Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sorry working last night ....slow to the bell....and the number is 982....gold......hehe . Oh the market you say......how about.....bulls pop 950 and pull back to 928 to make this rally look normal today....but back to substance ..here is a nice palmerjoe read.........

Other than a rare forecast of a correction, yours truly has been very bullish on the precious metals since the spring of 2003. As good of a move as it has been since then, I truly believe we’re only on the threshold of the explosive stage. Despite a near universal dislike for gold among the “happy” people, the mainstream media, and a few perma-bears who have been so wrong for so long (yet for some unknown reason continue to be quoted), gold and silver have outshined just about everything else. The fun can really get started in gold if and when we get above $1,050 and stay there for more than a couple of weeks.
We should see some consolidation. News of IMF sales is welcomed as I believe it will be absorbed without any real damage. For years this fear has hung over gold and will finally be removed. Bring it on!



  1. kli,

    palmer has been brilliant, he told us in the board time after time about dollar & Gold, economy, and FED behavior. Wish I would have listened to him earlier.

  2. Kli,

    Does Palmer have a blog or something? Could you post his link?


  3. kli,

    Excellent article, especially the U.S. Dollar section, I agree Canadian Dollar has lot more upside left. Do you recommend FXC?

  4. palmer understands markets with commodities his expertise...he hopefully will continue contact and I will continue to communicate his imfo on blog.........look for some pullback in commodities here....but I still have lotta gld and gdx......sold auy for trade