Friday, July 31, 2009


Just like the song this game is about to end. My bud Joe was coming unglued today as we watched a very frightening move on the dollar today.....this is a bad omen for our country . As a trader we of course have to watch for possible move below 78 next monday...but more importantly is this the long awaited "dollar is done" move. In other words will we confirm a weekly move of below 78.. I still maintain GS has control and will squeeze the shorts. BUT and a big BUT ....If GS is in control of the moves today why couldn't we get a big UP move in the market. This could portend a more ominous problem lurking on the horizon. Worse yet that horizon may become a reality NEXT WEEK. Now what does this mean. For openers high cost of many essential goods and services will rise as the economy SINKS......Megastagflation..eggs 8 bucks gas 5 bucks a gallon by xmas..and worst of all a starbux triple shot tall mocha 6 bucks...of course you won't find most starbux still open. Let's get real is not time for reality ...our country has run this PONZI scheme (see Madoff et al ) and it isn't about to let it slip here..............................I think.......soooooo...please uncle (GS) sam....please tell us it aint so...don't let hell start next week................more to follow on this breaking story.


So now we know what happened better pray GS is still in control......


Man woman and child in New Zealand last year..........hehe.......OMG....this is beyond comprehension....scroll down to the video and get a puke bucket.....Bernanke is squirming in his seat the whole time.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Get ready sooner or later for the real short squeeze on the dollar......when P3 begins dollar will will and miners will move inversely to dollar......BUT P3 continues and dollar strengthens gold will stop moving inversely.......and gold and miners will move up dramatically during the last half of P3...


I made mention of this yesterday on the blog and low and behold .......presto...Now before you get your panties in a wad and go hog wild on this I advise caution.....but its cheap and the risk/reward is there....use play money only.....oh wait thats all we have......anyway for the speculative play.....


Yeeeehaaaa.....isn't it grand....risk is BACK IN. Just what our country needs. Squeeze those shorts...manipulate the market and create the grand illusione......hehehe. Oh boy ...anyway hope all of you are well ..and enjoying the fireworks today. Ka Ka BOOOOM.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Is Goldman getting ready to pop the cherry of the dollar shorts...or is it all ppt hot air from a dying currency. Sooner or later the squeeze will come...


Seeking alpha gives you nice commodity summary today.

It has been some time since we’ve seen a 7% day in crude oil. Prices traded through the 61.8% Fibonacci level today as prices do not look like they are done moving lower on this current leg. We foreshadowed this, and with the dollar moving through the 20 day moving average up today almost a full1% it just happened sooner than we thought. Natural gas also suffered today… for new entries we maintain the purchase of October and November $1 call spreads. In the next 7-10 days we would just do November. For those already in the trade we will now try to buy back the top leg.
The risk aversion trade we spoke to yesterday is happening, unfortunately with equities lower and the dollar higher the yen is not cooperating, so we advised clients to cut losses, approximately $200 per contract. We expect to see a healthy correction in international currencies, so stay tuned for lower entry points.
On further downside in silver we will most likely advise clients to buy back their top legs. For fresh entries waiting for a further pullback, $12.50 to $13.00 you should start buying again. The NOB spread put on yesterday for clients is working in their favor, again we are looking for bonds to gain on notes.
December corn still looks like a buy, we were buyers of December $3.80 calls for clients today. October live cattle was down 130 ticks today. We should reach our downside objective in the next few days. Clients were advised to exit their coffee spreads, some at a slight profit, others at a scratch. Cocoa was lower by almost 3% today, on further dollar upside this trade should pan out well.


If you like playing with dynOmite ....take a look at INO...its biotech and it is handle with care....I own a tiny position...and that is ALL.


Take issue with any statement in this following link. I cannot really find any maybe some of the better students can. Just staggering. And I thought I was less than sanguine....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


For you short attention span workaholics do NOT miss this . Talk about a complete rant. He absolutely pillages the slimeball ponzi sucking pigs.


Long read but if you want to see pure poetry......


I cannot overemphasize how incredibly dangerous this thinking is to the future of our country. This article reinforces the predicament that our country's policy leaders face and the critical thinking that is involved. OMG are we totally is and excerpt but the article is much better.

