Thursday, April 9, 2009


Why should I have to post......when I have access to superior cognitive insight.....besides tertiary syphilis is taking its toll..........Immred is an skf poster that has called our financial collapse to a tee...and was accurate in his call yesterday to NOT enter shorts here.....
Not a very good time to trade period unless you have the Goldman Sucks@$$ playbook next to your computer along with a direct line to the CEO, Federal Reserve Chairman, and Treasury Secretary. The market action for the past 2 months has been almost completely calm and coordinated as they paint the perfect V bottom or inverted HS on the technical charts. The danger for shorts is the next 810 retracement will be used as a springboard to break the inverted H&S neckline at 870. Normally a close below 795 would confirm a reversal. But things are not normal, news does not matter, and those being laid off will be further cut off from both the credit spigot. There will be great trading opportunities after this goes parabolic up or is allowed to form a double bottom or mini crash, right now staying out preserves trading capital and energy from these AH games being played. It's all about insider trading at the moment, technical knowledge and a little luck only gets you a pocket full of lint.Will not really look at what is being attempted until after I get my taxes done over the next week. Right now enjoying my quad cheeseburger on a tortilla. Cheers!

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