Sunday, October 15, 2017


What happens when you try to change Nature's law? For instance, you build homes in a high, arid climate which has always burned of by the tens of thousands of acres throughout history, and you have a recipe for disaster. Yet hundreds of thousands of people have built homes right in the center of giant tender boxes that just need the conditions to materialize and in an instant all of their belongings are turned into flames. I guess they believed man has the ability to control Nature and make these natural phenomena no longer applicable. 

"There Were No Calls, That’s Absolutely Crazy": How The Stock Market Died

You and I are in just such a developing disaster. We are the tinder for an epic, raging, fire that is going to show up in our own houses. Its going to "come out of nowhere" and all the usual suspects are going to say "no one could have seen it coming". Yet we do have warnings. We have warnings now from "experts".... like Dalio, Druckenmiller...etc....Just like the warnings that came from experts for years that our high density coastal cities like Houston and New Orleans are highly vulnerable to the devastation of Hurricanes, yet we did nothing and then after the disasters, spend Billions to rebuild right on the devastation wrought by Nature's law. 

 Gold Is In A Dangerous Spot ....oh no.....

Yellen Doubles Down: "Valuations Are At High Levels Historically"....LOL

Well maybe you're right this time and they are wrong. Maybe we just have another hard "correction". Maybe the biggest financial counterfeiting paper pushing ponzi in history just ends with a whimper. Maybe Nature decides its going to go gentle on these excesses of greed and corruption. Maybe the tens of millions of displaced middle class workers just don't care they're destroyed. Maybe the coming pension ponzi collapse never arrives and government workers just keep cashing those monthly 7K checks. Maybe sky-rocketing medical costs just get higher and higher. Maybe college costs can exceed 100K/year and all is good. No reset by Nature will come. Everything that happened in 2008 was completely mitigated by the Fed and all is well......I think I like it.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Your pilot has asked you to please fasten your seatbelt.  This is only for your protection. This is not for any abrupt nosedives or mid air collisions or crash landings. Its only for your protection from bumble bee and mosquito attacks. We don't expect any problems but we are going to put on our emergency parachutes and exit the plane through the front cabin exits. Please enjoy the remainder of your flight and once again we thank you for flying on Fed to the Moon Airline. It is a once in a lifetime experience, so we hoped you enjoyed it.

Bitcoin Tops $5800 - Up Over 20% Today Amid China Rumors

Iran Vows "Decisive, Crushing" Response If Trump Designates Its Elite Guards As Terrorists

So here we are 7 years later after beginning this flight to the moon. There has been no "end of the earth" event. Nature has not entered into the equation. The K winter never happened. Apple continues to make great innovations.....well at least a watch.....and rolls along to the promise land for its believers. Amazon is selling shit to your front door for free. Gold is only up 500% from its lows in 2002. Wal Mart can't decide if there anymore Mom n Pop bizznezzes worth wiping out. Bartenders and waitresses have had a banner decade. In fact, individually they've never had so many "great" jobs to make their rent and food.

SECOND MAJOR ALERT: Another “Well-Known” Swiss Bank Has Just Refused To Let A Client See The Gold The Bank Is Supposedly Storing For Them

"You're On Your Own!!"

The dollar continues to drive the war machine to even greater heights. We've managed to become loved around the world after killing millions in the Middle East. As a result of this global love a mass killings is going to become an Olympic sport. Joining the Army and fighting for globalism is the only route to employment and/or college for many Amerikan youth. Globalism, in spite of Brexit, Grexit, Frexit, and many other threats remains in CONtrol.

Wealth extraction from the global masses remains intact. Financialization has now become a term representing salvation from the "great financial crisis". You know the "great financial crisis" that Bernanke saved us all from. was the massive debt cycle that was mathematically impossible to fix that was fixed by doubling the debt. Of course that was just a little bit of a lie. Numero uno, it was more like a tripling of the debt with a variety of off book scams.  And numero can't fix a debt disaster with even MORE DEBT. 

