Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So what .....relax and enjoy. Notice the little short squeeze in DSCO today....hehe. I am really dirty in that one. Still in mostly cash waiting patiently for my boyz to take this fat pig down so the miners are a bargain.....and I believe they will. And NO I don't believe in the tooth fairy.

Hope you guys got in on that SQNM last nite for the squeeze today. Joe put me on that move last nite. Made a couple of cents. Not much today except DSCO so far. Otherwise you can step into the algo house of horrors if you want by buying tiny SH...I have tiny. Trade it.

Keep your eyes on NVAX at below 4. PLEASE no heavy buying ....remember.....we are staying in mostly cash here. This market is a slaughterhouse here so don't get greedy . CVM looks stable here ....have a small position and hope they pull it back to under a buck then buy that POS.

Lastly but not leastly LCC is entering into seasonal strength and should be great trading fodder for you for another 2 months so put this on the radar...gl gang


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