Friday, April 3, 2009


This is a controlled can only watch it with small positions as the big boys bounce it to their will and collect their stops... afternoon profit taking to continue most likely but that wont guarantee a red it


  1. Kli SRS is taking a beating...any thoughts double down?
    The Fed is an institution that traditionally makes short-term debt available. In TALF, federal loans run three years, already a duration Fed officials are uncomfortable making. But even that might not be long enough to spur investor demand for commercial mortgage securities, which typically mature over 10 years.

    Real-estate industry executives have been trying to resolve these issues with Fed and Treasury officials in meetings led by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, say people familiar with the matter. The government officials are considering extending the TALF to accommodate the needs of the commercial real-estate industry but no decisions have been made. In a statement Monday, the Treasury suggested the Fed might alter the terms of its loans to investors to make them more attractive for long-term securities.

  2. I hope you did not double down ealier. When will the bleeding stop on SRS. What in the world caused all the action down today????SA

  3. OMG.....fell asleep...woke up 10 minutes ago ...thot I wuz havin a nightmare HOYCHIT...that wuz amazing and no i did NOT double down eeeeeeeeeeeeeee