Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ya gotta luv it....watta scam......don't cry for me Argentina......just make me sum MONEY....gotta go with Danos charts ......heeeeeees the master blaster. So REMEMBER ...when in trouble call 911 ....cuz that is a key number tomorrow.....sorry about the number 905 yesterday up late and tired did not pay attention to the close ....but my pivot turn north was spot on and I think a key day...GS IS the government and is NOT going to let P2 go easily. I believe this is a decision made at the very highest leve to mandate that GS is to manage the overall PPT mandate of preventing the equity market beware shorts....I am NOT buying the end of P2. My decision to protect my portfolio with the gold miners is not blindly made it is out of necessity. This market is a scam and to believe you will outguess a single market player is a fools game.....sure short term gambles with the ultrashorts or ultralongs have a role......but with great tomorrow watch 911.......should gang


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  2. When will GS let the market run it's course without manipulation? They can't keep doing this forever. If they are controlling the stock market indefinitely, we may as well stop electing politicians.

  3. jay,

    They are going to manipulate it till most shorts and longs are wiped out and only then they will bring it to the level it's real.