Sunday, April 20, 2014


For that matter what do YOU predict. You have NO price discovery in rigged markets. Libor was admittedly rigged by the banks. The market is rigged a number of ways and now HFT is admitted to be a rigged game. The Real Estate market is admittedly propped up through a myriad of pricing mechanisms. The gold market is rigged through the multiple paper pricing/leasing games. The biggest market of all is the bond market and the Fed completely rigs the price and admits it. Maybe CNBS will try and say its necessary to do so, but then the next question you should ask is what is the next step if as you are saying we are in a solid recovery? So what is it?

YOU HAVE NO PRICE DISCOVERY MAYNARD!!  No one knows what ANYTHING is REALLY worth. You have been told we have 17 Trillion in debt to pay off first. NONSENSE! As I have stated numerous times the real debt of the USSA alone is over 150 Trillion and that is NOT counting unfunded liabilities. We have no way out. CONfidence is paramount and gold is the singing canary that cannot be allowed to sing. Play your paper games if you feel brave and CONfident in the Fed. Maybe you are the greatest retail trader in the world, but the rug is going to be pulled. What triggers it and when, is anyone's guess but there will be a trigger and there will be lots of "smoke". Once the plebes smell smoke there will be panic and then you will find out why we have a militarized domestic police being prepared for the "zombie" whatever form the zombies are rolled out. 

So sure..... no problem if you don't want buy in to the SHTF scenario, its a lot more fun just keeping your head in the sand. "Reality's a bitch" and "ignorance is bliss". 

YOU ARE TO NOT WELCOME IN PRECIOUS METALS. Keep repeating that and keep eating GMO and keep buying Amazon and the check's in the mail. These good things you will be promised forever. Gold is going below 1000 and will stay there for decades and NEVER BUY THAT BARBAROUS RELIC. Ask Germany about gold. Ask Egypt about gold. Ask Tunisia. Ask Lybia. Ask Ukraine. Ask Iraq. Ask Indians. Its just JUNK!!! No important really cares about it. So remember USSA...... KING DOLLAR!! Don't read Doom and Gloom. Read anything that makes you happy and gives you what you really want. Hey!!!! after all what could possibly go wrong??

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was reminded after a conversation I had today with an individual that has been a sheep his entire life, but reluctantly accepted five years ago that forces beyond free markets dominate the stock market, economy, and political system. What interested me the most during the conversation and reminded me of similar conversations with like-minded civilians is the intellectual limitations that prevent most individuals moving to the next logical conclusion in decision making to protect one's wealth and your family's future.  

Its amazing that people accept the system is corrupt from top to bottom and the market is manipulated and the dollar will be devalued tremendously and that onerous capital controls may very well have to be implemented......yet they angrily respond when asked about owning gold or silver bullion. Most of these anecdotal encounters are people that put money in gold or silver stocks four years ago expecting to be rewarded overnight but NEVER bought actual bullion. 

Its certainly understandable why one would wince at buying paper mining stocks after the beatdown they have been dealt, but why the outright animosity over accumulating gold or silver at these prices. Imagine not owning any gold or silver and having a net worth of 2 million. Imagine if you are a small businessman with no debt and have 50K in cash in the matress and don't own a single ounce of gold or SILVER. AND you believe the whole system is rotten from top to bottom? You believe the system is manipulated and you are going to ALL cash??  So I guess you believe this system really is going to suddenly make you whole and return to a path of "sheeple prosperity" with a strong dollar and solid growth.....WHICH YOU DON'T EVEN BELIEVE!!!! You get slapped with a major shakeout and you watch the daily illusion of returning prosperity barking to "come back in" and you feel left out. You fell for it. You're really that weak minded.  

Simple conclusion is this.....we are truly an ineducable populace that will receive its just deserves. This is an age old game. Its nothing more than wealth extraction from the sheep and its called PUMP and DUMP.  I know there are enormous numbers of investors that aren't buying it, but there are even more and in much greater numbers that are buying it. So once again.....the Dump will come. Only this time there will be a massive change in the dollar hegemony game and this will result in no monster bounce like 2009. 

