Sunday, September 14, 2014


Can these technocrats pull the rabbit out of the hat just one more time? As the Supercycle deflationary cycle pressures build on the world-wide debt, Europe begins to show signs of implosion. You know its bad when the manipulated government statistics are showing severe strain with negative growth in many Eurozone economies. At least in Europe there is some semblance of accurate unemployment statistics most like because of the heavily socialized back-ups in place that need these levels to function effectively. They haven't learned how to manipulate these statistics and still give back door money to the welfare recipients. The Germans frown on that.

So where are we now, really?  Is this only about us giving the pretense of stopping the QE printing and turning over backdoor printing to the ECB.  Will it be that easy for the West? 

Will Germany accept the outright QE that the ECB just announced or will the strongest economy in Europe realize they've been had. With the sanctions imposed on Russia, Germany is about to get squeezed into a Stagflationary vise that could crush their struggling economy. With France sinking into a deflationary spiral the ECB QE will flood into their banks with the Germans looking like the proverbial sucker at the poker table. I think there just may be a problem developing for the bankers. Watch what happens with Germany. Forget GB, forget Italy, forget Germany. I think that is where the wrench breaks, and it may happen this year if the Russian sanctions aren't lifted.

As usual, look for gold and silver down before our Central bankers meet, but miner action signals a continued bottoming process in that sector. Enjoy the discount on physical metal if you're a stacker, otherwise if this is a trade for you then you have my pity. ... gl

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


You can't make that headline up but THERE IT IS right off the CNBS screen today. I think they should have called the CNBS promo with Carmelo "Gangsta Picks". How can a so-called MSM financial news station put this guy on and think that sheeple are somehow going to be pulled into this shell game. Have they lost their minds on what an appropriate "shill" should be. Its almost like they're trying to stampede investors out of the market. They've pulled other celebs onto the CNBS stage like Regis Philbin that were bizarre but at least Regis could bark the talk and had some age to throw out as a "sage", "experienced", retail investor...... which is laughable.

Today also heralded the Greenspan talk. How can any of you not appreciate a 7 minute interview with Mr. Doublespeak. Nothing but a mouthful of marbles telling you NO ONE has a clue if this pile of steaming caca is even remotely a real market. You probably think I'm kidding you. Go back and listen to the "Maestro" interview today, and if you are able to derive one useful pearl from it (other than "no one has a clue" and (we have never been here before) then more power to you.

After puking through these two simultaneous after market events I needed to relieve myself and collect my thoughts. With some extensive meditation lasting about 3 milliseconds, I decided to stay with MY investment ideas. The last time I checked my physical storage was intact and my miners were still in my paper ponzi account. 

Looks like the weekly charts on miners are bottoming out again but they can inflict more pain on the trend lines and MACD. I just can't decide whether I would own an SSRI here or an AAPL? gl

Sunday, September 7, 2014


And the dreams you dare to.......... Why not I guess. I mean why not dream sniffers. You think that any of this is real then dream. Take your trip to OZ and become a Scarecrow Sniffer without a brain. Defying the Laws of Nature are easy if you never took a high school math course. Take Japan for instance. At 250% of debt to GDP they've crossed not just the Rubicon but they're over the Mississipi and Amazon rivers and have be in Da Nile for a long time. see this is only possible with coordination with the other major currencies. Its a "scheme". Just print print print and try and "monetize" the debt. Just one problem....STAGFLATION. Wake up Dorothy. You're in Dreamland.

Stagflation has always been the problem for the printers. The more you print the more it leaks into the prices of ESSENTIALS but NOT into the growth of wages in the bulk of the population that BUYS essentials as the REAL economy struggles with ZERO velocity of money. In other words the printed dollars are going right into bond purchases, bank reserves, and the stock market. The "bang for the buck" is to save the big banks and put a nice headline price on the stock markets for CONfidence. That mission is accomplished ....... at least for now. The problem is there is NO velocity of money. In other words Joe Schmoe is rotting in the paw paw patch and he is starting to get pissed. He's not buying the refrigerators and the mid level priced clothes at the GAP for his kids. 

Joe Schmoe isn't too bright but he knows when he just can't afford to feed his family of four, make his car payments, make his house payment and send his two kids to college. It just doesn't add up for him anymore. The Schmoes are getting restless and the DEBT is building with no growing tax base/economy.

Watta ya do? Of course you SEND OUT THE PROPAGANDISTAS. CNBS and Bloomy are at full throttle on the pump. Its very obvious behind the scenes the fear is creeping into the bosses at CNBS etc. Their audience is reaching all time lows. Something is amiss. They should be at all time highs.

