Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The real God the sheeple worship. What the sheeple don't realize is the future of this FRN is already decided. Its just the timing that remains to be determined. Most holders of this FRN believe the Central bank is performing QE to SAVE the FRN, but in reality they are only playing a game to acquire positions before the transition to the next currency. 

China knows the game. Russia knows the game. Germany knows the game. Most nations know the game. Many are doing their best to prepare but when your country is ablaze its rather hard to acquire hard assets and precious metals. You don't have a printing press and your government is teetering on the brink. You're infiltrated by Western intelligence agencies and you can't make a move without the game being one step ahead of you to block your move. So without cutting your throat you can only position yourself as a nation carefully.

Now ... to the "solutions" to the mess that we are in. Basically I am here to share ideas. I put out my pathetic little blog and let you contribute your ideas, opinions, and links. If you post a different opinion and take a personal swipe I just might swat back but that's your choice to play here. We're entering a various dangerous time on the internet and I doubt seriously this site lasts another year, but I hope we are here. I am way past the stage of paranoia and realize now that life is too short to let these scumbags destroy what little freedom we have. You may have solutions, I do not. Its beyond ludicrous to believe you can elicit change within this fetid, rotten system. They'll just grind you into dust, or corrupt you. Either way you're dead.  Just look in the mirror. That is your change. Your family and your friends are your life and that is very short. Gold and silver are just a game.

It was nice to see one of the "old boyz" back as an anonymous this week. gl all 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


If you began trying to invest in the Supercycle collapse of 2008, you must feel at times that you've picked the wrong horse, if you were in the Precious Metals trade, especially mining shares. Have you set at dinners with family members or friends trying to extol the virtues of gold and silver only to have the prices collapse and the recipients of your sage advice now try and avoid any conversation on these subjects. Worse yet, some might have taken your advice and now are openly hostile towards you. Amazing how human behavior is so predictable. In fact after watching these same reactions it becomes obvious how effective the strategy in price suppression in precious metals has been and just how easy it was for the cartel.

Some of you may have had these experiences. What I find to be fascinating is just HOW FEW people own ANY physical gold or silver. Some are interested in the miners, but NO ONE is really buying or owns gold or silver. Cartel strategy .....HUGELY SUCCESSFUL! At least successful in terms of their short term goals and that was to maintain the fiat system as long as possible while they used the current fiat (ESPECIALLY the dollar) to accumulate vast amounts of real resources. 

This is where it becomes more interesting. IF gold is so valuable and so important to the system, then where is all of this gold? China IS accumulating vast amounts of it. So are several other NON Western Central Banks. So are various very wealthy individuals. Of course Chinese and Indians citizens are large consumers of gold. Where is the bulk of the above ground physical gold? Western Central Banks? I don't think so. Just look at Germany's inability to get its gold from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Its not there OR they just won't give it to them.... EVEN IN VERY SMALL AMOUNTS???? That just doesn't add up. It isn't there. So...again...where is it?  Rest assured it is somewhere and that somewhere is NOT GOING TO GIVE IT UP. That's because that somewhere KNOWS its the game. It knows its the next transition of power because it IS real money and has been for 6000 years. That somewhere has struck a deal with China to give them three years to accumulate gold at a reasonable price, without the world knowing the true value of gold and the dire future they face economically as the fiat disaster transitions to a new model. 

You're on the right horse. Your coffee friends and family are sheep. They've always been sheep and they will die as sheep. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was right. He knew over 300 years ago just how incredibly stupid the average human is. He knew how they behaved and how they were easily guided by emotions. gl 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Remember not too long ago when the cartel would attack the price of gold and silver how the miners would be even more crushed. Did you notice the last several times the price of gold and silver getting whacked, the miners seemed to have relatively quick recoveries, in fact being green on some red metal days. This relative strength in miners has been in play for over six months and reflects a nearing of the end of the downtrend in PMs. The recovery of gold's price over 1300 is also interesting, and may represent trouble in the physical market as Eastern interests take possession of more metal with each smackdown.

One thing that is constant and that is the success that these takedowns have had in suppressing retail investor buying of actual physical metal in the West. In spite of the fundamentals deteriorating in the real economy, the shills seem to have solid control of the sheeple and in my opinion will maintain that control until its too late for the sheep to react.

As the physical markets begin to exert control on the real price of metals the increased volatility will become more noticeable. It will rapidly turn into a market of "fear" and panic will become an overwhelming driving force as the paper CONfidence game becomes exposed.

