Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It's a fact. When all of this mountain of paper decides to re-enter the system, the storm unleashed around the world will be something the modern world has never seen. There will be a price to pay for unfettered money printing.

“Every step you take is forever. You cant make it go away. None of it. You understand what I'm sayin?”

Oh isn't that quaint. A price to pay? What an antiquated idea. Surely there are some more tricks to take away those IOUs that we've managed to steal from our future generations and pretend we were just trying to "save the system" for them and their benefit like it benefited the older generations TODAY. 

What would you say if you found out that if you were to try and acquire over 20 million dollars in physical gold that you have to pay a premium of over 300 dollars an ounce? What if you found that it still took over 8 weeks to gain delivery of the gold? There are some high net worth individuals out there so go ahead....... fact check it.

What would you do if you had ridden this bull market? What would you do if you knew the game was rigged so to speak by "fiat". You didn't gain that wealth by being stupid. "You know how this is going to turn out, don't you?" I won't repeat the rest of the dialogue, but if you have the "smart money" then you know how this ends. You may not know exactly when but you know HOW.

Of course there are the technical players still trying to divine the answer on the "game". Some of them have been fairly accurate, but many of the best have been confounded leaving them destroyed by the Bear of all Bears. Of course there are those of you that find that statement completely insane. Again I would refer to this piece of wisdom.  "IF the rule you followed, brought you to this, of what use is the rule?"

Sometimes one becomes confounded by forces that are beyond your depth of knowledge and certainly your control. One then has to adapt or be destroyed. Those are not necessarily the choices one wants but it certainly appears to be obvious which choice one has to make. We're at that juncture for anyone that has had the ability to reach this point in the Supercycle of supercycles with a stake in this "game". Some are like the money managers that have failed to keep pace with the "market indices" and feel desperate this late in a "bull market".  Drawing on some more old wisdom "all the time ya spend trying to get back what's been took from ya, more is going out the door. After a while you just have to try to get a tourniquet on it."  Maybe you have your tourniquet. Maybe you just need to get out of the paper game. Maybe your that good of a trader that you believe you can handle what's comin'.

Let's say you believe you're that good. You think when the music stops and deep down you know it will, that you can get out and make your deal in time. Just understand first WHO or WHAT you're dealing with.  "You don't understand. You can't make a deal with him. He's a peculiar man. You could even say that he has principles. Principles that transcend money or drugs or anything like that. He's not like you. He's not even like me."

For those still interested in prognostication or playing in this casino, I found a chart that struck me as very interesting that I had posted here in September. I thought enough of it then to post it and just by luck I found it and will repost it. You can take what you wish from it but its certainly still very much in play. We just might have set a very nice bear trap in PM's. One thing is certain. We will find out soon enough. gl and happy turkey day

Sunday, November 23, 2014


What is out there that has all the world's Central Banks either holding interest rates near Zero or even going negative as some European Central Banks have recently begun?  After all, a steady meme of  "all is good"  is repeated daily through every Main Stream Media outlet. Metrics showing a steady albeit underwhelming growth are paraded weekly in front of the hungry investment class. The same pundits shout out for anyone that might be still listening just how wonderful the Central Bank's money printing has been for the economy. Yet 5 years later after the great recession was declared "Over", we're still printing. You remember that don't you? Remember? In LATE 2008 in a backward looking pronouncement a "recession" was declared that began in late 2007. BUT what was amazing is that less than 12 months later the "recession" was declared to be "over". Yet we still have a ZERO interest rate policy. How can that be?

I know that our "unemployment" is improving with the "new math". You know......subtract one million full time jobs with good pay and benefits and then ADD 1.2 million part time jobs with lower pay and no benefits which equals 200,000 new jobs for the BLS (bullshit lower salary) report. They feed that to you the first Friday of every month at 8:30 EST and tell you you're "winning" the war against deflation.  

One of my favorites is the CPI index and just how incredibly stable it has become as the various metrics within it are constantly juggled by the bean counters to show NO inflation.....even as numerous essentials within it are blowing through the roof.  

Its all good. Ignore the record 96 million Americans 16 and above no longer working. Ignore the 50 million Americans on Food Stamps. This isn't a depression because in a depression people stand in line for food. Not this one. They figured out how to stop that detail by printing EBT cards that are indistinguishable from everyday Credit Cards. In fact JPM issues them for the Government......LOL. You can't make this stuff up.