Janet Yellen is greatly mistaken, but almost emblematic of the thinking in some circles that can see only the demand side of the equation, which is most common in a layperson relating to their common domestic experience. What is frightening in a way is that she is not some blogger out on the net, or a talking head for the extended infomercial that is financial reporting in the US, but is a Fed governor.And she is no outlier. Her thinking underpins the basis for Bernanke's strategy of packing the banks with liquidity, monetizing their assets, but maintaining control of that added liquidity by having the ability to attract bank reserves into the Fed where they can be managed through the ability to pay interest on those reserves.


How the world seems to change. Now Barton Biggs ( a perrenial Wall Street insider) is in our survival wack job camp.....OMG.... I am still laughing.. The brilliant Immred posted this link on SKF board...but I had to bring it over due to the stature of Barton Biggs reference...HELLZ BELLZ.....I have been saying this for over a year....anyway only time will tell . Here is an excerpt...

In his 2008 bestseller, "Wealth, War and Wisdom," hedge fund manager Barton Biggs warns that investors must "assume the possibility of a breakdown of the civilized infrastructure."
And to prepare for a breakdown of civilization, "your safe haven must be self-sufficient and capable of growing some kind of food ... It should be well-stocked with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc." Bloomberg Markets suggested that by "etc." he meant guns, as Biggs added "a few rounds over the approaching brigands' heads would probably be a compelling persuader that there are easier farms to pillage."

Monday, July 27, 2009


Sure ...Greenspan was the architect of greed and doomed generations of americans to financial prison....robbing older Americans of their savings and retirement...but Ben Bernanke is a damnable liar....the following excerpt and article places culpability on Ben for the perpetuation of the BIG LIE....

You didn't really expect Bernanke to go quietly into the night without trying to "rescue" his legacy, did you?
“The problem we have is that in a financial crisis, if you let the big firms collapse in a disorderly way, it will bring down the whole system,” Bernanke said today at a town- hall-style meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, taped for broadcast on PBS television this week. “I was not going to be the Federal Reserve chairman who presided over the second Great Depression.”
No Ben, the problem we have is that when you fail to do your job for the entirety of the time you have it, that is, policing the safety and soundness of the banking system, putting a stop to predatory, impossible-to-pay loans such as OptionARMs and ridicuous commercial real estate lending, blatantly false and "bought" ratings and every other manner of credit pumping, you find yourself sitting on the precipice of implosion - which you then used to justify even more idiotic credit creation and lies.
Let's face reality right here:

This is the problem.
In 1981 the total outstanding private debt was somewhere around $4.5 trillion. Today it is somewhere around $53 trillion.
That's about $50 trillion of GDP that got added to the system over a period of about 30 years, all of which was "false" GDP - that is, pulled-forward demand.
Most important is the SLOPE of that graph and the fact that Ben Bernanke was part of The Federal Reserve during the entirety of the acceleration in the move beginning with the 2000 recession.
The crisis erupted because of that graph - we "hit the wall" and were unable to service any more debt. That is why the system came close to collapse.
Now let's face the ugly truth: We can't keep piling up more debt to pull forward more GDP. We can't add $2 trillion or more a year to debt as a means of doing this, but that's what The Government is now attempting since private credit has actually contracted for the first time in modern (post-war) history.
It won't work and it can't work.


Another morning another pump....watta ya expect. This is all our country a previous poster noted. If you follow this market and have doubts about the game now then you need to go directly to your nearest mortgage broker and purchase a new home for investment purposes. This is a hail mary to push the consumer out of cash savings and into risk to move a dying economy .....Will it work? Ahh now that is THE question. THEY do not know the answer nor do I. But I will say that with the credit problems and existing debt and loss of manufacturing in this country over the past 30 years...I don't see how this can work....but it is their ownly game. Sooooooooo gl gang if you are still long the market. The following Zero Hedge article gives you a completer picture of the "game" and I believe you can decide yourself....enjoy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Understand the nature of the big lies and how the sheeple can be led to slaughter and you will understand our fate under current policy.....this little article should remind you...

