Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Can we sustain the algo trading assault by GS and et al. with the full backing of the Fed and tacit if not direct approval by the highest office in the land...........yes.....of course you can. You know that we have collapsed economically and that this is an epic battle to perpetuate the largest fraud conducted in modern economic history. SO WHAT?

The law of nature demands payment and it will receive payment one way or another. This abomination of our economic system does have consequences. These comments may indicate that I am in a state of agitation......hehe...actually I am quite fascinated by the machinations of a wounded system of greed and corruption. The extent to which they will go to sacrifice our souls to achieve their salvation.

There is no ethical or legal bridge they will not cross to perpetuate their fraudulent purpose. Our hard working citizens are pawns for the banksters and nothing more. Only little people to be sacrificed for another porsche (btw i like porsche)...Yup just toe jam on the road to life. So enjoy the bones that get thrown your way like gangs of hungry peasants...for you are owned...

Tomorrow should be another fight for a bone. Watch USD Gold Oil they are telling you the real story...this is a global struggle now and this week is fascinating. GS hopefully is preparing to squeeze the dollar shorts hard...(notice i said hopefully). Do NOT trade this pig yet except for gaps and only with miners.....gl gang aint it a peach.

And for your viewing pleasure this link may knock some reality into the pollyannas....

Furthermore if you think I am dour.....read this well researched post...

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  1. hello Kli...

    Seems like the FED is comfortable..thus far with the weak dollar.

    Market pushing higher, prolly make a new high today at the close.

    In a way it gives the FED cover. The weak dollar may cause something else to break and take the focus off the FED. Maybe the Euro zone.

    It makes oil go up and breathes life in to OBUMMERS green energy plans. Eventually the masses will be falsely pissed at XOM and the others.

    Prolly GS is engineering a gold bubble on top of the weak dollar.

    When it breaks it will be over night. First a dollar collaspe followed by huge short cover and a flight to equities and out of the USD.

    The head line will be Market back to pre Lehman Level Ber-spank-me and crew will be lauded as heros.

    Strong oil will be proof the demand and the economy is improving.

    I still can't see the correction comming...GS is in firm control.

    what am i missing?

    A Black Sheep