So go ahead and swallow that statistical sandwich that you're fed, but just remember, you can fool an awful lot of people all of the time, but one day Nature is going to slam the door on your CONfidence game. CONfidence is all you have and you're losing that game. gl

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Are you a Ponzi Pumper? Do you believe that we're in a sustainable recovery and that printing trillions of Benny Bucks is a real solution to the real problems facing the economy? Then you're a Ponzi Pumper. Do you believe that Japan can print Trillions of Yen and cure their economy? You're a Ponzi Pumper. Do you believe that Draghi can print Trillions of Eurobux and rid the EU of their economic woes? You do? Then you're a Ponzi Pumper.

Do you really understand what a Ponzi Pumper is? I'll try to explain in my simplistic way. It means that you think that demographically challenged developed nations can keep on printing endless amounts of paper fiat for precious resources from developing nations and they'll just keep on taking these IOUs or we'll invade them. Seems simple enough. You play ball or we'll crush you like bugs. You see how it works. Its really not to complicated and it can just go on forever, at least it seems that way while its going.

The problem is history is replete with a long list of these Ponzies. They all end. They go back thousands of years and the end is always the same. One day CONfidence in the Ponzi suddenly just collapses. Sure there are some variations to the theme but century after century has its own Ponzi Pumper Puncture, and once that air starts to leave the balloon the door closes down fast on the Ponzi Pumpers.  You say that sounds far fetched in this digital day and age with the most powerful empire in history. Just remember what is keeping this balloon afloat. Its all CONfidence. Its the air that keeps this game afloat. Once its punctured the balloon comes down. Pump it Ponzi Pumpers......because if you're a Ponzi Pumper, you need to be pumping extra hard right now. gl

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Did you ever stop and consider just how completely upside down the world has become. Whether you are a righty or a lefty, surely you know what I'm talking about. Consider that our current President was a "community organizer" before he went into politics. Once in the Senate he made numerous speeches against the banking monopoly and the incursions in the Middle East. Now that he's president, he promotes the surveillance state and the military incursions around the world. 

Just think about our two recent Secretary of states. Hillary and Lurch. Everyone knows that Lurch was a protester against the Vietnam debacle after winning his awards for bravery. Hillary was solidly fighting the military industrial complex until she began her illustrious career. Now you can't find a bigger democrat chickenhawk that Billary. My neighbor is a huge fat cat Repulican and told me last year, he could vote for Billary. 

What is it with that top level of politicians. They all seem to become victims of brainwashing once the attain that level. Does someone sit them down and explain how the system works and says you can join us or you can have your brains splattered on the asphalt of some shitty Dallas street. I would like to think they had to be threatened, but most likely most succumb to the allure of riches waved under their pitted nose.

You're welcome to explain this conflict anyway you wish, but no one (except buttfox) can argue that with the implementation of the Patriot Act and the NDAA and the current surveillance state, the freedoms we once enjoyed are long gone in the rear view mirror. 

I hope all of you can separate yourselves from these realities and enjoy the holidays coming up. I live in two worlds. The world of reality and the world of illusion. I know the difference, and I know most of you do the same. Don't feel isolated, a lot of Americans are starting to wake up. Maybe not in time, but maybe, just maybe we get through all of this bruised and beaten but intact. Best wishes to all of you. gl

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Don't worry, be happy. Play the market on the long side. After all, the Fed has your back. Hey, its la la land. Forget that little thing called debt. We can just have a few more trillion printed up for you so you can keep playin' that market. That's what this game is about. Its about YOU makin' MONEY! So sit back and relax. We'll let you know when we stop the game. That's when you can take all of your winnings and you can put them........well.....you can put them into something that's an even better investment. If you don't believe it because it sounds too good to be true, just look at your stock portfolio. Its up to all time record highs. How can we be wrong? 

Of course some of you may be nervous with Japan's Abe printing at a rate that has increased their debt to 350% of their GDP, but there is even a bright side to that problem......we've got him buying our stocks with his newly printed Yen. WHAT could go wrong? We are in a "recovery" and we've got the Japanese printing money and buying our stocks. Funny how that happened right as we've supposedly quit printing new FRN's.

Okay so maybe that does bother you a little. After all how long can the Japanese last? Not to worry. Our European brothers are lining up to print. The Jawboning across the pond is getting into position to pick up the baton when Japan stumbles. So......again, relax. Sit back and just watch those stocks grow. Invest in the most speculative sectors you can and just hold on.  Speculation's not your cup of tea? Then buy stable, dividend paying stocks. After all, anyone knows that works through ANY kind of market.

Nope, the world is all good.....its all good. You're a sucker for not getting into this stock market. Don't invest in gold. Remember when Ben was asked if gold was money by that crazy Ron Paul...and he said no. Now the Maestro is saying we're going to have a day of reckoning and you had better own gold and silver because they are the only real money. Strange contradiction there. I just don't understand. Someone is lying, yet they are both Ex Fed Chairs. 

