Friday, June 19, 2009


Comprehension of this issue will give you the impetus to hold the miners stocks especially gold and silver.....please read the entire article...I believe this is one of the most critical articles I have read this year...thnx Palmer

China will not openly sell the USDollar, which means openly dump theirUSTreasurys and USAgency Mortgage Bonds. Doing so would constitute an opendeclaration of financial war, thereby destroying the value of its reserves andinviting open war with the US. Instead, China will continue to encircle theUSDollar, to encircle the vast supply chain, and pursue what should be regardedas a tight noose around the neck of the USGovt and USEconomy. Call it a pair ofleashes as they walk the dog of war. Recent efforts to establish the Chineseyuan currency as a global reserve alternative have proven effective. See thelandmark deal with Brazil. Settlement of international transactions will moreoften be completed in currencies outside the USDollar sphere. What we arewitnessing is a death of the USDollar by a thousand cuts, a Chinese torturetradition. The Beijing leaders have decided, for political and practicalityreasons, to employ the Gradualist Approach."


  1. that Weid Guy named Mike is the leader of US Open...
    So anything could happen on Monday.

  2. wierzeee is a player he will win

  3. Precious metals and dollar are tied to the ED futures market:

  4. We are becoming a lawless society...

    "Goldman to make record bonus payout"