STAFLATION..."Its what we're having for dinner". AND eventually it will be what we're NOT having for dinner. Get used to it. If they push this out for another year or two it will get brutal. Then they will have two choices. Velocity of money escapes and Hyperinflation...or .....Deflationary collapse. They'll try for number 1.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


How can you not love a clown?  Every circus has one and everyone of you has a child left in you that remembers the circus clown. Did you know that behind everyone of those painted on faces is a human being? I'll bet when you were a child you only saw the painted on personality and their programmed actions that entertained you. Many clowns are specialized in their actions. Some protect rodeo riders from meeting a terrible ending to their ride. Some provide distractions for the crowds while new acts are changed during the circus. Some are incredible acrobats while others are more subtle in their roles. Some are outright carnival barker types, luring in the crowds for carnival or circus to make their revenue on.....essentially they shill. You can cover a face with paint and make it virtually anything you want.

Right now we are in a virtual circus and we are the "marks" that need to be brought into the tent. Its a very big tent and it needs an awful large number of marks to fill it. We have the CNBS, Bloomberg, type clowns that are barking continuously how well the economy is doing. Sometimes there are legitimate bright spots like the increased Auto sales numbers, but unfortunately they don't give you the detail and the devil is ALWAYS in the detail (see zero interest subprime loans and leasing). Heck...why wouldn't you buy a new car if you were one of the schmucks wiped out 6 years ago after you had screwed yourself on your 1 million dollar Mc Mansion. What better way to signify to your fellow sheep that you have made a "come back".  Heck just add another part time job at Lowes or Home depot for 24 hours a pay period. Put on your Clown face and drive around the neighborhood in your Clown car.... and while your at it go to Chucky Cheese with your 2.4 kids and splurge on a Pizza with your EBT card. It doesn't get any better.

Don't worry be happy. The Fed's got your back. We're at ZERO interest rates for a reason....because WE'RE DO'IN SO GREAT. Europe is now entertaining QE (which is supposedly ILLEGAL) because THEY'RE DO'IN SO GREAT! China is really the largest economy in the world and they are believed to have 1 out of every five houses sitting empty and WHY....BECUZZ THEY'RE DO'IN SO GREAT. 

Oh I know.... it doesn't mean anything. Just because our morals have broken down to justifying this kind of clownassniffer meaningless ponzi...and ignoring meaningless little things like wars actively being fought in over 12 countries right now. Never mind the Fukushima disaster and the Ebola outbreak and a collapsing health care system........THE STOCK MARKET IS UP! Remember that...because EVERY Circus has a clown and our clown is the Stock Market Clown and someone is the mark. Look behind the paint on that clown. Is he a murderer? How can you tell.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Is that the plan? How do you destroy a trade that is so obviously the "right" trade from a macro-economic/fundamental view?  You grind it into dirt. After all why would you NOT destroy gold and silver. Its headline price places way too much attention on your unbacked paper printing machine which by the way happens to be the World's reserve currency. 

A big debate right now is HOW LONG the dollar has before its reserve currency status is ended. Some experts predict years before it ends. Others predict only months before its effectively a second tier currency. If I were an "economist", I would weigh in with a guess but I'll bow out. What I will note is the critical role maintaining the reserve status is to the entire ponzi. Right now as predictied 4 years ago we are WELL into the process of moving OUT of the dollar with all of the swap and trade agreements between Russia, China and other BRICS. What is even more interesting is that Germany has initiated new trade arrangements with China and Russia that circumvent the dollar. These events presage a global shift in the Western Banking system. 

Why is this important to Mom and Pop? Its monumental to mainstreet. Dollar reserves held by these Nations will flood back into our Country resulting in enormous inflationary pressure. NO amount of Fed intervention can stop the tsunami of money. A Volker like move to stop inflation would result in the current debt CRUSHING any whiff of economic activity. In effect we would be destroyed as an economy.  How exactly this would be handled by the PTB is up to your imagination and many have alluded to the different scenarios. Maybe some of these are being beta tested now.

Back to the game. Gold is being ground into the mud here. Its been almost three years. Many miners even longer. If you look at your accounts its still nothing but pain if you believed this was a safe haven.  However if you look a little closer at your accounts, you will find that Junior Miners are performing exceptionally this year. Its at least a hint that the overall PM complex is turning. Just as miners led the PM complex down, they will lead it up. Just have to wait and see how long this plays out. So far the "grind um into dirt" has provided some nice trading plays.