Oh well I'm sleeping just fine. Furthermore I really don't have a clue when the music stops, but the Maestro said its going to and that HAS to be the truth.  Just look at the past 100 years... they don't lie.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Its over for the gold bugs. Since the latest smackdown by the Cartel, only the true believers stand on the walls ready to defend sound money and free markets. Of course we all know what happened in that picture above. 

Did anyone happen to notice that virtually every hour CNBS was on last week they had at least one spot that had some hack for the cartel disparaging gold with a smirk on his face. What you didn't see was anyone bringing up that for the past three years that the paper gold price is ONLY hit with thousands of future's contracts being traded in three minutes in the after hours thinly traded periods. Usually at the end of regular Asia trading and before New York opens. Convenient isn't it. 

Now we have confessions of guilt on major bullion banks of gold and silver price manipulation. I would imagine there will be little mention of this on CNBS. For that matter you may not hear Martin Armstrong or Dan Norcini mention it. 

Now here is the issue for you. So what? Who cares? If you've followed this with a median IQ and an open mind, you should have already known this. I'll bet there are people reading this right now that still don't understand that you cannot manipulate a market like this INDEFINITELY that hold LIMITED amounts of actual metal. The Cartel knows this but they don't want you to know it and that is why you are bombarded by self-appointed gold experts telling you on MSM that gold is a barbarous relic. Its called flushing out the weak hands and it works. It has always worked. There'll be a change and when it happens much of the Cartel will have reversed their trade and most likely are already in position on the long side. GL in the game.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


As we approach the end of the Supercycle deflationary collapse the Central Banks are printing at an exponential rate with Japan now leading the Bankers in an effort to crawl out of a 20 year deflationary collapse. With most of the developed world facing staggering demographic and structural hurdles, the old method they know of printing more fiat will move into an entirely new level to maintain the Western Banking control. 

We have no bread lines. We have EBT cards. We have no homeless visible because we are still propping up the housing markets and individuals with various forms of fiat through unemployment, vouchers, and back door housing bailouts. We don't have to sell cars we can buy them with nothing down and zero interest with terrible credit ratings. We have no unemployment with the new metrics that have been instituted since the last downturn in the 70's. We have high paying jobs replaced with part-time, lower paying jobs, that require people to works three jobs to just keep their heads above water.

Elections will take place today and virtually every candidate that runs has been vetted by the system. If they don't conform after they are in office, then they soon will. There are no memos for the newly elected. There are only visits. Visits that are not in the public light, but they are visits that determine the destiny of every man, woman, and child in the country.

Remember the last time we had an Independent that ran for President. Ross Perot was his name and about 5 months before the election he pulled even with 33% in the polls. Two days later, visibly shaken, he suddenly announces he is pulling out because his family was threatened. He was very obtuse with the details, and they have never been clearly explained. The media attributed it to Republican dirty tricks. You can believe that if you wish. He did eventually run but was ridiculed by the press for dropping out. He didn't stand a chance. No third party will ever be allowed. gl

Sunday, November 2, 2014


That is why we are being drilled on the MSM everyday with altered statistics showing a "recovery". That is why every piece of data has to be polished and displayed as positive. Its an illusion. Over 90 million Americans of working age either cannot find jobs or have quit looking or prefer to be welfare recipients. Wages for those working remain stagnant as essentials continue to rage higher. Prices for bread, milk, meat etc have doubled or tripled over the past 6 years and wages have flat-lined. According to CNN Money 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with virtually no savings. Yet, the consumer CONfidence numbers are holding near highs. How is that possible?

Even the daily sugar-coaters on CNBS and Bloomberg are becoming increasingly uncomfortable at times with the data releases. More often now you see a look of bewilderment as some data that is absolutely abysmal is countered with data that shows virtually the opposite in some other sector. Housing continues to slide into the abyss. Interest rates remain near zero, but you are told we are in a steady recovery. Really?? Then why is the Eurozone collapsing and implementing QE. Then why is Japan not only implementing overwhelming QE, but now buying U.S. equity securities. WHY?

We are told by a multitude of sources INCLUDING Fed speakers that we and the world have a fundamental structural problem that monetary policy is very limited on fixing ie. massive debt, demographics, tax structures and on and on. They TELL you that monetary policy cannot fix the real issues, but they continue to prop up the state's debt, knowing it will collapse eventually. Everyone knows its coming. They just don't know when.

What's holding it up? CONfidence. Its magic. Its everything. It has to be preserved. Its the only thing that backs the Dollar reserve status and every other fiat currency. At this time virtually all fiat currencies are in a war between themselves to DEFLATE. Its the war going on that really is keeping the Dollar as the reserve currency, when in fact the dollar has more debt than all other major fiat currencies.