 I fully recognize the futility of the Bundy Ranch situation, but it does give me pride that there are still Americans that are willing to stand up to the tyranny. Will they be crushed? Probably. Each one of us has to choose their own destiny. 

One thing is certain. The gold and silver trade is in "strong hands" now and the "weak hands" are absolutely out of

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Well maybe a little "popping first"…. as in bubble popping. Is this the long awaited for "correction"…or maybe the often predicted "collapse"?? I would suggest that at the very least this year will see some profound fear enter into the fiat's final stage. As many of you are aware all fiat currencies eventually will reach their final value…ZERO. The difference in our current predicament is HOW MANY currencies are involved at the same time in propping up the Western Block. If ANY of the Western countries fall the result will be a contagious collapse of epic proportions. Right now it is just a balancing act of controlled devaluations. Massive debt continues to build in the largest of the fiat ponzi culprits. Look at the East too. China and Japan have tremendous debt that is starting to stagger mathematicians. 

So what it boils down to is just how long can the "trust" continue between West and East. How long between the Developed nations and the Developing nations will real resources be traded for an increasingly worthless currency? Can you imagine holding hundreds of billions of dollars in reserve when the next round of printing hits the blocks? Do YOU have CONfidence that the mountain of dollars you've stored in your vaults will NOT be devalued 50% over a period of just two or three years? Maybe that is a reason that numerous swaps in other currencies other than the petrodollar is in play now. Maybe these countries believe that some other currencies make more sense….just in case. 

How does it play out? What will be the CONfidence breaker? What will tip the dominoes? Go ahead and play that game. Its fun and it will occupy a lot of your idle time. Or as I do …enjoy your time with your loved ones and quietly keep preparing, just in case the CON doesn't succeed…..because if the CON goes an awful lot of pain is coming…gl

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Just another crazy citizen wondering what happened to the constitution and speaking about his concerns. Only this guy is a former Marine Colonel that fought in Iraq and understands exactly what the end game is. Will anyone listen? Will they care? Like he say's at the the end. You'll always find free cheese in a mouse trap.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Or as Jim Rickards likes to call it "Currency Wars".  In case you haven't been paying attention (and why not with all the major news about the plane crash) you may not have noticed the recent spate of major currency moves within the East involving swap arrangements between Russia, China, Iran, and Brazil. These signal an acceleration in the move away from the dollar hegemony that has allowed the West to rule the East and developing nations with an iron fist. The U.S. alone has been able to run up trillions of dollars of deficits over the past three decades just by owning the World's printing press. Imagine how you would feel if you were a sovereign country's leader/peoples and saw a decaying empire simply buying your resources and your labor with a currency being printed out of thin air. Imagine being (even a corrupt leader) and being slapped publicly by the leader of this country and told to "behave or else".

At some point if you are that empire, your moral authority begins to run out and the rest of the world recognizes you're an emperor with no clothes. What is more disconcerting is there appears to be a very well planned and deliberately executed move afoot for a number of years to make sure that before this transition of power occurs the East is in the best position possible to carry that mantle and make it clear to the West they will NOT be subjects of the dollar hegemony any longer. That is why in my opinion the manipulation in gold prices has been allowed to be carried out. In concert with the Western Bankers, the East has through a variety of "agreements" and operatives accumulated thousands of tons of bullion. Much of this bullion at one time was their gold before the Japanese invaded in the 1930's and 40's. The ultimate control of the currencies is above my pay grade but rest assured Central Banks will continue to have a dominant role. The only question will be just how much dust will have to be created prior to the Great Reset. These supercycle events can by socially devastating before the great washout creates a more level playing field. 

