Saturday, September 26, 2009


When an event caught now days on camera hits the net....even though the mainstream media does not cover creates a buzz that somehow becomes so overwhelming it forces the mainstream to alter their posture and give we shall see what transpires with the Grayson interview ....

The video of this triggered flashbacks to 2008 for me and I wanted to share my incoherent ramblings with you. As many of you have tried to sort out truth and reason to know how to deal with this buzz saw of a market I want you to go back to last year. Recall throughout the year as many members of the SKF board ranted how bad things REALLY were .....I began trading SKF in 2007 but did not even post on SKF until April of 2008....As each event would occur and our Officials and Media would reply but everything is going to be fine now.....and is under control. I remember thinking that they were lying . Obviously they had concluded that it was more important to lie to the public to maintain investor confidence even though to many of us it was clear we were in the midst of a monumental meltdown.

I made several posts on SKF throughout 08 that stated that CONfidence was the ONLY thing they had....and that if they lost that then the game was over. Well we know what happened. As 2008 began I could see disturbing signs that things were unraveling rapidly and the big money was exiting the market and the little schmucks were trapped.. What really disturbed me was the turmoil in the money markets that was occurring and created a tremendous level of anxiety in me. Many of you may remember my warnings on this in the summer.

All along ALL of our leaders repeated the SAME mantra. It is all under control and everything will be fine in 2 quarters. In fact since mid 2007 that was the mantra.

What is sad and what makes me even less sanguine is that virtually little has changed. We are trying to use leverage still to exit a leverage problem and the same exact mantra is still being repeated.....BUT here is the problem.

In an effort to be transparent ....the SAME officials Bernanke, Geithner, Greenspan, Paulson,and a host of others.....ALL have said the same thing numerous times in 09 ...that we were on the verge of collapse, anhilation, the edge of the abyss, a complete loss of our capital markets, armagedon.....etc,....they can't contain themselves to tell you how bad it REALLY WAS. Think about it ....they are telling you that they were lying to us then . While you the retail sucker was getting slaughtered. Now they are asking you to believe they are telling you the truth... ARE YOU KIDDIN ME. Sorry ....Jury disregard this witnesses testimony...

Think about it everyfknone ofum is telling you they were lying then but now they are telling the truth..... Sorry but where I come from ...once a liar always a liar.

Anyway here is a blurb from zero and Matt there is a dude.


  1. kli,

    Nature's law you are discussing due 2012 thru 2014, which is the result of so many yrs of not caring and over consumption, borrow & spend and most having a sense of entitlement to good life:

  2. Excellent article:

  3. Kli

    I agree with you 100000%. I have spent the day e-mailing all Sen and Reps asking them to get their shit together and to "attempt" to emulate a guy like grayson who seems to give a shit. Between this crap and Murf "mmmmmm video" i have had it..

    have a good weekend


  4. Natures law if unavoidable and ultimately must be paid...oh...and it will be spades....unfortunately all of us have a debt that will be paid so you had better look at yourself and decide honestly what you owe....and if you are wise you will make your amends now and prepare....only helping the less fortunate and your own family will be accepted in the final count. ....

  5. I gotta post this Taibbi link from July, what a great piece it was.

    And for the hell of it here's the Jon Stewart version.