Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My man dano as kenny and others have described view our current trading as this pattern in a corrective pattern of P2.....these are hard to trade so as I have recommended stay small. Greed is not good here. Well looks like the bulls wanted that 812 bad bad they expended a ton of money but still couldn't hold I don"t think more than 820 tomorrow...but with fasb coming who knows. I made NO trades other than adding a little position is relatively small there and I have tbt.
I like srs action today in an up market...but that proves nothing for I will check out the wind and paste my thoughts gang

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  1. Since the 812 gap is filled I added to my srs. I think the fasb will be a sell the news event.

    I have srs in both my ira and trade account. green in ira, down pennies in trade.

    I still see spx 760 as my sell target but will wait and see what Dano and Kenny think.