Can you really not see the game? Did you watch Yellen's rambling incoherent testimony this week? She's going to be their sacrificial lamb as they crash the whole system. Its really painful to watch her hmm and hah and uh and oh......through relatively simple, softball questions. It underscores just how ill equipped she is to exert CONfidence in the system when it starts to crack. Its all designed. Were not in Kansas

Sunday, July 13, 2014


This rock guards one of the most important trade routes in the world. Its only a symbol today even though over the Centuries many an Empire expended their nation's wealth to control these countries. 

Once again an Empire is straining at its seams to hold control on all of these regions and many others around the world that dwarf all previous empires. Of course most of you have identified the United States and you would be partially correct. The United States does have its military bases in over 130 countries. If you count the 30 new countries in Africa we just put troops into then over 160. Did I mention you would be partially correct? Not to be TOO exact, but the United States is really only the functionary arm for a banking cartel that has assumed its control over the last 100 years without ever putting a tank in a town square. They have turned a country with forefathers that despised "standing armies" into the World's most powerful force in history. They pay your children bonuses to re-enlist, and college scholarships that would make most company CEOs blush. They provide a steady stream of TV commercials extolling the virtues of "serving" your "country". Why wouldn't a slipping middle class lad join up?

There was little difference centuries ago in the declining stages of the Roman Empire, Spanish Empire, and English Empire. The soldiers were the last of the glue holding the Empires together. Only force backed the unions between the disparate forces that had been cobbled together. Nature would eventually dominate and the game would be changed to another location. 

So here we are. Everyone now knows the game. At least all the players of the game of Empire. They know there is a game of Musical Chairs right now and they're afraid. They don't have the CONfidence any longer and they're trying to understand when the music stops which chair do they want to be in. Do they want to be in a chair that's on the side of the room with an increasingly belligerent despot that is openly bullying its partners to comply with its obvious war crimes? Eventually a day of reckoning will come and the winner gets to write the history. Power never rests. It is its own means and its own end. Do you understand? It is only about Power and it will always be only about Power. You see the pictures of women, children, and old people slaughtered in their beds. You see the murder of innocents and the realignment of religious orders and borders and ask why.  Don't ask the question WHY. You already should know the answer. gl

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The new freezing point is 22. At least for silver it is. Its the most vulnerable metal the cabal has. Its their achilles heal. Its not so much that acquiring the metal will be impossible for them but at these prices there is little to be had above ground if any large orders start coming in quantity. Managing the supply of actual deliverable silver has been monumental, and the bullion limitation is rapidly approaching. The cabal does not store enough silver to control it as easily as gold, but they do have the same paper derivative control. This was something they did not have with the Hunt brothers in 1980 and developed as a safeguard later for many commodity prices. 

The real game in the precious metals is and HAS been the actual bullion holders and silver will be the metal that has the POTENTIAL to be a rocket shot when it breaks out because of its critical industrial uses that will be competing with the "store of value" crowd. 

Gold will always be the ultimate "Money" metal because of its unique properties which are primarily it value/weight component which allows very wealthy holders to transport a few million dollars rather easily. The portability of silver is burdensome and the wealthy just aren't interested in it from a physical standpoint. 

As doubt builds in many sectors of the economy, the metals will begin their breakout as actual physical buying accelerates. CONfidence is everything and without it the system deteriorates rapidly. I wish somehow nirvana could go on forever and pretending and extending was a strategy......but its not. Watch 22 ...thats where the worm

Sunday, July 6, 2014


If you want some amazing predictions today then stop and go somewhere else. These are the Dog Days of Summer in the stock market. The VIX has been slammed for a very good reason by the Plunge Protection Team and thats because there IS NO MARKET. There are long only mutual funds with some HFT traders playing ping pong. Virtually every trader that's not forced to be in the market has exited to the sidelines. The traders that have been long the market over the last few months have hedged with puts keep getting their trades picked apart. 

The only real game going right now is how long the lid on commodities can be maintained to mask the money printing and hold the dollar as a reserve currency thereby giving the printing press the power of God. Gold, oil, silver, grains, beef....all starting to show signs of life. We are all indeed entering a very "interesting" time. Some of you may think you will have the option to "adjust" as this entire game unfolds. I don't believe you'll get the obvious "heads up". Certainly we won't be given a warning that "a big change" is coming in "two weeks" and you need to get prepared by accumulating essentials. You've had that warning. Many of us don't want to believe what our lyin' eyes are telling us and refuse to spend some small effort to be prepared.

