Tuesday, August 25, 2009


More good news for recovery on the horizon. I can't wait for the next stimulus. Of course our politicians are going to rise to the occaision and ask for sacrifice from all sectors of Americans(except the banksters that got us into this) and of course all Americans will pitch in ....with a selfless abandon like days of yesteryear.....NOT. Anyway we are not at a crossroads any longer we are only kicking a can down the road and this can is full of C-4. When it goes off it will bring the Avalanche on down the mountain. Forecasting this is as easy as forecasting the first wave of the debt sunami ramifications that occurred in P1 this past year........



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  2. I used Don't spend what you ain't got to avoid debt and bankruptcy ....... Kli whats your thoughts on oil today, still looking for 84/85 before a dump?