Sunday, January 25, 2015


While we have been in a Great Depression.... Oh, I know the answer from the clueless is its because we ARE NOT in a "Great Depression".  Well of course you're right because that's what CNBS and CNN and Fox News and NBC etc. tell are right Budfox etc.

Maybe you just want to ignore the 93 million working age Americans that have STOPPED LOOKING for work and are no longer even counted in the unemployment numbers. I don't blame you, because if you do acknowledge that simple fact ALONE, then you look like a jackass.

But let's take this even further. How do all of these people stay invisible to the daily meme we all live in. For one thing over 49 million receive a "plastic" credit card (complements of JPM and backed by YOU) called an EBT card. The average family of four has over $1000/mo of fiat on this card for "food and necessities" but did you know they can spend that at virtually any fast food restaurant etc. Note to Mickey Dee investors......NOW you know why you did so well after 2008. There is also a certain amount of cash that can be accessed monthly on an EBT that can then be used for "non-food" items....lovely.

At least we don't have to look at those ugly lines of "poor people" like we had in the 30s....problem solved.

How about the rest of that working age 93 million? Many of the under 30 crowd still live with their parents like buttfox. They don't even work at low paying jobs. They have no hope of marriage or a family. Most of the young, college degree crowd that are counted as employed have part-time jobs that aren't even in their degree fields.

Your jobs got shipped out. You might have even cheered for NAFTA etc when they did it, but it doesn't matter, it would have happened anyway. 

Now where are we today? We're being groomed for "reset". We're being beta tested for the roll out.  Don't worry, it'll be for your own good. After all, they'll roll it out as your fault and feast on your guilt and if you don't like it, then you'll be squashed like a bug. Of course something could go wrong. Maybe you still want to dream and think there's a way to pile even MOAR debt on our backs to finance the debt they've already piled on our backs. Maybe you think the dollar will remain as the World's reserve currency so they CAN print and buy even MOAR debt. You'll do what your told or just Maybe this will become so obvious that people just say I would rather die standing  than living on their knees....maybe it will get so ugly people just say foch it. Like Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death". I think he meant it because at some point being a slave just isn't worth living for some people. Unfortunately for me, I'll be in the category of the "visible" wealthy, so contrary to the buttfoxes, I don't wish for this day. I dread it. gl

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Its the news that matters. After all, what do you find more important if you're an average peep. Does it get anymore important than memorizing meaningless stats on multi-million dollar players and coaches and occupying your daily thought process with your next move in your Fantasy Football League? I don't think so. Millions of minds mired in the cesspool of distraction, and now even more big news.....The Deflationgate cheating scandle. It doesn't get any bigger than this. Even the evening news is leading with this dramatic story on soft footballs and human nature. Every man, woman, and child is hoping their heroes aren't guilty of this hideous violation of Nature's law. And some of you that read this blog were cynical enough to believe that our media is used to manipulate mass thought processes. Now you know they indeed will handle the more important, hard hitting news stories of our day.

I find myself sitting back and wondering lately just what I can post that adds anything to what has been stated here by myself and other here about our economy. Finally we have a story to sink our teeth into that no one can challenge as vital to our Republic. Even our trolls can join in with us crying out for justice. Let's all take some time out in our daily lives of "plenty" and "recovery" and do a cyber hand hold and pray that our sacred sport of football recovers from this devastating event.

Now sit back with the rest of your mindless friends and enjoy the corporate Super Bowl commercials and eat some GMO snacks and play your pathetic Fantasy Football as the Deflategate Superbowl comes to a psyop near you. gl 

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Finally....the currency wars have their Pearl Harbor. You pick your own conspiracy theory of WHY the Swiss made their shocking move in the Western Central Bank currency ponzi that has given the "this will go on forever" crowd their Fed put, for mindlessly buying general equities. Well that game received their first warning bell. Will this spell the end to the Ponzi of fiat money creation (known as "monetarism")? NO! Will Buttfox have many more laughs at the expense of real capitalism/real money and the rule of law?? YES! The Ponzi did not end with the SNB it only signaled the BEGINNING of the end. 

The next issues will be in establishing the which parts of the Zombie economies of the World begin the slow domino fall into bankruptcy. The Swiss had really no choice. Like many of these zombie Western countries, the Swiss had reached a point of no return mathematically in their balance sheet after embarking on a failed attempt to support the Euro. Knowing that Draghi was most likely going to embark on a QE program the SNB had really no choice but to make the break from the fiat Ponzi and go back (or at least try to salvage) to their roots of sound banking. Maybe they had some help making that decision from some very wealthy families and "interests" that need a true private banking system as this monetary game reaches this dangerous extreme in the world.