I'm not going to pretend this will be the end of the world or some major apocalyptic event. Maybe it will, but no one can know that. You can't expect your friends or your family to follow your advice or your explanations for your point of view. You don't have to build a concrete bunker or move to Alaska into the wilderness. But you can look around and notice just how vulnerable you are and take some measures to protect you and yours. I'm counting on a survivable event since the alternative is not a preparable event.

JIT delivery systems/ digitally connected supply chains/complex commodity algorithms/ weather/EMPs......and on and on should make you at least understand your vulnerability of our Centrally controlled lives.

Now with that post and minimal information, I am back to the Holiday "Bread and Circus" parade. gl

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


The hills are alive with the sounds of music. The melody of recovery and war synchronously reverberate across the media landscape like a shrill carnival barker. It has reached the point of absurdity with hourly shilling trying to explain the collapsing numbers of our real economy as the markets climb a "wall of worry".  We now have entered the final stages of the "recovery". We have climbed and climbed and climbed. TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS poured into a QUADRILLION sized hole and its barely moved the needle. 

If you talk to the average sheep, you get a shrug and "let's not talk about it" response. Hardly any sheep you talk to really knows the numbers that underlie this "recovery", but they can tell you who the first round draft choice was this year for a Bread and Circus football team in their city. You shouldn't be disheartened, because they have had ample warning and their lack of understanding is all by design. How could one NOT realize after the collapse in 2008-2009 that we are on the verge of a repeat event? 

I overlooked a speech given this January that "for some reason" slipped by a lot of people. Today I listened to a discussion of a speech by Christine Lagarde given in January of this year and was dumbfounded. Her speech included a bizarre discussion of numerology that included a not so veiled threat in it regarding this year. Whether it comes to pass will remain to be seen, but its content is something one needs to ponder. The Illuminati is known to reside within the Occult and this was certainly an unsettling "coincidence". Coupled with the cycles, Nenner, Jim Willie and many others it bears your utmost attention. It may go viral and they'll shut it down for awhile longer, but then again what's a few million people "knowing" pose as a threat to the PTB?...answer...NOTHING.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


You said we were going to crash and I pulled all of my money out of the stock market and its gone straight up. I lost half my retirement in my 401K in 2008 and now I have lost the chance to get it all back and more. You've talked about how bad we were and all I see are fewer unemployed people and people buying new cars and still shopping and eating out. You have been completely wrong about EVERYTHING!

Sound familiar? Do you hear the same type of responses from friends and family? Do you go out and observe an economy that appears to be on the mend, defying your predictions and research? Of course you do. That's what is intended for the casual observer to feel.

If your own objective research on the stats differ from what the media projects daily, then WHEN is the Crash coming? 

It already did. It began in 2001 and ZERO interest rates and the Plunge protection team pushed out the crash (at least in the stock market) with the housing sector. They used housing to masquerade as GOVERNMENT BACKED SECURITIES to develop one of the greatest derivative ponzi schemes a human being could imagine. They expanded a derivative sheet from under 100 Trillion to over 1000 Trillion withing a span of 6 years. Large bank balance sheets were loaded with toxic debt that would have ZERO value if the headline housing prices dropped year over year just 2 %. It was DIABOLICAL! The bankers/scam artists pocketed trillions.

Of course we had to have some type of wars to accomplish this feat since maintaining the Dollar's reserve status was vital for this feat to be achieved and maintained. What was even less obvious to some was the part that the gold price played in the scheme. As money supply rose, gold prices also rose ringing the warning bell and by 2009 it was clear that gold would have to be managed closely.

As unfettered QE became the norm and gold became uncoupled from its correlation to money printing the acts of the Central Bank's desperation measures to maintain the fiat ponzi were concealed. Of course the public's delusions were compounded by a MSM that promoted the meme. Now here is where gold became a problem and had to be dealt with in even more violent and diabolical ways. As the paper leverage products and shorting accelerated, a constant need for bullion to plug the holes was needed. Even though they had over 100:1 leverage....there is still a 1 in that numerator. That 1 is REAL gold bullion and it was the achilles heal of the entire ponzi. So they had to acquire bullion and the only bullion they could "give" away was bullion they controlled such as the U.S. bullion (DONE)...the German bullion (DONE)...the Austrian bullion (DONE) and others. Once that was accomplished, they still needed more, so they began taking bullion stored in other country vaults by invasion.....Libya...Egypt...Tunisia....Iraq...Ukraine.... etc etc. 

The Dollar's reserve status HAD to be maintained or the entire system collapses as the printing becomes meaningless. Not just the U.S. system but all Central bank currencies and countries. Its a CONfidence game and with a collapsing dollar the CONfidence is gone and the game is gone. 