He and the Fed made three major mistakes when the subprime mortgage crisis began. First, he kept arguing that the housing recession would bottom out soon (it has not bottomed out even three years later). Second, he argued that the subprime problem was a contained problem when in reality it was a symptom of the biggest leverage and credit bubble in American history. Third, he argued that the collapse in the housing market would not lead to a recession, even though about one-third of jobs created in the latest economic recovery were directly or indirectly related to housing. Mr. Bernanke’s analysis was mistaken in several other important ways. He argued that monetary policy should not be used to control asset bubbles. He attributed the large United States current account deficits to a savings glut in China and emerging markets, understating the role that excessive fiscal deficits and debt accumulation by American households and the financial system played.


Temo has a nice update article and I thought I might add a couple of thoughts...the virus continues its slog across the world unabbated. There is no question most of us will contract this virus. The only question is what will be the genetic composition of the virus that we get. My contacts have become quite concerned with the reassorting this baby is doing and you need to understand that this could mean by winter we have a completely new level of virility to deal with. This little baby has quite a proclivity for swapping spit according to my friend. So beware. Anyway enuff doom and gloom...think of how our excellent health care system will function......hehehe

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Not a good week for the USA but one can definitely argue it is better than the alternative.....unfortunately the alternative is being kicked down the road. Our country has been hijacked by a system of government that has been completely permeated by SPECIAL INTERESTS, and the special interests that are the most well healed have their way. Our government has become a system of the greediest...for the greediest the greediest. Can you believe our founding fathers would look at our country now and nod approvingly.... I don't think so. If they saw how our government has become one big corrupt cesspool where only money can dictate legislation and the constitution was termed "quaint" by a vice-president...I believe they would wonder why in the hell they sacrificed their lives for this current mess. Right now .....I mean RIGHT NOW...we are engaged in a vital debate about something so critical to our future and the country was diverted again by the press and the right wing to the Cambridge police department.. hell bring back Michael Jackson next week...that will divert us but at least it will be more entertaining. DIVERT the sheeple and let special interest sabotage true healthcare reform. I luv it. While we turn our head to the noise ..the BIG insurance companies BIG pharma and BIG hospital corporations..rape the people that are already paying through the nose for this pathetic system....not to mention the working poor and uninsured and future uninsured..My suggestion is go completely broke and not work least some medicaid recipients recieve emergency room care. Watta mess. My solution is simple payer system like Canada ....our health care system is KAPUT.....and is going to worsen. Will the government system be better....With our current political system ..I suspect that we will get a disaster out of Washington.....but I am hoping.....Currently the government has its finger up the doctors butt and dictates ridiculous regulations ...then gives all our health care dollars to Private insurance companies and Big pharma....I am sure that system is NOT going down without a fight.. THANK GOD FOR THE SHEEPLE.

Friday, July 24, 2009


This is not my rant but a reply to the bottom link...

Actually.. says:
July 24, 2009 at 12:07 pm
You guys who are still playing with fire in the stock market are, in my professional opinion, either not getting the message, or you have no clue what’s going on. The problem isn’t high frequency program trading by investors, it’s Plunge Protection Protocol manipulation by the FED and the U.S. government to make your dead horse you are feeding on, seem like a fresh meal. It’s a carcass, folks, truly it is, and one day you’ll find your teeth falling out of your greedy skulls for feasting on this rotting carcass’ very dead meat.
I’d suggest getting all the way out of the market, lest you find yourself holding very empty bags. At some point, even the PPT artificial trading garbage they are using to create the illusion of a ‘life and viable’ market, will be unable to fool everyone.
Next time you see road kill, don’t drool or salivate all over yourselves or wreck your car trying to get to it first, just drive on by and think; “man, I just know that will rot my damned portfolio..”
time to kiss your corpse goodbye and walk briskly away from it, dear fools. It’s carrion. It’s been carrion on too long, people!


Goldman called me and told me to pass it on that today they were gonna throw the shorts a bone............maybe....I wouldn't count on it. Look at the show so far this morning. Complete control. Anyway sold some long positions past three days and this am.......just gonna watch tiny DTO and tiny SDS.....TINY. So GS do your best. Numbers no biggy 960

Thursday, July 23, 2009


OK now that will grab your attention.......


