Monday, September 14, 2009


Sentiment continues to expect pullback, and yes one will come. But ........ how long can one remain solvent being right. So as previously stated beware.....this is a completely controlled market. Its an illusion. When there are no shares traded then of course it can be easily controlled. Will we go endlessly higher But do metrics and T/A matter?.....I guess if you can't see the answer by now you never will......

No links this morning .......later on that. Hope you noticed what happened overseas and during the night to futures........the selloff was nipped in the bud. This cycle will continue to occur until there are essentially minimum shorts then the rip occurs....Joe's cycle analysis is last of September ........maybe ......maybe not.. But it is still in play as a pullback time....... and Joe will tell you that it is NOT set in concrete. So caution is still the word....If you want to short this market look at SH. Decay will not kill you. GL gang


  1. Another good day to scalp EDAP, also YRCW is doing just fine. What a nice head fake on LCC.

  2. KLI,

    Why is the decay in SH different?

  3. Is this a good time to load up on FAZ?

  4. FAZ is speculative.......and with the gov owning the banks I won't play....SH is not a double inverse so the mathematical effects of holding over time is not death

  5. There will be no pullback in September or October. The economy is completely fixed thanks to Obama and Timmy. This is why I am 100% long and rooting for America. The S&P will hit 1200 by years end. Dow 11,000.

    Go long now while you still have the chance. There are still a ton of bargains out there. The bear market is over.

  6. Captain,
    The bear was killed because of the dollar. The market will rise even higher as the homeless gather.


  7. Poco: If that's the case, then we will become another Argentina.

  8. Captain - I think many here are rooting for America. But to "be 100% long" is kind of dopey, no? Or is that how you root for America, by taking your hard earned money and playing the long? When you root for your favorite sports team do you take all the money you have and bet on them? no, that would be irresponsible.

  9. SH still has some A leaky cylinder itself believe it or not..(better than 2, but still it burns oil)

    check outs its price now, compared to dow 14,000 in 07

    the only ways to avoid the decay are the riskier ones

    a) sell calls
    b) short the leverered bull etfs


  10. Capt America - I to am Rooting for America but it depends on which America your rooting for. If you truly believe the economy is fixed why all the printing? Where are all the jobs? Where is the expansion in Manufacturing and Service sectors? Why is the Current Administration taking over major areas of the Private sector? Anyway Johnnyda2000 posted this on the SKF MB: excellent read. I'm rooting for America the way it was founded, not the way it's currently being run....... BTW Thanks Kli you have saved my a TON of money these past few months :)