So what's next? Wait and see what the ECB does and how PMs react. If I am right they will initially be beaten down with the decision, maybe even before, but that is temporary on this intermediate run. I think they'll draw the line for the real tanking this year at the 1450 area and that may not be for another month or more.

Watch the Germans this year. They're the key. A northern Union of the European Union is coming. It just a matter of how and when. No one wants the dollar and that game will also take a huge body blow very soon. Especially if Draghi disappoints.  gl

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


"They say you're a man of vision!...
A man's vision you say? Yeah... Helluva vision......"

Those Larry Mc Murtry's quotes are certainly classic for these times too. Who would have ever thought our entire world would be turned upside down into an Orwellian nightmare in such a short time? I still remember the movie the quote above is attributed to. It has one of the more memorable endings as Captain Call reminisces on his storied life with a reporter as scenes from the movie are replayed in the backround.

I wonder what a man like Call would say if he saw what his country had become today. More than likely he would nod his head with a look of disgust and wonder what had happened to the good guy in America. The simplistic nature of men like Call no longer have a role in the shaping of this country. Its been turned over to the command and control of the bankers now as they merge with machines to implement the move into the next supercycle. The complexities of today's world provides the perfect cover for the next move because of compartmentalization. Its one of the secrets of any conspiracy, and the beauty of it is how easily it is to use.

Enjoy your future. Enjoy your cheering for the next dear leader. The groundwork has been laid with NDAA, Patriot Act, Immigration Reform, Bank Bailouts etc. Its all in place now. Let's see how high they can take the dollar. I think they can push it a little more, but not much. Data coming down the pike for the U.S. even though its manipulated is becoming increasingly hard to cover up, so the dollar is on the tipping point. You're playing the bubble of lifetime so enjoy it..... gl 

Sunday, January 11, 2015


As we debate the daily machinations of the stock market, the real game is being played out in the oil pits and as of now the game is straight down for the petrodollar. Nixon shut down the gold window that backed the dollar in the 70s when France called the dollar bluff and Kissinger opened up the oil spigot to protect the dollar cartel. It was nothing short of genius. To keep the dollar afloat in the 80's when oil collapsed, we began a series of inflationary bubbles all backed by a newly developing weapon of financial destruction called derivatives. These were basically weapons designed behind the petrodollar to keep the cartel intact so it was able to extract the assets of the developing/resource rich countries. In exchange for allowing this extraction to proceed through the last few decades the Western Banking Cartel played lets make a deal with a number of Eastern powers. 

They were forced to open the door for China to take our manufacturing and maintain the ceiling on precious resources with China keeping their Yuan pegged to the dollar in the 90s. While this exchange was maintained, China built a nation from the ground with infrastructure that is the envy of the West through their Central planning. In exchange our Western Banker/corporations reaped immense dollar profits as their global banking structure thrived with the continued derivative expansion. No one seemed to notice the rapid destruction of the U.S. manufacturing base while the banking sector "quietly" expanded to a monumental segment of the U.S equity earnings. Media talking heads extolled their contribution to the growth of the U.S. economy until 2008 and CONfidence struck out of "nowhere".

Instead of stopping the insanity and allowing real market forces to wash out the speculation and malinvestment, a tragic decision was made by a new administration to go down the road of re-inflating an already over-inflated bubble. Simply put, taking an obvious ponzi and just making it that much bigger. This task was made possible by paying of the biggest creditor and strongest economy. Timmy traveled to China and guaranteed them we would allow them to accumulate Western physical gold if they didn't drop the hammer on the ponzi. This would buy time for the Western Banks to try and find a way to gather "other" assets before the final plug was pulled on the ponzi. The ponzi relied upon a number of important components but none was more vital than the Dollar. If its value could be maintained then the West and most importantly the U.S. could maintain its dominant Global position. 