The real game to continue the CONfidence illusion is to suppress gold. That means wars and disruptions to obtain physical bullion. Countries like Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia all had physical gold confiscated by "someone". Why is that so important? Especially if gold is a relic. Why did Germany receive only 5 Tons of their gold back? Why has China India and Russia accumulated (on record) over 3000 tons of gold over the last year, yet the price has moved down. Why was there heavy physical buying from a European entity during the last two weeks at these bargain prices if gold is so barbarous? Why was 500 tons of paper gold sold in the LBMA at 7am London time in less than 3 minutes on Friday?

Understand WHO benefits from the price suppression and you will realize WHY it is so easily done. The West benefits because it maintains the Dollar reserve status and allows maximum printing to fortify Bank reserves and allow accumulation of hard assets and stock equity prices. This maintains the system as it is simultaneously buried under a mountain of debt. The East loves it because they are allowed to accumulate gold from the West at bargain prices as they prepare to step into their role as an important currency alternative that is gold backed. They have patience that is being handsomely rewarded. 

As long as CONfidence is maintained in the dollar, we can print. You can pick the timing but like most Ponzi's no one knows exactly when they fall, but when they do, its dramatic and quickly. Enjoy the game. People will not make it through this one to the other side. gl 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


When does the music end for the greatest dance in history. Its been over 80 years now for the culmination of the greatest ponzi in history. The ultimate banking masterminds of the World are moving chess pieces daily and sometimes multiple times within the daily news cycle. Why is this necessary? We have a "sustained economical growth" don't we? That's why we are stopping QE isn't it? Then why are virtually all of the Western Central banks either starting or talking about starting their own QE. Why are there still Zero Interest rates in all of the Western Banking Cartel nations? After all doesn't an economy that's growing so healthy deserve a "normalized" interest rate? Why even the most ardent of propagandist on CNBS and Bloomberg laugh periodically when discussing the subject of the Fed intervention on QE and ZIRP. Of course they quickly fall back into their propagandist hyperbole, but they cannot even conceal the bizzarro world of Fed CONtrol of the all important CONfidence. 

How can this level of manipulation persists without a major stumble occurring that sends the entire pyramid into a collapse mode? Well, it helps to have complete control of the MSM and its ultimate propaganda value. So what is the threat to this pseudo-capitalism? One threat that exists is another currency to challenge the Dollar's reserve currency status. Maybe it will be China or Russia or a combination of BRICS.  Or maybe its going to be even more simple. Maybe it will true money that ultimately rings the warning bell. You know what real money is and its obviously a much bigger threat to the manipulation than even I realized until the last couple of years. They can't let Gold and Silver break out. Its just not going to happen without a pitched battle to the end. The reason is simple. If Gold and silver break out then the move out of these fiat currencies into real assets and gold and silver will occur at an exponential pace that will not be contained. The stock bubble is now at nosebleed level and the money that is in is getting very anxious and looking for the first hint the music at the big dance may stop. 

There aren't many chairs out there when the music stops and the sucking sound will be deafening as market participant scramble for safety. All ponzies end. They collapse and they will collapse in free fall. What tips it? You'll only know in retrospect. Extend and pretend may work for what seems like an eternity, but it is finite and when that pendulum swings back make sure you aren't in its path. gl

Sunday, October 26, 2014


All is good. Well now isn't that just perfect. Medical Doctor goes to Africa.. Medical Doctor comes home and parties all over Manhattan. Medical Doctor is stricken with Ebola. All is good. We have the greatest healthcare system in the world and everyone knows it almost impossible to catch Ebola. After all.... that's what ALL of the talking heads on MSM tell you in unison. Even though they continue to ignore the elephant in the room as the evidence mounts its NOT that hard to catch. 

So where are we now? Is this the great pandemic that will herald the end of the world as we know it? Is this the cleaning that Nature has promised us for our excesses? Somehow I just don't see this in the crystal ball yet.  I see potential danger but this doctor is most likely not going to be the Typhoid Mary of Ebola just as Duncan wasn't in Texas. Could his disease spread to some of the healthcare workers dealing with him? That is possible just as it was in Texas, but again I suspect they will be better prepared in New York. We will see. 

Still no reason to panic but it is fascinating to watch the spin on this. The talking points remain stubbornly fixed on keeping the flow of potential Ebola cases from West Africa flowing into our Airports. Very strange. At least New York, Illinois, and New Jersey Governors employed a quarantine on Medical Workers returning. That's a start, but it ignores all of the West African National fleeing from the pandemic.

Will be very tied up in a major hospital for a couple of days and will get more information this week. The market is very unstable now and they need a lot of blood in the streets to bring in QE 5 so IF is not the issue but WHEN is.  Hope all is well for you and don't panic....YET.