Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Watch out traders. As I warned you a week ago don't be trading this pig right here. We are in a well designed human slaughterhouse. Designed to separate you from your money...Designed to make T/A to be short for TAKE ALL. I smell dead people. Anyway this is going to be a continuation of last week. Underneath the calm sea is a titanic struggle of epic proportions that will effect economics for decades to come.

Watch for hints this week who is winning....watch the T auctions ....USD......gold.......my guess is the dollar weakens slightly this week but "sort of " holds 78.....and gold trims back end of week... correction 75 is the number to watch not 78....if 75 breaks then add gold miners.

I like this article .....please take the time to understand....it is fascinating.



  1. I think whether or not the USD confirms it's "bottom" will be very important to the health of this rally.

  2. USD is CRITICAL.....if GS has lost control and cannot squeeze with exogenous forces too strong then 1000 will become support for gold and 75 ceiling for USD......next 2 weeks...will tell

  3. that article was brilliant. Of course, it must happen - we can't pay the debt, we can only kick the can down the road by monetization - and we can only continue to do that if the dollar is strengthened first....