It was a delicate dance. The East was essentially allowing the West to create continued conflict, often in their backyard while solidifying the transition to another system that was not dominated by the petrodollar. A number of these systems are now in place and the results are now apparent. The crash in the price of crude is the first sign of the crash in the petrodollar. The ramifications will become more apparent as the shock waves hit the derivative's markets later this year and next. When CONfidence wanes from these paper markets the search for true shelter will become intense. gl

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Take a look at the picture above. Are you looking at an endangered group of workers? Listening to a group of pundits just now on CNBS discussing the dramatic drop in Crude prices would indicate no. Its become comical just how far the propagandist will go to put lipstick on any pig that questions the CONfidence in our "recovery". Its become a religion. The shrill voices answered the set up question of whether or not oil's price drop was having a negative effect on the economy since we just closed the market on a 323 point up day. Imagine a pundit with a straight face saying that "all the predictions of job losses in the oil fields were absurd because North Dakota and Texas were the number one jobs states this year in America. HUH??? Of course they WERE the number one jobs states in America in 2014. The question is WHAT will the be in the next two years with oil prices now UNDER the cost of production? This is what is driving the country into the ground as the 6th year of an Illusion grinds on. The voices on MSM have been CONfined to those that reflect the meme of CONfidence. Put a smile on your face and spout recovery or you won't have a camera put on your face anytime soon, unless you're David Tice, the token bear that is trotted out anytime they need to suck in the hapless shorts for a nice short squeeze turn like earlier this week.

We have truly entered the bizzaro world. Do you really have to be an "expert" to comprehend simple economics that rule job markets. The "jobs" in the oil fields are already collapsing but won't even have their impact show up until the next 12-18 months. Drill rig projects have already collapsed for 2015 by 75%. That's going to translate into thousands of very high paying job losses. What's worse in terms of actual numbers are the spill over effects into other support industries. McDonald employees in North Dakota oil field towns are making over $20/hr. The devastation will be dramatic if this "so called boon" to the economy remains in place. Do I like cheap oil? Sure. Did I forget for the last two years our SAME MSM touted our resurgence in the production of U.S. oil as nothing short of a MIRACLE and frequently pointed out just how important it was behind the "recovery" of our economy. Yet they now have done a 180 on that meme and just simply trot out new talking heads mitigating this collapse in such a critical part of our

This is a war. Its all part of the currency war Rickards warned about and its only going to accelerate. With these uncertainties will come increasing CONfidence problems. The Dalios and Gross's are not fear mongers but more and more voices of their stature are sending you the same message and that is trouble is brewing. The EU cannot dissappoint in two weeks. beware.... gl

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Many years ago during an interview, Clint Eastwood was asked the secret to his success. He alluded to advice given to him by John Wayne to keep his dialogue short and simple. His career spanned many decades in a business that is never kind to age. He was even fired one year in the late 60's by a major studio along with another movie icon, Burt Reynolds. As they walked off the studio lot together Burt Reynolds asked Eastwood why he was fired stating that  his contract was not renewed because he was going bald. Eastwood replied that he was told his Adam's apple was too large. Reynolds started laughing and Eastwood asked why he thought that was so funny. Reynolds paused and said "Well I can get a toupee but you can't get rid of that Adam's apple". History showed that decision by the Powers to Be in Hollywood would be one of the biggest executive mistakes ever made by a studio. Both Actors would go on to hold the Year's Number One Male Box office position for many of the next 12 years or so. So much for the CONtrol of the Powers to Be.

It helps to have friends in Hollywood. Its important the message stays on point since Hollywood is a vital determinant of the public's belief system. For instance, in the picture above of William Smith in the Jack Wilson character, one is given the impression of a hard punching lone wolf Biker. In other movies he often played a psychopathic killer, the quintessential bad guy. But did you know he spoke six languages. Not only was he highly educated including stints in Germany and at the Sorbonne in France, but he could win world class arm wrestling and weight lifting championships. Do you know who he really worked for most of his life? It came in very handy for Eastwood in several instances.....but I digress. You live the same illusion today as you did then. Only now the illusion is reaching a very dangerous phase.

Even though some of you think this is all just foreplay before a cyclical reset of our economy and life resuming as normal, and that anything contrary to that belief is just doom and gloom. Okay. I hope that's right. I'm sure you're right. Meanwhile, six years of zero interest rates are now turning into outright negative interest rates. You're still certain its going okay? Maybe you think that is a recovery. We're talking QE in Europe any day now. You have Japan printing money beyond imagination AND buying OUR stock market with the phony money. And that's okay? I could go on but you either get it or your don't. Just enjoy your movie and the illusion you pick to believe. Right Bill? Not bad for a Missouri boy. gl

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Do you know what it is or do you just get THAT feeling something is wrong? Maybe you can collate the data distortion. Maybe its the GMO. Maybe its the Chemtrails. Maybe its the 7 Billion Executive orders reorganizing the Constitution. Maybe its the fact that NO ONE has been prosecuted for the Trillions of dollars lost in the 08 crash. Maybe its the 4 Trillion in QE (the QE we know about) that's been used to mortgage our children's future to prop up the Stock Market and pretend the economy is fixed. Maybe its the lack of MSM oversight on virtually ANY subject, whether its political or economic. Maybe its the outrages wages of the MSM reporters to turn their heads on the real news and then act like YOU are nuts when you question their memes. Maybe its the complete collapse of multiple European Countries with Bankers now appointed or "elected" as their presidents. 