 "I was seldom ever able to see an opportunity until it had ceased being one".... Mark Twain

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 What is the case for centralization? Is it to improve our lives? Is it to provide a reasonable way to CONtrol and ever enlarging population globally by moving citizens into highly concentrated urban environments while removing them from less CONtrollable rural locations then allowing more mining and farming of these depopulated regions by large corporations? Meanwhile the urban populations can be used as ready sources of workers for large corporate needs. Centralized transportation systems to work and shopping requiring less resources. I like it. In fact it makes tremendous sense in an ever growing global resource allocation problem. China knows it and are openly urbanizing their population. After all what better way to CONtrol a population rapidly if needed than to have them in one location (see Boston bomber...see Ferguson)..those were nice beta tests.

But.....and there are many buts but I'll give you one I had over the past few days. I have a new job that I am consulting on and I had the delightful experience of discussing the planning taking place at the institution for Ebola. Of course the institution has taken the usual disaster planning necessary to protect their clientele and workers in dealing with a possible outbreak. I listened carefully while the proud proletariat rambled about how many steps had been taken to deal with an Ebola patient OR the immediate threat. Very impressive planning.

I waited patiently and then asked if they had made any plans for the probability that NO one would set foot in their institution once or if Ebola began sporadic outbreaks around the United States. I reminded this individual that only ONE doctor per 100,000 patients in Liberia were now working. That over 240 health care workers were infected with Ebola in West Africa and that 180 had already died and that NO ONE would be even stocking shelves in Wal Mart if Ebola began to outbreak widely in the U.S. I decided to see if there was an answer. There wasn't. least they had a government plan. Buttfox would like that.

Centralized Urban areas would become killing fields. NOT from the Ebola necessarily but from the collapse of the CENTRLIZATION of goods and services. If communities weren't as centralized then isolation measures might have a chance. Not with our urbanized mess. gl

Sunday, August 24, 2014


What better picture to show for the face of the subject matter today than the Queen of the Fed herself. Maybe you have never listened to the uneasy, stumbling, testimony of the new Chairperson. If you haven't then at least take another look at our outstanding technocrat leader of much of the Western Free World. 

Oh wait, you say she is not the leader of the Free World, and the true leader is our fearless President. Apparently you have not been paying attention to what has transpired over the past 6 years. 

The Congress did not go to George W Bush for his advice during the economic collapse. In fact when "Shrub" showed his face during the collapse there was usually an immediate crash of the market. Surely you can remember those exciting times. It was virtually a guarantee the market would start to sell off as he spoke. Of course you believe that was all just serendipity.

Remember however when Warren Buffet or Bernanke came on the tube a monstrous reversal and rally frequently ensued from whatever the panic at the moment may have been. At least Bernanke (sort of) pulled off the roll of a financial maestro/professor with his demeanor and tone.

Now we have a new technocrat at the helm. This nice white haired, bumbling, lady is the BEST THAT THE GREATEST PONZI in the World could come up with? Maybe you can swallow that line but I am going to have to call bullshit on this. I really don't hear too much regarding this "unique" observation of mine on the MSM or for that matter the "alternate" media. 

This is the person guiding all of us into the greatest MALINVESTMENT in the history of money. The flow of TRILLIONS of dollars and euros going into the most G-d awful assets classes which will ultimately leave all of us wondering just how all of these financial geniuses will be singing the same song again and getting away with it. You remember that song don't you....its been played over and over.. "Nobody Could Have Seen THAT Coming".  After all she is the BEST that money could buy. Or maybe there's another reason Janet was chosen. gl

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We've discussed the breakdown of social order that occurs in economic collapse for the past five years. It can develop in a variety of ways and timelines, but it always develops with economic collapse. We're involved in a global supercycle collapse that spans virtually every continent, and is beginning to accelerate as we enter the Kress Cycle's hard down phase. Can the Central banks fight the Law of Nature and harness the collapse...or will the Central banks USE the natural cycle for its own purpose as history has shown to collect the hard assets at bargain basement prices. 

I believe they will be positioned for the latter. Paraphrasing its basically "Out of chaos comes order".  We are witnessing a historic global event on a daily basis. The pics of Egypt...of Tunisia...of Lybia...of Iraq...of Syria....of Afghanistan....of Greece...of Spain...of Italy...of Portugal....of London...of Ukraine....of.......Ferguson the inner city people.....and then X ....represent the end of this cycle. 