As noted above there are human emotions that can never be completely controlled and it only takes one fuse (either accidentally or intentionally) to be lit that ignites a cascade of incendiary events that pushes the entire reset into an out of control inferno. Trying to predict the path the reset plays out is only a guess, but knowing the ultimate destination which is the end of dollar hegemony and what THAT entails remains paramount. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


As discussed here multiple times last year tapering WOULD be instituted to give the illusion of a recovery as the manipulated stats supporting this illusion poured in. Even the sad recovery created by these creative stats appeared weaker than they predicted, they STILL instituted a policy of tightening with the 10B dollar monthly tapering. The reasoning given for tapering is simple, we're getting better. Sorry, but we're getting worse. With interest rates at zero now for over five years and real interest rates NEGATIVE this is a disaster. Also as was mentioned here, without repair of the structural problems confronting the global economy there will be no opportunity for recovery. Instead our economy and other economies ENTRENCHED or "doubled-down" on the very problem that has prevented structural reform and that is a "liquidity" or "money printing" to drive recovery. we are. Stuck between the proverbial "rock and a hard place". I know some of you can feel it and the coiling behind it. WHY? Why are we at this juncture? Its really quite simple and not really very convoluted which makes it quite plausible. It is as old as the markets. Its called "pump" it...then "dump" it. You're laughing now and saying that "oh my I read this stupid post for that"?  SERIOUSLY!  I thought last year they would taper until May with a serious dumping of the market before then to let them bring in more QE. I think I'm going to lose the bet unless they crash it. It looks more like they are going to taper much longer due to their superior ability to jawbone/threaten war/weather/etc... I think they can push it out to the fall. This is where it gets interesting. These are bankers that pull these chords and their interest is going to be selling their shares high and buying them back VERY LOW while making massive profits SHORTING. That means in a very poorly participated market they have a very long distribution curve for their long positions. After they smash it Janet will jump in and restart QE in some fashion. Good luck if you think you can time this but the bottom line is the tightening was always going to come just as Greenspan started it with Bernanke finishing it up in 2006, 2007. Do you really think these guys didn't know what would happen? You can't be that naive. ITS CALLED POPPING THE BUBBLE. Its a cycle. Its a cycle. Its a CYCLE! have fun at the table and gl.  BTW Tapering is ON ....April Fools

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Another quote that underscores just how far we have fallen and certain to be swept into the dustbins of history. Sometime between the early Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries a carefully orchestrated slow-motion take over occurred to a once proud democracy. What is interesting, is just how well planned and executed the plan was. It was based on a number of carefully studied empire building examples from history, but refined over the last few decades as technology advanced. If you go back in time and research this, you will find that even the educational system changes were planned literally decades in advance through specialized History PhD programs through the elite private Universities to gain access to our primary and secondary educational effect re-writing history for an entire population coming into the new age of Me. 

Once all the necessary thought programs were established, technology provided an added component of command and control that could never have been anticipated a hundred years ago. Everything that has transpired over the decades is to solidify control. Its always been about control. Not about Justice. Not about individual freedom. Not about the benefit for the many. Just a mundane little human quality that is called CONTROL. Give me control and I care not....well you get the point......or maybe you don't. It doesn't really matter since by now you either get it or never will. gl

Sunday, March 30, 2014


In keeping with tradition why not a fitting send-off for the week. All of the stone-throwing pollyannas can appreciate a good doomer picture and why not give them one. The coming week will most likely ratchet up the global tension meme and gold and silver should see some strength as the dailies and weekly charts retreat from their overbot status, which brings me great delight. I won't predict the intermediate low is in but green lights are trying to flash. 

As mentioned several times over the last 9 months, the low in gold of 1180 set almost a year ago is still holding. Even though a retest held it does NOT insure that a lower low cannot be set by the paper masters. IF and that is a big if...IF they do break 1180 then the 1000 number will come into play. Good luck getting physical at those levels, but the paper players are desperate to keep the dollar alive.  We're already seeing strains on many lower grade miners and the physical is going to dry up as dealers continue to buckle under the duress of meeting their books. Don't worry about the Asians buckling, they're trying to accumulate as much as possible and premiums are keeping their dealers profitable. 