Maybe its the over one dozen current or recent conflicts the U.S. is currently involved in around the world and our 800+ military bases in over 150 countries. Maybe you wonder what the food lines would look like if we didn't have 50 million on EBT cards Maybe you wonder what a print of 21% REAL unemployment would do to impact the money printing scheme.  OR.......maybe its the unbelievable fact there are still people that just refuse to look at or acknowledge any of these facts and blindly go about their daily lives with their pathetic, useless heads blindly thrust into the ground, believing this mirage will continue forever.

Is that you? Or maybe you're that guy that's just a little smarter than the average Joe. You're that guy that knows something's wrong. You know that 10,000 baby boomers are retiring daily and that its just a numbers game to see how far we can run out the clock before the SHTF, and you're gonna ride that horse as far as it takes you. You know there's a price to pay, but you believe the transition will be signaled  well in advance and gentle enough that you can move into your defensive position without a significant penalty. In fact you're confident enough in YOUR own historical perspective of the past 40 years or so that whatever gets thrown at you by the cycles and their gods that you will be prepared. Do you fully understand the market distortions and malinvestments these manipulations have created and their ramifications to your future?

A lot of maybe's and hopefully you have your own answers for them all. CONfidence. Who's CONfidence? Your CONfidence or their CONfidence? gl

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Fat and feelin' good. Right? Then what's wrong with this picture? After all you've been fed sugar till you're about to bust outta your dress. You've got your dog, your couch and a roof over your head. You're livin' large. Just one problem, you're on life support. Its created an illusion that you are alive, but without you're dead in seconds. Sound familiar?

I have to laugh and laugh often when I hear the spinmeisters on CNBS and Bloomy. Its comical when they punctuate every economic or market assessment with "dependent on what the Fed does next". When did we decide the Fed was running this country and its economy.  Then add on top of that the rest of the Western World. So you really do have a two way trade lining up. That's the two way trade of reality vs illusion. The two way trade of the West vs the East. The two way trade of fascism vs democracy. 

Maybe eating bon bons and living on artificial life support is your idea of an economy but like all illusions, it will come to an end. We may not know exactly when and how, but we know something this bizarre cannot last indefinitely.

Personally I didn't know there was a credit card this large in the Universe, and I was wrong. There is and they've used it. Its causing cracks in more and more places everyday. We have stresses in our public between the haves and the have nots. We have stresses between countries now as their internal political structures begin to break. 

CONfidence is all this country has now. Its slowly dissolving, but its still levitating the Dollar reserve status. As long as we have the dollar, we have a pulse. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. gl

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


 How can ya not appreciate a nice X-mas present? You'd have to be a Grinch not to appreciate Yellen's X-mas spirit. The boyz need their bonuses too. Nice squeeze on Wall Street today even though the language was so confusing Steve Liesman admitted being baffled by the bullshit. Of course that was the intention, even though little changed in the Fed's attempt to unwind themselves from  a completely Catch 22 market. How DO you get out of a debt supercycle and raise interest rates in a no growth economy. Nice trick if you can pull it off but ya better have that real growth in GDP when ya start ta tighten Santa. 

Alas therein lies the rub for the Fed. You can jawbone growth all ya wanna and fudge the numbers til the cows come home, but baby you gotz a structural problem that just AIN'T gonna let you raise those rates. Numero uno you have your sister across the bond that's can't even disguise their disaster. They're sinking so fast they can't even fake their numbers enough to hide it. Its all about the spin now and the spin is getting harder and harder to pull off. 25% unemployment in the southern Eurozone and 50% youth unemployment is not budging. You can only socialize those slow boiling problems so long before they blow. 

Maybe you can play pretend forever. Maybe unending fiat printing does work. Maybe the Austrians are wrong and the Keynesians are right. Neoliberalism is the answer and free market capitalism is a quaint idea relegated to the scrap heap of history. You like your centralized masters, then you can KEEP your centralized masters. 

Gold and silver may have been real money for 6000 years but now they're just another commodity. Same as iron, copper, and lead. You like what you're getting now? Did you watch the Yellen press conference? Did you LISTEN? It was gobbledeegook. It was blather. "Ummm we will hold ummm and maybe then if further dictates ummm and if  it will demonstrate ummmm then we won't.......ummm."  Sadly that was pretty much the press conference, and the market rallies 300. gl