Beware.........the ides of July.......sorry but it sounded worries actually .....Everything is under control as previously stated for the past several months. GS has control of this market and we have nothing to worry about to the downside until P2 ends. If you know when that is then go short. So far I have NO evidence this is even near......Some smart people tell me it can grind for a long time like this......I tend to agree....anyway gotta pull back eventually to bring in some charts but for now trend is up . Nat gas has been a nice trade as immred has noted.....take profits if you are ...........oh gotta change my munber 943...........

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Educate thyself.........


Come on .....gimme a break.....throw a dog a bone....935 touch today....hehehe.....doubt it but will keep waiting for it to reload my miners for trade....anyway still got plenty.......have fun today gang...oh keep your eyes on USD 78 must break and hold for 3 days......and watch gold if it holds over 945....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



I have asked a friend of mine for his opinion of EW vs the Kress cycle . I highly recommend googling both. In terms of their relative value in this catastrophe, he prefers the Kress due to its history and mathematical basis....He has valued aspects of EW but feels the Kress 2011 to 2014 final crash makes the best bet. EW does not disagree. He eventually responded by sending this email to summarize his position since he is actually proficient with both.......note the last two sentences to the dying gunfighter.

Monday, July 20, 2009


KURUSH........oh those boyz are ruthless........just RUTHLESS.........hehe..OK so I was off a little Monday......but maybe we get 935 touch on tuesday , anyway I am goin with it. Laugh at me but I think they might have ONE down day. BUT you know what they can do now don't you... answer..anything they want to. GET IT...ANYTHING. At least for now. Chinese will have a lot to say further down the road. I will leave you with some nice info for your viewing pleasure and wish you GL.....

Sunday, July 19, 2009


The assumption is we push higher here......I agree.....NO reason to believe otherwise, so that is why I go with a little red today.....since I do NOT have a crystal ball.....I have to assume it is another stop shop day for the GS algo boyz so go ahead and give um your money.....I reduced my miners by 30% friday and will ride the rest for awhile longer here......added tiny sds friday...(stupid but I couldn't resist) wont add more.....also reduced tbt.....miners look safe for at least 6 weeks.....but I had a heavy position......anyway have guess is 927 touch....finish 935........but if you think I know what GS has planned tomorrow you're crazy......just a guess so gl and don't fight um


If you understand the real game behind fiat currency and their mortal, then you realize that the potential for us to wake up one day and gold may be 3000/oz.....literally overnight.....I do not believe this will happen but it has possibilities. This article is telling and explains the behind the scenes battle playing out between the titans of the world.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The bottoming of the 120-year Master Cycle always brings about revolution. The first revolution since the founding of our nation in the 1770s was political in nature. The second revolution, when the last 120-year cycle bottomed in the 1890s, was industrial. The third revolution when the current 120-year cycle bottoms next decade will probably be a social one. As Kress has stated concerning the final “hard down” phase of his 120-year cycle, “There’s the potential for Big Brotherism to get worse and we’ll probably see the U.S. becoming more socialistic as our standard of living deteriorates.”
As the 120-year cycle bottoms in 2014, so does its 60-year cycle half component. The 60-year Kress cycle sometimes (though not always) coincides with K-wave bottoms and is known as the market Super Cycle. The last time the 60-year cycle bottomed was in 1954, at which time the 120-year cycle peaked. This saw the peak of America’s industrial prowess and shortly thereafter our industrial base began its long decline.
Since the founding of our nation in 1776, there will have been four 60-year cycle bottoms by the time 2014 rolls around. As the number four represents completeness, Kress concludes that at the fourth Super Cycle bottom in 2014 the U.S. will have completed its journey from birth to death as the world’s leading nation. Kress predicts the U.S. will be replaced as the dominant economic superpower in 2014 when the 120-year cycle bottoms.
Will the coming economic shift in 2010-2014 produce a social revolution? Remember that revolution is also essentially an economic expression. It has at its root the money motive. Dr. Stuart Crane has said, “As long as the cost of resistance is greater than the cost of compliance, people will remain docile and will submit to a tyrannous government. But whenever the cost of compliance exceeds the cost of revolution, a revolution will be the inevitable choice.”
That is, when it costs the average citizen more in dollar terms to pay the taxes [food, fuel and housing costs] demanded by the State than it does to resist, the masses at some point are forced by economic necessity to say, “No more!” This is how revolution begins.
Beginning sometime around the tumultuous decade ahead in 2011-12, the final “hard down” phase of the 60-year and 120-year cycles will begin and with it will likely come the beginnings of social/political revolution. Remember the Kress formula that revolution equals a radical change in lifestyles. It will be important to plan for this dramatic shift in our nation’s standard of living coming up in a few years. Your financial destiny depends on it!


