Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's Market

Todays market action was not unexpected after 2 weeks of hard pumping. As my man Dano said yesterday in his T/A this is still in a primary 2 wave and my longer term bias is market moves are restrained here with thursdays fasb news coming....if you believe in Market Makers control...and I do...then you have to be prepared for market correction before thursday run-up. I will add to my current TBT position and SPY position if market moves to 750...
We are in the Bear of all bears....and I expect this blog to last for years...Primary 2 will last for months and bring hope......only to end in despair later this readers


  1. I will read your blog with interest, as I too, seem to be a opportunistic permabear. In fact, I not so sure this blog (or electricity, govt, etc) will last for years.....;7)


  2. Congrats on the blog.

    I try to be an opportunistic trader. In this bear of bears playing short has paid off very well for me.

    Trying to catch the MM's tail for brief rides both short and long is my goal.

    From my point of view and limited experience the shorts seem to be more predictable than the longs.


  3. Kli, real glad you started this blog and will be reading it everyday. I like the way you think, looking at the big picture and able to see detail, too. I agree that we are in the Bear of all Bears and everything you say will happen. It is very, very sobering if you can digest it all.


  4. Excellent! Got it bookmarked. Don't hold back, man! I'm pretty bearish myself, but try to look at it all as one big challenge.

    wild.jackass - New Mexico