Thursday, September 24, 2009


You are being played......Well of course you are...Now answer this next question and you will know the key to the universe. Where will GS take the market tomorrow. NO I don't just care where it closes ...I want to now the Algo path to the magic pot o gold.....sorry for the freudian gold slip..

Watch the waves the T/A.....but you may want to watch GS. Because they will enter their trading desks with the high and the low of the day before the market opens. Don't believe it do you? I didn't think you would. But that is the game. We are in deep doo doo and they are holding up the fort.....It is what is allowing you to play this game. So quit your bitchin...and put your mind to work....

Here is my guess for tomorrow 1040 on the downside 1070 on the where do you think it closes......I just couldn't resist guessing after reading Dano tonight......Ok now back to reality. We know this casino is rigged and the economy is wrecked but lets try to make some green.

YRCW pulled back after the squeeze ....stay away except for gap trades....LCC is another story . Did you see that rebound today ....OMG....Play this dog.....My play on DSCO looks interesting but this is a only the money you want to lose. UNG is looking good but no new money there.

DNO is a non leveraged oil short....sold my DTO yesterday....I like a little NVAX here...but mostly you want to be in cash....they are getting ready to squeeze the dollar but we may have a little wiggle room just don't play for that unless you are nimble. Tomorrow will be tricky as hell gl if you are trading...don't forget EDAP on gap trade. OBTW my numbers are GUESS'S


  1. One thing is for sure and DANO can look at anything he wants to, the market will be steady side ways chop until after the G-20 meeting. End of story. Look ar RIMM last night the news was
    not good and yet met with yawns.. GS wants its pushed higher the goal is 10,000 on the dow we could even see a blow off all the way to 11,000
    by early next year. Just as I see it. The dollar looks weak but someone BIG wants the 76 level held. And they get what they want..
    Thanks Kli.

  2. Thanks for all the great info Kil it is much appreciated as well as the CVM call.

  3. Paint it pretty Matt and your welcome Tom...BTW I am watching durable goods report as Steve Leisman trys to spin it as positive.....watta mess