Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hard to read right now... but I can't see the numbers changing in spite of futures down hard right now........there is a massive head and shoulders on the 10 day which may play out several ways....you can look at that yourself. What I see from the bulls is an attempt right out of the box to push the opening green and to take out 812....they should fail. This is not high on my list as likely....but watch it if they do. More likely is the bears will march this down tomorrow and go after 769 da big number.....should meet some fight there for sure....757 is the minimum for this wave down on danos chart........but 769 has a nice ring tomorrow....wtf knows ...I have small TBT and smaller srs.....will add a little more srs if they push this to 812...gl


  1. I just read Waxie and he is saying SRS is a buy here and should be a big winner post M2M.

  2. thanx temo..........same feeling just added more.