I am asked by many small businessmen and investors what is the best strategy going ahead and I find answering this much easier to deal with than trying to give day to day trading advice...We are nearing the end of a 120year Kress cycle with the 10 year ending 2011....this confluence is a mathematical formulation that has provided a virtual roadmap over the years for investors..many corporations use the Kress cycle to help them determine their own beaware small businessman this can aid you also. We have excesses that MUST be eliminated for our country to go forward economically, politically, and socially. Through 90 years of buld up with an exponential credit expansion to cap off the excesses of the cycle, the piper must be paid. Mathematics provide the basis for Kress and going against this Law of Nature is would be like jumping off a cliff and betting against gravity. We are in P2. It was predicted. It was to make all bears doubt their beliefs. It was designed by our government to bring investor and consumer confidence back to our markets and economy.. It will fail. There is the Law of Nature in play. The path to the 2011 conclusion is not clear. Will there be inflation, hyperinflation, stagflation, deflation, or asset deflation. ....UNCLEAR. But be aware the fed has unlimited money to print at their disposal and they I lean in the camp of stagflation.....but that is to digress. This essay is to address what you are to do as a small business person. Do not make any investements for 4to 5 years..especially property. Gold physical is probably your safest position. REDUCE leverage. NOW. This is going to get very ugly. The pollyannas will focus on the greenshoots for the lemmings to follow....but beware most of these pollyannas have a bias or hidden agenda. If you have young children aware that they need your strength and will sense fear and stress. You must get your family through this ....they are relying on you. Make it a game. Plan. Make them a part of the game. Conservation is good. Have specific food nights for "nutrition". Tonight is legume night...or....Spam night (lotsa spam recipes). My mother lived in the depression and my grandfather OWNED a grocery store. BUT they had spam many many meals through WW2. It was CONSERVATION. They also had a garden. This may be vital again......I just don't know....I am worried enough that as it starts to break down I will store rice and dried beans spam water etc. Water is another issue and I will address that later......In conclusion remember the Law of Nature.....

Friday, July 17, 2009


This one is not only true but funnnnnyyyyy.


Thanx Ms. Hitchins for this piece. It will be good for at least another 200pts on the Dow on Monday IMO....


No stopping this juggernaut.....It is on steroids. We will print money until there are no trees......we will print money until there are no forests...we will print money until our presses collapse ...then we will BUILD MORE PRESSES...There is nothing to fear but fear of running out of ink....for we ARE the fed...I luv it. Now back to business... The terrorist attack will be met with a green day in the gang

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Beat down that is ...this article brings many of the forces into play ..I like this one.....ya think this could be KNOW it....

Big banks will have a major obstacle in pulling off the Grand Consolidation game. They are hoarding reserves, placing them under the watchful care of the USFed, even gaining a paltry interest. The big banks probably are lying in wait like lions, watching and waiting for the regional banks, the mid-sized banks, to suffer painful commercial loan losses. Then the big banks will swoop down and acquire the regional banks at distress level prices, using their vast funds held at the USFed. THIS IS THE GRAND BANK CONSOLIDATION PLAN. Recall that the banking system has 96% of its reserves sequestered at the USFed. The USDept Treasury under syndicate boss Paulson ordered the participating TARP fund recipients not to open the loan gates, but rather acquire banks over time patiently. So we have some hint of intentions. THE ONLY PROBLEM FOR THE BIG BANKS IS THEIR IMMINENT RUIN FROM MAJOR ADDITIONAL CRIPPLING LOSSES FROM ABOVE CITED SOURCES. They might masquerade as healthy solvent banks, but they are actually large seaside cottages whose foundations washed away to sea long ago. The pillars visible to the beachcombing public are mere facades. Their attempts to put fresh paint on the facades do not work, since one cannot apply paint to an underwater surface.