So the next time one of your sheeple friends chides you for your statements on the "state of the economy" you can simply smile and say its over and its been over for a decade. Look at them in the eye and tell them "you're on life support and you know it...and when your masters pull the plug, you won't know what hit you."

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


What's the rush? Why is there an obvious acceleration of global hostilities breaking out in every corner of the planet. Maybe its my imagination but someone seems intent on lighting  more than one fuse in multiple tinder boxes. Rather than trying to put out fires, we seem to be just trying to set more. Its not even disguised well anymore. There's not even a feeble attempt at dialogue. Instead there seems to be an overwhelming need for a giant conflagration and the quicker the better.

Maybe some of you believe this has always existed during the last century and is merely standard operational procedure for the global power players. You better go back and look at your recent history over the past 200 years. This is unprecedented in the past couple of centuries. The question remains on the table..... WHY and WHY now? We're in a global family now....right? We're in an enlightened age with all of the World's nations just one New World order just an Ap away from one another and connected on Facebook, Twitter etc....   Communism has been crushed. The Soviet Union and Mao are gone, and we sent all of our manufacturing to China and have a multitude of resource and trading arrangements with Russia. 

So why, suddenly are we building this animosity with these two nations and a multitude of other countries affiliated with these nations? 

Most of us are well aware of the new swap and currency arrangements being instituted in these countries. The ONLY thing holding this entire empire together right now is CONfidence in that little piece of paper called a Federal Reserve Note. Threaten that and you threaten not only this Nation but more importantly the force BEHIND this nation. This is a currency war. This is a war on CONfidence. That's why we have a multitude of media hacks repeating the message that we are recovering. That we are slowly but surely clawing back from the "ABYSS". You know the abyss that we were told during 2008 and 2009 was nothing more than a speed bump in the greatest growth economy ever......and there was NOTHING to worry about. BUT now its described by the Mainstream Media as a horrible recession that "ended suddenly".

OK....enough .... Believe the meme and enjoy the Bread and Circus. The simultaneous, multi-continent wars are merely another reality show, computer based game. Just crank up the volume and watch the fireworks. Just be careful when the smoke gets too thick. There might be something its hiding from you. gl 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Let's start off with the assumption there is NO secret cabal pulling the strings above you. Let's assume that your corporate overlords are acting in a purely corporate self-interest environment that perpetuates their "profit" interests. Let's assume that the major corporations that now control 70% of the nation's print and all of the television news media are not part of a "grand conspiracy".  After all if that were true then YOU would know that already and probably realize that the multi-million dollar yearly salaries you were paid were little more than "hush money". At the very least you would "turn a blind eye". So let's get that OUT of the way as "nonsense".... since that would mean YOU would be behaving in YOUR self interests as reporters and editors.

What prompted this piece today was watching an unusual, no let's just say a FIRST EVER spot on CNN today that discussed the public's perception that the media completely missed the Iraq war and that it bears a great deal of the blame for helping lead this country into that disaster. It actually had two guests on that were allowed to discuss this media debacle from different perspectives. One of the journalist had been aware back then, that the war needed to be questioned and the other journalist "supported" the war and now realizes it was his "biggest mistake in his life". The host actually allowed them to talk about this complex issue honestly and as completely as 10 minutes allows. Pathetic?....yes....but a start.

Why  is this type of discussion suddenly appearing on a propaganda channel. Have YOU the media suddenly developed a conscience? Maybe you realize that NO ONE is buying your BULLSHIT anymore. Maybe you realize that YOU bear a great deal of responsibility for millions of people being slaughtered? Sociopaths usually don't worry about such trivial matters though. Sociopaths worry more about ratings that are reaching such levels that its apparent to even the most callous observer that you MUST make at least a feeble attempt to present "some degree of truth". Maybe Goebbels' quotes of repeating the big lie over and over and over are not working as well and some "soft modification" is in order. 

I'll take a different tact with you. Your behavior for whatever reason still equates to one simple fact and that is YOU ARE EVIL. You had a duty to tell the truth, but MANY of you CHOSE the path of least resistance. MOST of you that chose that path knew VERY WELL it was not only wrong, but that MILLIONS would die needlessly. Atrocities committed in MY name and YOURS will surely as the day is long, come back in spades to our shores and our lives. YOU are evil and now I am evil and make no mistake, just as Saddam Hussein's judge met his death today.......Nature will administer its justice. You see,  my presstitute friends, revenge is a dish best served chilled.... and life is a master of that dish.