Friday, April 3, 2009


Complete and utter slaughter for my chagrin but not complete surprise my SRS position albeit tiny was like a retail idiot...I added small ammount AH. DO NOT follow my lead unless you have tiny or none now. Do not chase this ....but I put that out there because I did it. As I stated in my previous post you had to be small today or they kill you.... WELL......they annihilated SRS. Anyway even the small ammount of SRS I had left after my scalps this morning makes me feel ILL......Did anyone notice the 10year treasury today...That was your tip they were going to put money into equities......what did I do..sold my TBT way too gang


  1. They are apparently going to drag this into next week sometime.... who cares, the sun is shining and the weekend is here....

    let the bulls run where they may..... lol.....

  2. KLI: It takes a real man to admit when he lost some cash. I wish you good luck Monday. You've got a lot of balls.

    1) We didn't see a "sell the news" event after M2M

    2) Dano's charts aren't showing a real clear direction after SPX 845

    3) Intense buying at the end of today.

    4) No banks taken over by the Feds as of 5:44 PM Eastern Time.

    I'm sitting on 100% cash until we get some direction.

  3. completely agree with you but I will do a gamble here....In December i had my head handed to me going from a very tiny position in srs and a more substantial position that will not happen advice to people is to be 100 cash here....but when I do something I will admit and report it....dont follow me unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences...

  4. Well, it looks like Dano's EW is calling a SPX peak at 857....

    If you can ride the bronco for a few days, you might be safe. Pouring money into SRS is like going to a blackjack table. Dangerous at best.

  5. This seems exactly like December. I was only holding srs at the time. Luckily sold all my eev before the dump.

    It has only been 2 weeks since I recovered from my Dec losses and now I gave them all back.

    I thought I had switched from an investor to a trader but I obviously bypassed trader and went straight to gambler.

    I cant see selling or averaging down further just gonna hold em and wait.