Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Worthy of a lengthy opening rant but don't have time on the run.....JEEZE this is good stuff. If you want to read a well written article on why this is ultimately going to end very badly this should explain......the downside of all of this is liquidity is being sucked out of the market by GS et al. and this will be a Law of Nature consequence that MUST be paid. read um and weep..thnx anon for finding this..........


  1. This item made me think of something that I have not been able to find any real answers to. Why was Lehman and Bear allowed to fail and others like Merril et all not? Could it be the ones that agreed to play ball were saved and the others who didnt were left to die? We probably will never know but it is food for thought.

  2. immred/ung

    i appreciate your insight on ung

    i noticed the 20 crossed the 50 on the 60 minute chart

    this has resulted in bullish moves the three times it has happened since may

  3. The daily MACD turned, was very painful to hold long positions through last week but that was the intention. Now it's time for GS/JPM/MS to rape the shorts for a bit until the boat gets heavy on the long side.

    The 100 dma is around 13.5, if the 100 dma holds then expect a small pullback until the 200 dma gets a test at 16.50.

    Failure means more basing around 11 or 9 at the worse to form a double bottom.

    Fall and winter are coming to support the floor along with monetization of the debt and the beat down of the US dollar.

    Really you should also keep a close eye on the US dollar. S&P still trying to setup the commodity spike blowoff.

    Sorry for infrequent posts busy with work and personal matters.