Friday, June 12, 2009


Sorry again........late.....not to worry....nothing has changed. The triangle continues.......look for push through 950. The conundrum is investors are pushed out of safe money (Treasuries) into risk (equities) the 10 year rates explode.....imagine that...hehehhe....So now housing refinancing (you know..that other bubble) has hit a major wall. WHAT DO WE DO...hehehe..I luv this I type the dollar is strengthening and gold falling....and.....equities falling....watta gang

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  1. It's been a real yawner of a week. I scalped FAS for a whopping $100 profit on Tuesday.

    Energy/oil looked interesting. But even that is seesawing. Today the energy bear is doing nicely, but that's probably just profit taking in a week without much action.

    I think most investors(retail and the pros) have caught on to the government/Goldman Sachs game. It's going to be table scraps until we hit P3.

    The swine flu didn't even cause the market to blink today.