Saturday, October 24, 2020



The Corporate media has told me to "vote for change" Biden. LOL...Really? I'm supposed to vote for a senile, career politician that can barely change his own diaper? The Corporate media elites have crowed continuously that the Russians are manipulating Trump. Bullshit. The Corporate media has cheered every military intervention and every foreign civilian death that our last three Presidents have been involved in. There wasn't one single war the elite media even PRETENDED to challenge. Now they unashamedly promote a neocon war monger as the alternative to Donald Trump. Disgusting. Trump's not my idea of a man that should lead "the free world".....LMFAO.....the free world watta disgusting Orwellian "newspeak". 

Average New US COVID-19 Cases Hits New Record As Hospitals Run Out Of Space: Live shit

JPMorgan Sees Bitcoin Rising Up To Ten-Fold As Millennials Flood Into The "Alternative" Currency....LMAO....get them ANYWHERE but gold

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that the BLM were funded to GET the Don reelected. Who the hell could make this shit up? BLM burning down cities and businesses nightly. Then Joe Biden semi-endorsing the "peaceful protests". This violence benefits Trump, yet Biden's handlers sit by and let Trump take the trophy for "being tough on crime". LOL

Joe Biden helped pass NAFTA but he's the "working man's President". Joe Biden helped pass the corporate Prison system. Joe Biden voted for every war and every corporate bill passed during his 40 years of "service". LOL. Service??? 

Trump has made a critical mistake on COVID and it may cost him the election. Biden looking weak and hiding in a basement wearing his mask with NO ONE near him is MORONIC. A frail old man cannot look like he's hiding in a basement lol. Trump's decision to look strong might negate the damage he's doing to the public by not taking a strong stance on masks and distancing. You cannot "SHUT DOWN" the economy. You must be surgical with your approach instead. Now finally I will tell you what will happen in December Jan Feb.....We will most likely get overwhelmed in the Hospitals. It won't matter who is in office and our Country will suffer like you cannot imagine. Maybe this tornado does a glancing blow but my region is already getting overwhelmed with COVID and I cannot imagine this does not get much worse in the next couple of months. 

My guess is that in spite of the "dramatic" poll numbers favoring Biden, that MY protest vote against the Corporate elites will not be the only one. As bad as Trump has been on COVID, Biden scares me more. The ONLY thing I know is the next few weeks should be chaotic. I'm not voting for the lesser of two evils. I'm voting against the Corporate Elite media that are censoring the public. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020



Its on like Donkey Kong. Nuclear winter occurred this week to some of the most popular alt right blogs in the Freedom debate as the Empire dealt a death blow to the likes of X22 and SGT Report. Who's next for the Grim Reaper? Joe Rogan skipped town. Alex Jones was already killed once. Watta massacre.

Ron Perelman's Asset Firesale Continues As He Lists $106 Million Superyacht For Sale.....just tragic.....

Back to what you can do about it. Vote and vote often. Never mind that didn't work. I'm not even going to try and be cute. I'm tired. I've watched stupidity become so extended, that my brain has now fried. I'm reduced to expletives, while trying to provide sanity to an increasingly insane world. I work in exhausting, chaos and I don't have to but I love what I do. I am good at it and God knows, we need more good guys in this field. Instead I want to run and hide from this invisible virus that is infecting my friends and the population. 

Summer Riots In Minneapolis Have Resulted In "A Lot Of Silent Trump Support" I agree and its going to be one big surprise for the odds makers.......

I have people I take care of (and friends) that have been sick with COVID long hauler syndrome for months. No one can offer any solution, while the World careens ahead like a drunk driver at an Easter Egg hunt.

So I can embed vids again so I can be an aggregater once again. Whoopeee. 

Food Shortages Hit China: There Is "Not...Enough Fresh Food To Go Around" just food...who coulda predicted such a thing

Be aware something is going to pop soon and you need to be prepared. Don't forget March. This time it won't just be toilet paper. Get off your ass and check your lists. If you don't have a list, MAKE ONE. Tic Toc. Sorry we lost Tom but he's left before and maybe he'll come back. Sean thinks he was censured LOL..... no way Sean.....I like the food fight. I hope I didn't hurt Kindle's feelings and welcome him back so I can drill him some more. After all Kindle knows you should never have bought gold.........lolđź’–

Friday, October 9, 2020


The next four weeks will be determinant for whether this country hits a brick wall at 100mph or goes into a slow slide into the brick wall. Either way the wall is there and either way we hit it. If Trump wins, we will slide into it and if Biden wins, look for hard impact quickly. Market is rigged by a combination of Treasury and the Central bank. If Biden wins, the current administration pulls the pin. If the current administration wins, then we slide down after the initial pump with victory.

The looming viral impact of the winter season may or may not be a major factor, but my "guess" is that it not only rears it head but it does so in a major way by December. Acceleration of viral infections will merge with the normal cold and flu season. Hospitals will be overwhelmed by December and start triaging patients to the curb. I know most of you don't understand this statement, and I really don't intend to explain it in detail, but when hospitals are overwhelmed and there are NO other area hospitals to receive transfers then they will triage the care you receive. Sorry, but that is what is whispered in the ears of the politicians if they make the wrong decisions on this pandemic. 