And the massacre continues.......make no mistake who is in control. Now the question remains how to trade um....YOU DON'T... at least not short and not on a daily basis. This is a massive printing of money to fill a massive black hole and at some point we will get kick back. THAT is what you have to play. OK today watch the 913 to 933........close should be red but not by gang

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Thanx Temo for this post ...........Palmejoe said this article is absolutely spot on....put this in your favorites...... OBTW....this article is Palmerjoe almost verbatum


Oh MY..........aint it a peach....and you thought this wasn't a rigged market. Well of course it is not rigged. That would imply that Goldman Sachs was given an executive order to essentially pump our markets to maintain investor confidence and I have come to the conclusion that this would involve just way to many variables to be possible.......hehehe... nahhhh no way...BUT..... just in case that is the case I will proceed with this hypothesis. THIS MARKET IS GOIN UP. Don't cry for me Argentina if you are short I warned you. This is hell for you. Its P2 and it will kill you.......just ask me. Our country is in BIG trouble and they are pulling out all the stops to save us.... Is it the right thing to do? Probably NOT. But if you get in front of this train you can kiss your axx goodbye. dollar broke 80 yesterday so market is rampin for the 78 three days in a row...close today 914 and I will leave you with a little tidbit that tells you gang

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Prepare to meet your master......If you believe in the Tooth Fairy don't read any further. Your daddy is coming and he is going to spank you if you are short this monster....OK you know I have no way of really knowing this, but I will stick to the P2 scenario until I don't. After yesterdays massacre be aware of what THE BOYZ can do and do not get in their way. They play rough. Try to take what they give you and not trade against them. I think this market will grind higher. Not only grind but very possibly the next few days give the shorts very little chance for an exit beware. I am NOT giving daily numbers until they are clear, and all I can see is blood in my vision...short blood. My suggestion is steer clear of this mess. Anyway expect more squeezing...It will be interesting if they lure in shorts at the open or just gap it and keep number is 999 the inverse of

Monday, July 13, 2009



Caution today 869 was touched on the futures during the asia market we could easily be in a for a bounce the next several thing for sure GS is stop shopping......still waiting for their push higher on dollar but so far no go............but its gang

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Stole this from Joe....and has validity but note this is a DEFLATIONIST....and just like Nenner look at the conclusion....timing I don't have anyway to say whether they are right or wrong...but this is close to Joe's guess...

Gold is where I want to be, especially given my deflationary views. Gold isalso a good store of value during an inflationary period, but gold mining maynot do as well during an inflationary period as it does during deflation becauserising costs of producing gold during an inflation may crimp gold miningprofitability unlike periods of deflation when the real price of gold risesrelative to the cost of producing it. Indeed, following the collapse of LehmanBrothers last autumn, which brought about plunging energy, materials and laborcosts, we have seen some improvement in gold mining operating profit margins. Ithink there's huge upside potential, especially if the real price of gold risesdramatically in this credit contraction. But one cautionary note is in order.When that "C-Wave down" comes in the fall—and I think it will come — then Ithink in the near term you could have a very dramatic decline in the price ofmost if not virtually all of these gold mining companies. So I'm telling mysubscribers they should think about taking some profits off the table now andinto this last stage of the "B-Wave up," especially in some of the inflationplays like oil and gas and some uranium stocks.We are even suggesting some of the gold shares be sold now to raise cash inanticipation of much lower prices after this fall's decline. We want to raisecash for three reasons. First, we want to buy a hedge instrument such as thePrudent Bear Fund or a double down S&P such as ProShares UltraShort S&P 500(SDS) and thus profit from the equity market decline by shorting the market.Second, as noted, we want to buy gold shares at a much lower price followingthis fall's decline. Third, we think somewhere ahead there is going to be amajor turn downward in the long-dated U.S. Treasury markets, so we want to havemoney available to short that market, perhaps through an ETF like TBT. "

