Friday, September 4, 2009


The key to the entire puzzle.....the conundrum.....the illusion that we are in a market.....the economic "recovery".........the slaughter of the dollar........It is ALL about confidence. This is a global economic COLLAPSE and the daily barrage of lies are for a reason.......understand this and you have the key to your future investment strategy....this is an excerpt from the below link...

If people and corporations are unwilling to borrow or unable to finance debt, and if banks and investors are disinclined to lend, central banks cannot force them to do so. During deflation, they cannot even induce them to do so with a zero interest rate. That’s what has been happening in Japan for over a decade, where rates have fallen effectively to zero but the volume of credit is still contracting.

Thus, regardless of assertions to the contrary, the Fed’s purported “control” of borrowing, lending and interest rates ultimately depends upon an accommodating market psychology and cannot be set by decree.

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