Thursday, April 9, 2009


I will stay small but will play some SRS this am....may get my head handed to me but in my view this is an opportunity to scalp...if not I can live with a small srs position ...I have less than 2% will increase to 5% when I add...probably at 845 but have to watch the ........and be careful...........its your AXX the MMs want.......


  1. At least you weren't holding any SKF or FAZ overnight.

    Talk about a slaughter.

    The big boys plan worked. They conned enough taxpayer cash out of the sheeple and can now show profits on paper.

    I'm going to put some money into C or BAC next week.

  2. BTW, I was just reading your other blog entries and saw this from yesterday...

    "Boring market here ...dont expect much tomorrow..should be more of the same.."

    Then the WFC bomb went off.

  3. Jay thats whatcha get for shootin my mouth off hehehe....If you are heavy cash and they tip their hand then ya gotta dip your toe in this water on the short side bot a little srs in first hour and am getting slaughtered...hehehe watta game.....wont chase it down

  4. Check out BAC, it's going up at warp speed.