"Lord help our fucking scam . . . this has to be the stupidest place I have worked at," writes one Standard & Poor's executive. "As you know, I had difficulties explaining 'HOW' we got to those numbers since there is no science behind it," confesses a high-ranking S&P analyst. "If we are just going to make it up in order to rate deals, then quants [quantitative analysts] are of precious little value," complains another senior S&P man. "Let's hope we are all wealthy and retired by the time this house of card[s] falters," ruminates one more. 2008 e mail

Guess what you can do? You can use the printing press to keep interest rates at zero and SCREW the peeps that obey the rules by extracting their savings and forcing them into risk assets. Sounds good if you went into the risk assets right?  LOL .....just stay in those assets. They will eventually pull every loose piece of meat off your bones in what will seem like a blink of an eye. They'll hammer your "safe" risk assets to hell with you sitting at the wheel wondering what just burned your ass to the ground. LOL and guess what? You were even warned by them. Over and over this year they've told you.  Have fun. Its all for your own good. Please ignore our President telling us its "The calm before the storm". As Skippy has said ...."its all good".

Sunday, October 1, 2017


My first introduction into the darker side of the track was after my friends took me to a pool hall across town called Cliff's.  I was 16 and a complete rube of course. Raised in a small midwestern conservative town and always obeying my parents, going to Cliff's with my buddies was crossing the Rubicon. I still remember the gambling and games  in that dirty, dingy pool hall. It was the game. Ya gotta have the game. 

Gold Investment In Germany Surges – Now World’s Largest Gold Buyers

Paul Craig Roberts Warns Americans: "Oligarchic Rule Prevails Regardless Of Electoral Outcomes"

So where is this leading to?  What happened to the greatest game? You know! The Grande Casino of Wall Street game. The fix is in right? Its all ruined. No one in there right mind gambles in a fixed game. You're screwed if you play. So don't play. They're gonna win every time. Heads they win. Tails you lose. The Buttfox's know its rigged. They bet on the house, because they know they can't lose and they're just a little smarter than the rest of us. They know the dice are loaded. 

LOL.... its not different this time. Its the same old game. They're gonna let you keep knockin' those balls in the hole. They're gonna let you think you got dat game all figured out and better yet that you have THEM all figured out. They are gonna get you all set for that final run of luck. You know....that final kill shot and then they're gonna run that table right in front of you. Then when you double that bet, knowing it couldn't happen twice, they'll rip your heart out and send you home to mommy crying and penniless. 

"There Are No Bears Left... None... Not A Soul"

You see, the good hustlers never let you know you're getting hustled until its too late. THAT is the game. They've been hustling the gold and silver game. Just make sure you stay patient. I gotta feeling they're gonna hustle this game on the long side for quite awhile now.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


As our financial world collapsed into chaos ten years ago, and our central banks went on a fiat printing orgy, most astute observers became concerned that a day of reckoning for this violation of economic law would be devastating. Many well respected investors decried this abomination of the free market while others like Dalio and Druckenmiller said buy stocks and made fortunes. Now, even the Dalios and Druckenmillers are crying foul.

 A bull market is like sex. It feels best just before it ends." - Warren Buffett

SRSrocco: Retirement Collapse Will Be Swift As Americans “Get Precious Metals Religion”

"People Are Going To Start Dying" - Puerto Rico's Battered Hospitals On Verge Of Failure ... Mad Max 

Six-Figure Pensions For University Of California Teachers Surge 60% Since 2012

Active money managers are being destroyed by this "short vix" and "long equity" trade. Managing an investment fund involves costly protection for positions and the distortions that have been created by Central banks actually buying the shares in markets directly and directly has destroyed the active money managers. In time, losing investors like Hugh Hendry will prove to be just one more part of the market being removed that will accelerate the markets eventual collapse.

Out of the smoke and fog of ten years ago came a savior for many of the downtrodden doubters of the fiat dollar regime........bitcoin. Touted as an alternative to the goldbugs that can be bought and sold with just a keystroke. It has a blockchain that cannot be penetrated by the evil bankers. It is impermeable to the central planners. In fact it is promoted as being better than gold. Even goldbugs like Bix Weir and Andy Hoffman have jumped on this crypto currency screaming about its benefits. Many holders of gold, silver and the miners are selling their shares and buying bitcoin. Its all good.

