Tuesday, June 23, 2009


To reitterate a couple of thinking points and to beat a dead horse. Remember we have experienced a total financial collapse. There is a great sucking sound in our forests as trees are being taken at an exponential rate for the printing presses. This is called MONETIZING the debt. There is an unavoidable outcome out there called inflation. Our governments policy has been stated over and over by Bernanke...that we will print whatever ammount of money it takes to keep us out of deflation. This is sickening for it insures a worse outcome than if we had accepted our medicine and retrenched keeping the value of our currency...but NOOOOO not in our banksters cards. They have convinced the government that this policy would do irreperable harm to our economy as we loose our most valued assets.......the giant conglomerate banks (that put us in this mess). Thats right fellow sheeple we are saving the greediest fattest crookedest most disasterous component of our economy...the worthless greedy bottom feeders...the BIG FAT BANKS. So remember to load up on the gold miners ..hells comin and its comin faster than they want it to.........gl


  1. Kli,

    Could you recommend any individual gold miner stocks and their entry points?


  2. do your own DD but I own GG AUY ...also ssri slv