Monday, April 6, 2009


I used to pick strawberries with my grandfather in the early 60s.....He was a man of few words but very bright...he played the stock market heavy back then and tried to teach me day we are in the hot sun picking strawberries and he related a story in the early 30s when he owned a grocery in Thebes Illlinois....a woman lived in a tent on the edge of town and raised 3 boys......they had a baby grand piano in the middle of the tent they used as a table and played...he noticed that she was shop lifting food in his store ...but never intervened....and my gandfather was a hardass republican...over the years each boy graduated and was sent off down the dusty road with a box of cornflakes only....can you flat screen tv for their the years went by each boy achieved advanced degrees from various midwestern in fact became a federal judge and was even on the Nixon short list for a supreme court appointment......he later was the Dean of the Washington University Law School with their new building named for him. One boy became a professor at Purdue....the other an engineer....My grandfather a stoich hardass...completed his story by saying that eventually ...20years later he received a letter...from the woman...admitting her theft and giving him a check for something like...$64.21 ....acts of kindess like that helped this country to survive. Hiram Lazaar....was the judges name spelling may be wrong ....sorry..


  1. I don't like this story at all. So, it's OK to steal to raise your kids? Your grandpa was wrong for allowing it to happen. It's not kindness... He should have given the food for her as a gift and she could have had the boys help him in return (clean the store, anything). You would still end up with future judges...doing the right thing.

  2. Hey KLI... Do you still have your SRS?

    I bet you are happy today :)

  3. Like a lark.....sold 2/5 that I bot AH....still hopin and prayin...lalallalallaaallalal

  4. You seem to have a negative view of republicans...Capitalism and true free markets are what made this country great in the past.....All that is negative that we see is due to the molestation of cpitalism by perople who want to redistribute wealth....worked for Europe Right!

  5. go to settings and ban these anonymous dweebs from posting here!!!!!

    love the story, made me cry.... single mothers are the most hated, yet most determined of our population.....

    thanks for sharing.... my grandfather always told me that Federal Judges were the most important people in the community behind farmers and doctors!!!! but much more powerful than both..... I'm sure your grandfather had angels looking after him and now you....

    God bless...

  6. You cry because you are weak....your personal weakness harms all those whith whome you come in contact. The story is an example of time long gone...The concept of poverty in america is laughable...Your average "Impoverished American" has 2 cars (or one and two on blocks in front of their trailer), two big screen TV (to watch Jerry Springer and Reality TV, and to molest the minds of their children), plenty of foodstamps to become obease on (thanks to my taxes), free healthcare which they abuse to get narcotics to trade for Meth (thanks to my taxes)...on and on . I agree with KLI...we are doomed...not just because of economic excess and fiscal irresponsibility..but also because we have devalued all that has made this country great: Hard work, moral responsibility, education, personal responsibility/accountability, and family. The government (with its socialistic wealth redistribution).

    You cry because of hard times (one less Starbucks...Have to wait for the Iphone to go on sale...Buy cheaper cigarettes...ect..) THere are real people suffering in this world...just look around..People don't have clean real hope of ever having anything... you want to cry...cry for them...

  7. I cry because I have empathy.... apparantly you've never heard of it....

    and one tear constitutes crying to me..... I didn't say I bawled.... lol....