Monday, April 6, 2009


NO ONE and I mean no one can tell you where this market is headed here. Long term its DOWN...Medium term perhaps months it is UP. If you adhere to Elliott wave and can do anykind of fundamental analyisis this economy is done for. Now having stated the obvious , just refer to the 1929 charts and analysis..
Do not ignore the waves ..this is P2....and if I am correct it will be long and strong. I traded long off of 667 and closed my longs last week ....we are long in the tooth but can run awhile longer. The best EWs out there Dano , Kenny others will tell you this is a difficult count here...So I repeat don' t trade here short or long at least for tomorrow...I will give you more info if it becomes available....We tested my 826 today but bulls pulled it out....that may indicate they are headed to their 860-870 level....on the other hand ..they have complete control and may yank some money out of the longs tomorrow with another retest early of keep your head down low here....I still have small SRS...and tiny TBT I bot today

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