Friday, July 10, 2009


Gonna be at work today but Joe sent me this guys and gals...these are the unhedged miners....and link gives explanation

Agnico-Eagle, Alamos Gold, Breakwater, Campbell Resources, Canyon Resources,Centerra Gold, Century Mining, Claude Resources, Coeur d'Arlene, Crystallex,Dundee Precious Metals, Eldorado, Etruscan, Freeport Copper & Gold, Gammon Lake,Glencaim Gold, Gold-Ore Resources, Gold Corp, Hecla Mining, High River Gold, HudBay Minerals, Imperial Metals, Kinross Gold, Kirkland Lake Gold, Meridian Gold,Nevada Pacific, Nevsun Resources, Northern Orion, Orrana, Pacific Rim, Richmont,Royal Gold, Silver Wheaton, Sterlite Gold, Unguay Mineral Exploration, WesdomeGold Mines, Western Goldfields, Yamana Gold

Thursday, July 9, 2009


As most of the regulars know I have been helped a lot by old skf poster Palmerjoe......for months he has pounded the economics of what is transpiring until I finally am seeing the light.......these videos reflect eerily close what Joe has been saying and in turn what I have been relaying to you ....for g_ds sake understand this......enjoy and thanks Joe for all your contributions and help..


Dollar biatch slapped.......breaks 80......miners rally....a day a trend does not make.....but it was still fun.....coulda made a lotta money day trading AUY if you had bought yesterday 10% swing intraday......oh my....but I guess none of you traders like that kinda action......probably scares you with these lil ol stocks ...go short on the miners......keep thinking we are in real deflation ....stagflation ................real deflation further down the road. They will print money till they kill the for 3 days in a row with dollar at 78 or below......turn the lights out.


The number scam......oh yeh baby ....predicting a rigged their game and get chopped to use them......they are gonna give it to you on a silver platter......they are pushing us into a stagflation.......that is asset deflation but dollar will get the gold miners .....keep your eye on auy gg ssri slw and my ung.....if you are not in the market buy physical gold....luv this is a complete fraud......888 touch ....finish885

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


HA HA HA.........never forget who is in charge of this player...and that player is backed by the USA (and the fed) if you think this market is gonna crash here ...good luck..I think that this is a be careful......LOOK ...OPEN YOUR EYES...they are taking the market down so they can get through the treasury auction this week....its a scam......The PPT is driving this market down here and they will use the shorts piling in to bring it right back up...Oil down down hard.....dollar up....come to papa...caution once again gang. Stay in cash or nibble on auy gg ung.....chances are they will get a little cheaper....


RUN ...HIDE..The shorts are coming ..the shorts are coming....hehehe......Careful boys and girls.......the whole downturn is one big TRAP. Take advantage and nibble on the miners on pullback.........ung at 10....nibble.......if we get the dollar at 88 and oil at 52 nibble...........its a scam........GS is pushing prices down sucking in shorts to extend P2 and make money both traders

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The Kress cycle is what is pinned on Bernankes wall......He knows this mathematical masterpiece as well as anyone....He also knows he has to stop ben.......


KAPOW ....take that longs.. Dollar 80.73... commodities down Oil keeps sliding now at 62.93... Dow down 161 snp closes at 881.......massacre attention to the 10 year auction this week...gotta keep the rates stable.. gold flat...Know the game ....Government Sachs is bringing the shorts back to the game.....I don't know how far they will push it down.....but they may stop soon and jerk the rug right out from P2 short at your own risk....I hope the bring the dollar up to 88 ...the miners will be a free fire gang


930 ...........exactly what gold is trading at now premarket.....up 7. Market snp down 2......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder why? Could it be that our lil dollar is a POS. Could it be that the rest of the world isn't gonna take it anymore.????? Precisely. However a day does not make a trend. So be patient. This will eventually play out and when this breaks.......oh mama. I can't beat these crooks with the double etf's in Primary 2.......its a fixed game. So I will bet against their crooked manipulations another way. Their manipulations will destroy the dollar and push us into stagflation. Eventually gold and silver will respond as will the gang...oh sorry ....905

Monday, July 6, 2009


Fireworks today!!!!!! I would be very careful....try fakeout day. look for rally off of 888.........close 907............but for the more interesting aware of the zero hedge article on GS stolen proprietary trading platform.....that may have accounted for the big drop on thursday......should have things back under control today......anyway they need shorts excited to extend P2 gang..

