Saturday, June 13, 2009


Beware the ides of March.........they have not left us. We are in a manufactured P1 and P2......manufactured in the sense that an attempt to control their move without instilling panic ...P1 bottom was completely controlled.....with P2 already in the pipeline. The more important question is what does it mean to you as an investor and citizen... Down the road we are all to suffer.. but you don't want to be the bottom of the barrel in this slide. Sooo start accumulating physical silver gold now.......look for a pull back and add more heavy... Do NOT try to trade the market ...It is a rigged game ....if you don't believe that need some serious help. Look at this as a reprieve from stress..enjoy your family time and freedom from this market. P2 is NOT a long play here so start taking some of your long profits if you are still there. And the dollar ...if we are in P3 and dollar is below 79...we will get staflation......if above 80 then deflation for awhile longer.


  1. Definitely enjoy the summer and start preparing with food, repairs and emergency supplies for the fall going forward.

    There is now 2 markets emerging within the general equity markets. The banking sector and everybody else. I was concerned before last week as to how we could possibly have a parabolic blowoff in P2 with such overall market weakness, now I see the light or freight train. The banking sector will see the parabolic commodity spike to finish P2, since they are herding everybody into their primary and secondary offerings. At the culmination of P2 all other sectors will be flat or down while the banking sectors does impossible moves ontop of the current ones. The cause of the crash will probably be a combination of exhaustion, geopolitics, and market forces beyond the FEDs control. So a lower target on the S&P from 999-1080 is possible with the above caveats. P3 is looking more like a very difficult deflation/stagflation mix with severe counterparty defaults and government interventions.

    Now go out and have fun!

  2. I follow GLD for gold. What do you recommend for gold and silver? Thx

  3. Palmer is the pro and his lean is the mining section auy for gold is one and slw and ssri...his reasons are sound which i will not go into here.....but with their leverage they will move much more to the upside with the metals move ..also more downside percentage risk in the short term......remember too.....these have less risk as paper assets than comex or the gld slv etfs.......if the paper etfs are ponzis and comex gets squeezed by a big delivery demand.....anyway i am looking at miners on pullback

  4. Looking at miners is a big mistake.

  5. kli,

    I agree, once the situation with dollar becomes more clear, solid miners will be the play again, especially if stagflation hits. I will buy on pull backs, hope Gold drops to 850 and silver to $10, that would be a real gift.

  6. Mark,

    Big mistake was, not buying good miners in january. I will not make that mistake again.

  7. that is true...heck not buying them in OCT/NOV!!

    but the trade is over....the hyperinflation trade was a monster...but JMO...if one missed it its over.

    That is a great point kli about watching the USD in regards to a P2---P3 transition. But if it IS more dominated by deflation vrs stagflation...they why pull the trigger on gold and silver here now before conformation?

    It tough tho, b/c cash might be the best play...but even when in cash, your ticker really is $USD actually are in the game.

  8. eric you are right in short term miners will correct.....palmer is the commod man and he believes and i agree that trade aint over just might be another round 2......these guys are gonna pull all the stops out to reinflate this....