Friday, September 18, 2009


This baby is in play ...........take a look and watch this pos move......


  1. Very Dangerous POS Kli, one of many squeezes and dumps. FDA approval is usually very positive for anything except a vaccine. Vaccines are not money makers, if CVM has a highly successful product, which I think this is, they will be asked to donate the licensing in this time of need to a larger manufacturer who will then be asked to donate their facilities to "health care emergency" .

    I like their cancer work, but that will take second fiddle to this H1N1 fast track.

    Good product and company that will be FUBAR for the interest of humanity after their product is approved for deployment.

    Good for trading as long as there is liquidity during this parabolic blowoff of the S&P.

    Good longer term after the next brutal pullback in the overall market.

    If what you saw in the US dollars actions as short covering today, things will get worse which means the S&P will go higher initially.

  2. Red,

    At current price CVM is worth the risk, even if it goes below $1.

  3. Only if a trader has a very strong stomache Joe.

    Moves of 20% to 40% will be common both up and down with the volumes involved.

    Only play this with unleveraged money, definitely no margin or you will be pushed out of your position when you go take a bathroom break.

  4. this can make you seasick ....on the other hand risk reward makes "gamble only" worth the play with more than 5% and you are playin with fire.....

  5. If I understand correctly, CVM is working on a H1N1 treatment, not a vaccine...FWIW.

  6. denis kneale bye bye

  7. I kinda like Dennis as a person... but for christ sake he is kudlow jr. with over the top views bulltard non-realist based in fiction rhetoric. He prolly would have done better if he spoke his own mind...

    KUDLOW NEXT. Then Michelle CC

  8. I love CVM. Bought when I thought it was a little too high at 0.64. Sold half at $1.32, rest riding free. Will buy more under a buck.

  9. Never understood the kneale connection but what the hey.......he will be used on the noon cnbc show.......he's a pumper .......

  10. Kudlow has a very good hair translant. The connection to Kneale is lack of brains.

  11. I think Dennis Kneale is a smart person...

    It is just CNBC put him in the spot of taking the Mothership Pump Position so Emmelt can hob-nob at the white house.

    No human in their right mind would take the bulltard positions knowing what QE and the policies used to drive up this market...

  12. for kli and imred

    you guys still in ung, if so do you plan to sell before new shares issued

    looks to me like it made a good bottom

  13. still in ung ....have traded it reduce exposure....but still breathin.....

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  15. Ditto, no sense in bailing out of UNG as fall is coming up along with the weak dollar and sabre rattling with Iran. Not even too interested in day trading at these levels.

    Plus it capitulated at just under $9, now with the Pavlov's shorts trained since last summer, it will make a very long and painful move up.

    No intention of selling do to more shares, more liquidity; plus the game is now in the futures markets anyway. More shares is now detrimental to futures shorts now that GS, JPM and MS have firm controlling interest in most of the futures contracts through the winter after people puked it up at around $2.50 per MCF. Just not sure if it will triple to GS target of 7.50 to 9.00 that would take a major problem with oil and the US dollar.

    Gold finished the week above $1000, 2 more weeks trading above $1000 and then we may be seeing some problems with the dollar.

    S&P targets could still continue going parabolic until exhaustion at either short of 1125 or 1250, the 100 and 200 week moving average.

    Keep an eye on unemployment going forward too.

    The H1N1 so far has been resilient, contagious but not deadly yet in the US.

    Correction as somebody indicated, CVM biotech is treatment as it affects common properties of the virus sort of in line with their cancer approach. Question is how effective is it if a cytokine storm attacks the lungs after a severe strain spreads. Kind of back to the drawing board for the argument of vaccines or letting it burn out on its own.

  16. Immred,

    "In addition, it was recently presented that the L.E.A.P.S. vaccines work on human cells and that the L.E.A.P.S. vaccines are able to induce cellular responses without excessive amounts of proinflammatory cytokines. In the case of prior pandemic influenza, such as the "Spanish Influenza" and more recently in avian flu, patients with stronger immune systems had a greater chance of dying because their immune response was too strong (too many proinflammatory cytokines). A L.E.A.P.S. vaccine may be able to work around that problem. While normally cytokines may play a key role in preventing and treating swine flu, in some cases excessive cytokine amounts may exacerbate disease as it appears that, unlike the normal flu which affects the very young and very old most severely, swine flu may be more like the avian flu which hits people in their prime more severely."

    CVM's drug is targeted for the sickest patients, the ones who are now being put on heart-lung (ECMO) machines (see NYT), as well as another mutation should it evolve. that's the $64,000 question.

    But despite the FDA's expedited review and alleged government contracts, Cel-Sci is not just a "flu vaccine" manufacturer, and it already has a licensing agreement with Teva Pharmaceuticals for their Multikine cancer treatment(s).

    It might be a little overbought here, and as in all biotechs anything can happen, but a POS? I really don't think so.

    You're just mad that you didn't invest a couple of months ago. :-)


    p.s. Is this the new GSALPO board?

  17. I almost forgot. CEO Kersten said that if evolution does occur, it would probably occur overseas.

    "You have to consider that the 'bad' evolution of this virus is most likely to happen outside of this country," says Kersten. "That's where you're going to get re-assortment. We don't know what those death rates could be, but what you have from the current virus is high transmissibility in warm weather which has not been seen before in any other flu virus. If it picks up something nasty from another virus and that person gets on a plane, well then suddenly CEL-SCI could be the most important company in the world because there will be no one else who has done any work on this at all. Everyone would come to us."

    There's apparently a dispute about whether that's already occurred in India.

    Unimaginably horrible if true, we'd be completely defenseless, but right now it's just one doc's opinion vs. another.

  18. Hello HB,

    $1 was the magic number to overcome and stay above both from technical and institutional point.

    As for Kli's POS comment which I reiterated, is more for the current trading action than the Company. Very dangerous if you don't have a clear entry and exit plan and panic on emotion due to the pricing action and nightline news. H1N1 is coming, just a matter of how severe, and if anything really can change the final mortality numbers in an optimistic guess between 0.25% to 5% before it's over.

    Even if CVM tech can effectively be calibrated to a current strain, effectiveness of most drugs and vaccines is below 40%. The bug will eventually mutate to overcome even CVM's technology even if successfully deployed.

    It's all about time how much to do you really have to test, manufacture and deploy and the issue of socializing/nationalizing biotechnology for the "greater good".

    My opinion has not really changed, if this bug is as bad as mutations can be, all the vaccines and treatments will only buy some more time or accelerate the mutations until a significant amount of the population builds up natural immunity and the plague dies out.

    The big question remains how profitable can CVM be even if the technology is wild success in the face socializing research for the national or international good.

    Support and resistance is the $1, $2, etc. with $5 being the big resistance and $0.60 being support. For a quarter billion dollar company to be a billion dollar company it still needs to show how it can justify that valuation.

    Still watching CVM because it offers some additional hope for both their flu and cancer technologies.

    Not actively involved in day trading to be able to play this effectively in my portfolio, for the longer term hold these price levels and swings are too risky for personal risk profile.

    For the risk seeking it either has one more parabolic spike up or that was it before some heavy profit taking. The re-entry or new positions established should be when the daily stochs are bottoming not topping.

    GSAlpo is a smaller audience with different personal investment and survival objectives. Kli's board is a little broader without the spamming of the SKF trolls.