Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sound familiar....it should....thats who we are in this little experiment.  Psychology whether individual or mass, as in this case, are what allow MMs to control the Market and thus make the moolah in the massive trading desks that comprise the MMs.  Investors are not moving this market on a daily basis...it is the real money that is in the hands of the MMs ...and they know there is NO future in buy and hold strategies.  Therefore we as investors , traders, gamblers, sycophants, etc... must try and anticipate market directions..Long term this market is a disaster.  Intermediate term the next few months we will grind up on hope and manipulation.  The problem for us as traders unfortunately is the short term and I just have a very difficult time determining this. BUT consider this , if you believe that the market at this stage is controlled by these trading desk (and I do)....then view this as a Pavlovnian experiment. Maybe it will give you an advantage.  MMs  gave us numerous trading days where they have repeated the same conditioned stimuli....taking the market down daily only to stage late day rallies.  Keeping the bulls playing the game and removing the shares from the weak handed shorts.  I wondered how long they would continue this and made note of it in my last several posts...well..today we found the answer...

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  1. Kli I just watched the day the earth stood still on the flight from LAX to Tokyo. Funny you mention pavlovs dog. I had the same thoughts while watching the movie. BTW the movie was very good.

    My stops held on my SRS so I should be in good shape for the rest of this trip. Maybe even green by the time I reach Bangkok.