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Billy Bob is the kewlest dude out there


Almost daily we debate whether the economy will be saved by the monetization and quantitative easing the printing presses propping up a mortally wounded economy........No one can give a definitive answer. So the bigger question should be what is the best way one can position themselves to protect themselves from ALL the potential outcomes... First of all what are all the possible outcomes? 1) STAGFLATION 2)HYPERINFLATION or 3) DEFLATION.. Sounds simple enough. ahhhhh but as usual that is NOT the case. Go ahead ask 100 economist and you will get complete disagreement on the outcome. Therein lies your dilemna. What the economist don't tell you on the mainstream media outlets is that there are multiple variations of the above scenarios. For instance deflation as you may think of it has actually various forms. We are in Asset deflation homes, equities, etc going down.... but cost of essential goods and services eg. food gas education taxes going up or stable.....demand pull inflation of course NOT...but stagflation YES.....Be aware this will KILL you as an investor in the next year or two if you do not understand that they can print INFINITE money....and have told you clearly that they will do so....They will do ANYTHING to prevent true deflation. True deflation will destroy the tax base and the government......

Friday, July 3, 2009


I really like this guy......he was a heavy hitter in DC...and is one of the sharpest minds out there on this mess..........oh and forgive me.......oh watta mess....hehe

This is even

Thursday, July 2, 2009


The technical support is 78 for the big "tell" ...if you see three days in a row below ....then dollar is in deep shit......pull the plug on it ...its toast ......stagflation in control ...commodity trade back up up and away.....but .......if they can keep it above then they still have control.. and we will grind ........Palmerjoe is burning this trade into my gray matter and it is like a better be in yours too........
Freefall fears start at a weekly close below 78, confirmation we have a problemis a weekly close below 76.Today "looked bad" but was it enough? Or do we go all the way down to eitherthe 888 or 875 level before launching up just before the H&S overwhelms theprinting presses. Just guessing the presses are just getting a fresh lube job........thanks joe.


Pay attention ......


Happy Fourth of July fellow patriots.......We are at war with a nefarious adversary and he is within us.........he is the FED......he is Ben Bernanke. He is least in the sense that he represents a force that has destroyed the economic viability of the future of this country. Do not be deluded by the prospect of assest deflation being REAL deflation . It is NOT. True deflation affets everything...... Your food prices oil gas coffee sugar taxes rent etc are NOT going down...This is stagflation. Ben has already told you his plan. He will commit economic hari kari He will cure the disease but kill the patient. I have told you how to play this scenario....eric has argued grains...not bad. But be aware there is also a CURRENCY ISSUE here..that will give you leverage when gold and silver explode.......short term anything can occur ..long term the LAW of NATURE will prevail. Oh.... the guess today........ call

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


They are telling you clearly the pathe they and we are taking....This is in direct response to our monetizing the debt......the dollar is toast. This will not end well and they know it. They and the russians are loading the boat....


Here is the number ...........80 yeh I know ....I am beating a dead horse but remember it is the DOLLAR. It will tell you the REAL for the effort to 88. I am NOT saying they can get it there and if they do load up with the miners because it is a GIFT. To reiterate ....there is NO WAY the dollar holds long term . It is NOT in the interest of this economy to have a strong dollar. The ONLY way the enormous debt we have incurred and will CONTINUE to add to gets paid down is by by growing the economy at a very high rate(not gonna happen)....OR making the dollar worthless.........guess which one will happen? If the dollar is devalued we get inflation. If they play the game of die by a thousand cuts it will be stagflation. Eventually many believe that will morph into hyperinflation. So you are certainly bright enough to see what you have to do to for the crystal ball.......stop shop day with nice little swings final number 922.......there take that. gl gang