Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I will try to make this a regular feature....I usually go to be with the next days numbers in my head but can be shaken if morning overseas actions seem to be countertrend or some event in our morning news distracts me....so I will put these numbers down for reference during the trading day.....there are many traders smarter than I and PLEASE feel free to comment on these numbers....in many ways this is the most important part of the trade.....at least for scalps.
And the numbers today are.......drumroll....802...war zone....and 768...dont see that one in play but the bears want it...gl you will need it today...my crystal ball's light is out...So I am playing small...I own SPY here and will dump at 795 or 804....and TBT...dont have a clue what to do with it..So I will just watch it for now.


  1. I have been all cash since Friday. Looking to start a position in srs and sds at 805, I dont think we will see it until tomorrow tho. My guess is a lot of sideways whipsaw today and tomorrow. M2M should be a sell the news

  2. Same here....temo..small is the game....will buy srs for scalp in 800 level ...but it is all dicey..so many wedge patterns developing reflect only uncertainty to me....

  3. just dumped my spy....couldnt take it at 800...so will watch for pullback...this market is like watchin paint dry....tbt only holding

  4. Kliguy:

    I read you are in Kansas; I am in Alabama but my cousins are in Topeka; my mother was born in Onega and raised in Topeka; went to Topeka High Scholl and graduated in 1937; my unclse was a stock broker in Topeka of Selsam and Hanni and died a few weeks back at 89.


  5. bot 300 srs @55.35.