Who has the physical and where did they get it? That's not your concern, but let's just imagine some very powerful entities that will literally take out a Nation state to obtain its physical gold. Don't get too wrapped up in the Jim Willie nonsense predicting near term collapse. Like many of us playing this game, the disinformation specialist use Willie for their pleasure. 

Most of the collapse will continue without most of us knowing its really occurred. The bullion banks have all defaulted on physical now and are settling in paper for any large orders, but no publicity in the MSM even will whisper that. Watch for an acceleration in censorship as this game becomes deadly serious. CONfidence MUST be maintained because once the whispers cross the Rubicon, the game is over. The game is everything.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


King Dollar is under attack. But its not the first time. We are literally entering into a protracted and intense battle for currency supremacy. This has been evident since the 2008 collapse with the United States and the Western Bankers engaging in over 17 conflicts around the World to enforce the Petro Dollar supremacy. How long can we maintain this facade in the face of our own declining economy is anyone's guess.

Reality is perception and for many that look at the level of current events they may feel this is normal everyday Empire building for the West, unless of course you study history or have the benefit of age. The current time period is alarming in the number of dangerous events that have recently occurred under the guise of "Nation Building". Do you really think that "bringing democracy" to a country like Iraq, or Libya, or Syria is the underlying motive? Millions of women and children SLAUGHTERED in the name of WHAT? Look at these countries. Many of them were very westernized with Christians, Jews, Sunnis, Shiites, Greek Orthodox all living under the same governments peacefully and we sent in the Jackals. 

Now that may not serve your sense of History but that is the History and that will extract a toll on those responsible. The Nazis may have been victorious for several years and appeared invincible to some but Nature brought their evil back to the people that set idly by while the brewed their poison. Nature and our behavior will obey the laws of Nature and right now we have gone well past the point of No return. You may not be able to predict the future but History can and it is replete with examples of our End Time.

PM prices continue to hover today on the 38.2 Fibonacci correction and the next couple of days should provide some answers whether we are through here in the short term. gl and enjoy the illusion

Sunday, March 23, 2014


But you can't hide. Things have changed since the "good old days". Once upon a time you could escape from the prying eyes and control of big brother by simply unplugging from the grid and getting into the mountains far from the maddening crowd. Not so much anymore. Satellites now provide the base for counties to assess property taxes. ANY utility provides a window now for surveillance if big brother wants to take a peak. Local law enforcement is now "encouraged" to provide information to federal agencies on "residents" off the grid. Any internet access is monitored. 

If you think that you can go "offshore" with your assets, THINK AGAIN! Your money is tracked relentlessly now in what once were considered "safe havens". Fiat is the lifeblood of the bankers and the state and it WILL be protected. Once deflation sets in then fiat becomes increasingly difficult to find as the velocity of money drives it deeper into the mattresses. Printing without a demand drive only creates cost push inflation in stagflation. These are the banker's worst nightmare as the populations of the most affected countries/sectors become UNSTABLE. As wealth disparity increases the size of the poor, it forces more into the "victim class". This is the brewing toxic cauldron of discontent that stagflation creates. Printing will only worsen the malinvestment and the disparity with more breakdowns around the global matrix of developing countries. More and more attention will be directed to escaping the tentacles of the invisible matrix that's creating the pain within these affected populations. Escaping the money printing will only put more pressure on the developing populations and dissent will increase exponentially on the borders of G12 countries. In other words the proverbial "rock and a hard place" is fast approaching.....The Day of Reckoning. 

When confronted with a breakdown of this magnitude the danger looms that a massive diversion will be needed if the intimidation/surveillance threat doesn't seem to be holding. Therein lies the danger. Hiding in the mountains seems reasonable but even that strategy has weakness. Everyone has to make there own decisions how they want to play and most will make NO changes to their current conditions. Just because you play in a world that deals with reality and consequences, most do not. 

Gold and silver may have some more correction to go but the miners and PMs have had a nice correction on the daily already so stay tuned to see how the monthly/weekly candles play out. gl