Friday, August 7, 2009


Paint that tape GREEN...feed the sheeple the great news after hours for their evening meal. Yup today was expected in an engineered global "recovery". Fast money is gushing toinight about the new bull......watta scary situation we are in. As investors the old addage of "dont fight the tape" has been taken to a new level.....Look at the USD up ove a point today that is HUGE and oil and gold barely down. Totally contrived. How all of this ends is not gonna be good for the country. As the effort continues to force you into riskier assets I hope you realize that the ponzi game can go on for the remainder of the year but will come to an ugly conclusion eventually.....and again you may not be solvent shorting this market waiting for eventually. Make wise decisisions for yourself and your family. GET RID OF DEBT. As for as doomsday have to make that assessment ....I have no way to say what that entails, but the Kress Cycle says 2012 to 2014.......and that is the law of nature.....anyway hope to have a nice post tomorrow if the PTB allow gang

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  1. Hey Kli -- What do ya think?

    This is one story from the late Friday nite news cycle that will not disappear by Monday (maybe).

    Enjoy the weekend flyfar