Thursday, September 17, 2009


The algo shooting gallery continues this morning. I maintain my UBER BEAR CALL from a week ago......I also said at the end of that call that we were not in P2...I maintain that P3 will be pushed down the road a considerable distance....and I also feel that the pullback will feel like P3 and will eventually draw enough bears in for the kill to not only drive the market to my 1200 level but to rearrange the structure of Wall Street even further by taking out the remaining bears.

So if it seems confusing to issue an Uber bear call and at the same time advise you to go to cash and be very very careful short except for scalps.......well now you see....its a stop shop shooting gallery as GS cleans the deck of the good ship lollipop.......Take a look at danos blog.....he's the best chart out there but its frustrating to watch his excellent work being shot by the GS algo killing machine. I do like his last call for a short term top but not P2.. BTW he is watched very closely for sentiment.

Keep sittin tight and scalping lets see where they take this mess. My thoughts were correction towards end of September but we will see.......mostly cash lets see how they finish this pig off......for hints read my link from Jesse.......

OBTW......did you miss that shooting gallery on LCC today.......OMG


  1. I'm hoping it can stay aloft til Mon or Tues at least, takes a while for me to get all the way in to GRZZX. With the knowledge that they have all real underlying securities and less decay, I'll be better prepared to play chicken with these wacky bulls.

    And hey even if you're right, if it feels like P3 it'll spend like P3 for those who are short nowadays. You don't think Dan's 1098 top could be a good one? Some people think the Fib 61.8% will kill it at 1077 as well.

  2. ya gotta put the $10,000 to play with grzzx?

    or, can ya just buy random shares?

    da black sheep...

  3. Kli,
    so many freaken charts out predicting all kinds of support and resistance. I agree about pullback. What area are you looking at?