of my due date. Now it becomes a question of whether its spread is now or in a few months with more cases being discovered from other sources. If it breaks out in more than a dozen cases in Dallas then all bets are off. Pay attention in the short term to Dallas/Texas.

A brave man dies but once, a coward many times.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


As complacency reaches record levels in the market the voices crying "just get it" have become almost unanimous as bear capitulation becomes obvious. Algo bots have lured in the bagholders and the boyz are looking at their menus choosing a nice wine for their next course of sheep served rare. Its hard to make the good money on Wall Street without some nice rare red meat, preferably still bleeding on the plate and the bulls have been fed out until they are at a perfect marbling. Of course I could be wrong and they'll just keep pushing this market up. Maybe I'm wrong and they'll just grind it along at this level with just a rectangular trading range slaughtering bulls and bears alike. It could happen. It could just go on indefinitely without any significant correction. We all know that no factors exist outside of the CONtrol of the most powerful cabal ever created. 

We have been witness to the greatest repair job ever to a massive liquidity crisis. At least that is what it appears to the public. Please ignore that we are at an epic level working age Americans without jobs. Please ignore the simmering Southern European unemployment of 25 and under. Ignore the fact that there really are DOUBLE the 50 million number of Americans on food stamps through other food programs outside of the EBT program. Never mind we are opening a new round of subprime loans in Autos. Keep in mind that anyone that has given up looking for jobs is no longer counted as unemployed. Keep in mind that anyone reporting they have added another part time job to the two they are already working have that job ADDED to the jobs report. Enough. Why pretend that up is down can't work.....because it CAN. It has. 

You know you have to stop thinking. We can invent and fund the "rebels" in Syria and then rename them and turn them on a quiet Iraq and then claim that we need to bomb SYRIA to take them out. You know....that country with a secular government that allowed women more rights than any country since Iraq.....oh wait.....we took out Iraq for "weapons of mass destruction". You just need to turn off your brain box. Its useless. 

We cry terrorists and simultaneously open our south border to anyone and everyone. Do you really think real terrorists aren't crossing right now? 

What could possibly go wrong? Its all good. Keep playing checkers. Someone else is playing chess. They know there are some "eruptions" ahead in the flowered alpine meadows. Do you really think you'll trade that eruption? You're THAT good? Maybe you are. After all.....its all good.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Emblematic of all the promises that were made to the American people is this picture. JUSTICE....just another word that no longer has meaning to this world after six years with this man and his masters. While protecting a system based on corruption, greed, and complete loss of morality, he sold the soul of his country to his masters. He'll now retire to a corporate world that will reward him handsomely for his betrayal. He'll live the remainder of his life knowing that he sold his very soul and the future generations of his country to the devil. 

The thousands of renditioned victims without a trial and tortured across the world are the blood that covers his hands. You may not see it but its is covering his hands.

The thousands of terrorists flooding across the bombed and lifeless bodies of women, children, and old men in countries like Syria and Libya can thank him for helping to give them life. Without Holder's sacrifice to Satan, they would not exists. 

The ghosts of thousands of beheaded Mexicans can thank Eric for their fate as our policy of aiding the internal Drug Cartels for the bankers remains intact.

As Mr. Holder gives his speeches before his corporate masters over the next years, he can point with pride to his record of never sending anyone to prison for their part in the collapse of what was left of any semblance of an economy. 

He can proudly tell his children that he carried the sword for the most powerful Cartel ever created and he was an unwavering enemy of peace, justice, and the American dream.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


I'll see your Dollar and raise you two Yuan. That's what China has done by docking a Chinese Navy destroyer for the first time in history in an Iranian port on the Strait of Hormuz this week. Its called poker. What does it mean? It means there's a new sheriff in town and if you want to play bully on the block then let's dance. Is there going to be a sudden thermonuclear war or a collapse in the dollar or a stock market collapse here? Highly unlikely at least in the near term. 

Is this a signal that the dollar bully days are over? Not yet, but it does portend a continued challenge of our profligate ways. Its a warning shot. Its to underscore decades old agreements with Iran as a "mutual aid partner". That's diplomatic code for "don't f^@K" with my little friend.  There may be a further flurry of State Department meetings with their Chinese counterparts this week to show the U.S. means business in this region and we don't appreciate the Chinese involvement in such an unstable region. At least that will be the MSM spin. In fact, the exact exchange will be actually quite different more with Secretary Kerry asking the Chinese if they need any of their  boots licked or more German or Swiss gold delivered. He could offer a battleship filled with dollars to the Chinese to butt out but they already have a few Trillion of those dollar reserves and would politely say get lost Mr. Ed.

Is this it? The big reset? The black swan? No, but it is just more nails in the coffin we've built ourselves. I hope we have more years of fantasy spending and draining the average peeps of their wages and freedoms. What more could you want to maintain an illusion of wealth. Dance peeps... dance.