Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Mogambo ate a large bowl of beans and hot sauce but he is right timing who knows but long term ohhhh baaaby.......kapow.........

He characterizes this as “grotesque beyond description”, which I guess it is, since it is hard to even imagine such a thing, which implies that these “four or less” banks are so stupid that they would be short silver when the fundamentals are so compelling that my throat is bloody and raw from screaming, “The fundamentals of silver are compelling!”
And this is even ignoring the headline “Gold & Silver Market Alert – Buy before the Breakout!” from Julian Phillips
at Goldforescaster.com, which reflects my sentiments exactly.
In gold, the situation is similar, in that Mr. Steer says, “The bullion banks’ net short position now stands at 211,342 contracts… 21.1 million ounces. This is well over 25% of world gold production. This is also grotesque beyond description


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  1. the weak dollar and fed minutes tomorrow is going to force the acsnding wedge to break to the wrong side...imho.