Saturday, September 5, 2009


Another year has almost passed since our country's economy collapsed according to Bernanke et. al. As I watch the daily coordinated efforts of the politicians, media, pundits, and wall street working feverishly to keep the patient alive, I continue to look back and ahead.

I look back for clues as to what the future may hold and I look ahead to try and prepare for my family and their survival. What kind of world are we headed into? The spend spend illusion created by the banksters is over. Will we spiral into a deleveraging world of savings and conservation ...preserving the responsible members of our society and their savings. Or will we stay on our current course.

Obviously the current course is not going to change soon. So lets examine some of the pitfalls of our path that we are on. Quantitative easing the Bankster's (see capone pic) way of pumping air into the ponzi bubble (see Madoff) ..Some of you may ask...Can this work? My answer is complex.......Not a snowball's chance in hell......sorry couln't resist.

How about that good bank bad bank idea. Now there was a total pile of chit (apologize for language today) but it is labor day weekend and a lot of people that used to work read this blog. Anyway they came up with a much better idea. Oh the beauty of it. Lets put 10 trillion of guarantees thru the back door and maybe as much as 23 trillion

Now we have guaranteed the survival of the Banksters......and the destruction of the middle class. But hey, why bother with the little people .....they are busy fighting about who caused this mess ...the dems or the reps......THEY BOTH DID.......GET IT... hehehe.... Anyway I can't stand George Bush but it doesn't matter. Because the government we got is the government we deserve.
“Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”

Bernard Shaw quote

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