Thursday, April 2, 2009


I feel like a marine on hamburger hill after the 5th wave of attackers had been thwarted...I have taken heavy casualties but still standing and beat back hopefully the final assault... I am exhausted.
Bulls win today ...NO DOUBT....They closed my 832 number without even breathing hard.....The close was not exactly strong for them but they held the 832 resistance and will try and ride RIMM earnings for tomorrow.......lot of profit taking into that close.....hope they push 850 in AM so I can fade it..but have to do my sneaking around tonite to make up my mind how to play it...Look at TBT.....keep your eye on it.


  1. Took some casualties here but no fatalities or mortal wounds. I was watching Kenny all day and he was baffled as well so I dont feel bad about my calls.

    We wont win all the battles but we fight again tomorrow.

  2. Temo long time no see Kli great to see you again good luck with the site

  3. Hey Kli, I am a secret bull...Did I tell you that? hehe. Anyway just came by to say "Hi" and say I like your site.

    You have to clean up the ads though. They are a bit distracting.