Sorry about my impatience with d

issent but I no longer have the time to be patient with the ignorance of the shear volume of articles and opinions on how "fake" the virus is. I never dreamed that so called measured men could be so easily deluded into such ignorant analysis of something so obvious, but that is the reality. I have the advantage of dealing with this virus for 6 months in ERs and a variety of other settings and there is zero doubt this is deadly, damaging virus for hundreds of thousands of people that do not die. These people peddling their bullshit are well intentioned for the most part but its just tragic what they are purveying. You're an adult so make you own decision.

Miners had a big week as did gold and silver. No evidence its the breakout but that will come in time. Enjoy the next few weeks, it will not be dull and stay alert.


Sunday, October 4, 2020


 How can you not enjoy this weeks freak show. Are you not entertained??? LOL. How about an osteopathic doctor attending the President of the United States and "managing the narrative" with his expertise in the greatest viral pandemic in a century. He's going to snow an audience of  thousands of medical doctors  educated at the most prestigious medical schools in virology and infectious Hey folks it AIN'T gonna happen. They're gonna smell a phoney bullshit artist in a nanosecond. So you get up in front of your entourage of army docs and play big shot and you fucking LIE and play "Cutsie with the facts" LOL. Speaking from personal experience now, I will tell you that you will get your fucking head handed to you. You're speaking to thousands of doctors and scientists that eat morons like you Sean for breakfast. TOOFKNFNNY.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Infected In White House COVID-19 Outbreak....I'm

You all just gotz ta witness a major super spreader event from the orange man that has placed our government in jeopardy, not to mention exposing just how screwed up our corrupt country has become. Brilliant doctors pushed aside, while a drippy, spinning goofball drives the health care of the leader of the free world. LOL. 

France Reports Record 19k COVID-19 Cases As Hospitalizations, ICU Admissions Climb: Live Updates....guess they didn't get the memo

One of my 48 yo doc buddies just finished a 30 day round with covid and told me this week his brain was so clouded the first week or two that if he had to go into and ER that he couldn't have functioned cognitively, yet our fearless leader is managing the nuclear button. lol.

Just to add icing to top off this shit show, the "leader of the free world" orders three secret service agents into a closed car with recirculating air to drive his covid stinking ass around the hospital for a fucking photo op. I wonder how they liked that shit? Those docs of the Prez go into a negative pressure room in full PPE (face shields, gowns, gloves, N95s, etc) . Those agents were treated like they were lets be honest...they were treated like dogshit.

All Joint Chiefs Enter Home Quarantine After Coast Guard Admiral Tests Positive.....LOL...don't worry its just the Joint Chiefs......

I could go on but WGAF. Here's what happens this week. Prez goes home soon. Waves and holds up his fist. Strong man.....winner.....defeater of Covid. LOL This "fake virus" just put him in the hospital....on oxygen....with pneumonia....probable lung damage.....probably some permanent damage....... . He was treated with the most advanced drugs in the world to save him from this "fake virus" and will declare he now can save us all from this "dangerous, deadly, virus" lol....

Here's why I'm really pissed.......the other guy he's running against is even worse than this clownassniffer lol........He's a demented warmonger.....Biden that is lol........Enjoy the shitshow......root for your favorite clown lol

Sunday, September 27, 2020



Are you looking forward to the Tuesday night fight? I am....seriously. This may be the first debate in ages that I actually am fascinated with. I can't even imagine why any political operative would allow Joe Biden to appear on a stage opposite Donald Trump, unless you watched the Reagan Mondale debate. It was all choreographed. Reagan had a number of canned answers and "spontaneous" quips ready to deliver. It was all a show for the "voters".

Turkish F-16 Shoots Down Armenian Fighter Jet In Armenian Airspace; Turkey Denies....oh come on guys....whats a few million dead among friends

We may have another similar show, but this one just doesn't quite fit that neat little expectation. Maybe they can prompt sleepy Joe and push through the fog of cognitive destruction to make him a "viable" candidate to take down the Don. Maybe there will be a memorable line prepared for him that he can deliver and then have the media repeat it one million Reagan's prepared line regarding his opponent's youthful age lol.

Trump Adviser Hope Hicks Tests Positive For COVID-19....oh oh.......tictoc

I don't see that. Reagan was a trained actor. Biden is even further down the Dementia scale than Reagan was. Biden can get lost in a simple declarative sentence. Yet they intend to feed him to the Don. He has to be behind in the key states. Of course a "lot of folks" truly despise the Don and will vote for Biden in spite of the debate. Also you'll see the media spin the debate with a complete sterilization of most of Joe's fumbles. He'll look energetic......he's not. He'll project a strong voice....but he doesn't have one. He'll be filmed on his best angle......but does he have one. The make up on Joe will try to hide his translucent skin and numerous aging spots, but it can't hide the dead eyes and his are gone.

"October Shock": Markets Tumble After Trump Tests Positive For Covid

Is Trump the ultimate winner of the election? Maybe, but it won't be this debate that has an uh oh moment that changes many people. However, I am fascinated by this debate. It is incredible for me to imagine that someone as cognitively impaired with dementia can be trotted onto that stage and survive for an hour and a half with an opponent like Trump. I intend to to listen to all of this debate Tuesday night on satellite as I traverse Amerika. It'll be spectacularly ludicrous to imagine the empire has fallen this far in the last 34 years.