How CONvenient....just as gold and silver are finally back into a nascent recovery from their beatdown in 2012 and miners rocketed in 2016 and alarm bells were sounding a savior arrived......bitcoin. 

China NEEDS $13,000 GOLD PRICE To Implement Oil-For-Gold Contract

Trump Threatens "Little Rocket Man", Says Kim "Won't Be Around Much Longer" As North Korea Holds Huge Anti-US Rally.....Clownassniffing

Suddenly out of nowhere bitcoin charges to thousands of "Dollars" per coin. Stalwart goldbugs jump to the promises of a safe haven alternative to the dollar. LOL.......a keystroke safe haven to the dollar??? You gotta be kiddin' me? If you can't see this for what it is then you better check yourself in to the nursing home now. This is a psyop and nothing more. Its another diversion. Its a divide and conquer. It is nothing more than NOISE to keep your eye off the ball. Its all smoke and mirrors and even a few of the good guys fell for it.  WHO invented bitcoin?  WHO CONtrols bitcoin?  LOL surely you have figured this out by now? Right?

Defiant Players Kneel, Join Arms, Avoid Anthem As Trump Calls For NFL Boycott and Firing Squads

Our Economy is dead. Our velocity of money is still ZERO. Nothing has changed. We're on life support and this whole bizzare recovery is an ILLUSION. Enjoy it......I do but please please please stay away from bitcoin. They are going to crush it.

Now please go watch football today. Speaking of football, now there is some really special divide and conquer for Joe six pack. Of course this is all about BLM and patriotism. Sure it is.........

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Sorry to inform you but you're about to find out (if you haven't already) that everything you thought was real is just one big shit sandwich. Oh no? Not John Wayne? Not the Duke?

How about that college education that promised you the suburban McMansion and a six figure income? Its fake. Its all one great big pile of shit served to you cold on a stale bun of corruption. Unless you are in one of the degree programs in science, math, engineering, medicine, then you just might find all of your time and money will be wasted. You have to be targeted for your future with focus on where AI and automation is not going to be replacing you.

Biggest Hedge Fund Manager In The World Warns "Bitcoin Is A Bubble", Says Gold Is Money

S&P Overtakes Gold Year-To-Date

Maybe you think the retirement in your current job is going to carry you through this transition? If you think I'm going to waste your time telling you this is bullshit then you haven't been reading this blog. You better get ready to retrain for two maybe three different careers in your lifetime as this acceleration into AI ramps up.

Maybe you think we can change all of this through an informed public and then through the legislative and judicial process.....for the greater good of course. I'll save you time on that .....Not even a snowballs chance in hell. Justice Roberts wrote both sides of the court's opinion on Obama Care and no one gave two shits.

What’s going on Budttfox?  Do you know something?  Remember, there are no shortcuts.
Quick-buck artists come 
and go with every bull market, but the steady players like the PM players
make it through the bear markets.

Maybe the alt right or internet will make enough of us awake to bring in the leaders that will make a difference. Wait...didn't the Don just dump all over Assange? That's right the same wikiwanker that helped him get elected through the internet. The it'll be the Rock. Dwayne Johnson will lead us out of the valley of shit to the garden of Eden. He's not only a wrestler, but a great actor and JOCK to boot. I just can't make this shit up anymore......its 

Kyle Bass: China's $40 Trillion Banking System Has "Largest Imbalances I've Ever Seen" relax Kyle its chump change

Next thing you know some sawed off dictator that we created out of a Dickens novel will be firing rockets at Japan and threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis while the leader of the free world tweets his has a bigger one and isn't afraid to use it.

Or maybe I'll hear some of the sharpest precious metals advocates for hard currency  promoting a digital currency backed by buffalo farts. Nahh that would be to stupid to believe. Put your money on a key stroke.

You have to admit that when this whole facade fell apart in 2008 and we took the red pill and started to open our eyes and talked about how bizzarro this fraud might become, I know that I never imagined this shit show.

Stay alert and stay patient and don't do any prepping. Especially if you live in neat places like Florida or South Texas. Prepping is ignorant. Last of all don't invest in precious metals.