I hear the tag line daily that this is the end of the "Great Keynesian Experiment". I beg to differ. This is nothing different in many ways from other leveraged cycles......they've all been "Keynesian". You don't understand? Do you understand "Pump and Dump"? Maybe I need to try and be more about...Credit? er LEVERAGE? Does that sound better? What if I throw in a few hundred TRILLION dollars of DERIVATIVES. Does that sound more official? After all what's better than printing a few trillion dollars and then leveraging it 100 times. Now THAT is a Ponzi. I mean that is one HOT STEAMING PILE of a PONZI!!!!  And guess what? They're going to take a great big stack of that steaming fiat ponzi and buy a whole lot of hard assets with it while old ladies and retirees get sheep.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Watching and listening to the daily machinations on the MSM trying to explain why we are still mired in ZIRP and QE while simultaneously explaining the economy is growing now at a healthy rate is becoming increasingly painful. Listening to the morning Bloomberg show with Tom Keene and various guests trying to reassure the listener that the market is THE place to be invested now makes one wonder just WHAT would it take for these shills to express an "opposite" viewpoint. 

They never seem to miss the opportunity to bring up gold on its down days as "NOT being a safe haven", then ridiculing the idea of owning gold while simultaneously expressing they just "don't understand gold". I guess you can have your cake and eat it too if you're the Wall Street media circus. 

As each day goes by now there is less and less meaningful "investment news" and more "reassurance news" filling each hour of CNBS, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. If you watch and listen long enough you will catch some of the pundits letting their guard down and expressing a more honest comment about the real state of the economy and the market. When you're trying to fill so much air time you will periodically slip up. The "slip ups" are becoming more frequent lately and doubt is creeping into their prescribed memes. Usually they'll shift back on track quickly, but you can tell there is an underlying doubt in their job to placate the sheep.

I notice the numbers in most of Europe, China, Japan, and the U.S. are slipping badly now as the Re-over-leveraged consumer begins to tuck in their horns. Stress is being exhibited in a variety of ways once again as the debt supercycle begins to exert its effects. 

Hey, let's not forget Ferguson. Nothing like a beta test to bring out some oldies but goodies. This morning CNN (CONtrolled Neocon News) rolled out BERNARD KERIK as an expert on police tactics and response regarding Ferguson. You remember Bernie...the guy who helped CONtrol the 9/11 pre and post response. The same Bernie that GW tried to appoint to run Homeland Security or one of the Gestapo positions post 9/11. But do you remember his Federal convictions on corruption? His time in prison, but HEY...this is Amerika and once you've towed the line for the cabal, they will bring you right back in front of the sheep.

Remember that your health and your family's health is paramount. Most of the issues I address are not what I call "uplifting" and it just may not be something that some of you want to read on a daily basis and I understand that. Its reaching a very uncomfortable level in the supercycle collapse and Stay away from these sites if they upset you. I encourage all of you to stay physically and spiritually healthy. Exercise daily. Get rid of the GMO caloric poison. Try your best to reduce prescription medications that aren't absolutely necessary. Lastly take the time to talk and LISTEN to your family and loved ones. They need you too now. 

Don't worry about the gold and silver and the dollar and the stock market. That will take care of itself. Time is what's not for sale. You don't get a "do over". gl

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The case for a militarized police force? Or is this a result of a more militarized police force? Are these riots only the beginning of more to come? Is this the beginning of the case to impose hardening the current soft marshal law present from NDAA and the Patriot Act? We certainly are building police forces that are viewing the public as no longer to "serve and protect" but to "beware of". 

 Look... I know that many of you really think this is all random human behavior that really has no connection to any current agenda by some higher government/corporate control agenda. Crazy talk....that really is all it is. Crazy, conspiratorial internet koo-koo bird stuff. 

That's why the appointment of a banker technocrat in Ukraine occurred a few months ago friendly to the EU. Never mind the coup overthrew a duly elected president after only a year that said no thanks to joining the EU. 

That's why Banker technocrats were appointed as Presidents in Greece, Italy etc after elected Presidents "resigned".

That's why were in our fourth stage of QE AFTER the recession was declared over and a steady recovery is "well in place". 

That's why the median family income in the U.S. is 51K TODAY.....which is exactly what it was in 1996.... THAT'S 17 years ago and its STILL the exact same.

Yeah baby.....focus on Ferguson. Its scary. It makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy with fear. You'll take that police power and LIKE IT. Like Ben Franklin said "those that would give up essential liberty to purchase a little security deserve neither". Be afraid. gl