Monday, September 21, 2009


Comprehension of the cycles are paramount if you wish to survive this catastrophe...The link I will provide here is critical not scan this it and know what the implications of this......ALL of it.....every single sentence is critical..... bookmark the link below and reread....this is THE WHOLE GAME...absolutely


  1. Kli,
    You spit out these articles and predictions daily. So far you have been pretty accurate. I hope for everyones sake you are wrong but I fear you will be correct again. Keep up the good work.

  2. Matt,

    There are very very few people who understand Kress Cycles, it's unlike anything you have read before. EW is a child in compare to kress. Kress cycles are battle hardened.

  3. All,

    You should have listened when Clif & I kept telling you buy and hold in March since that's the last buy and hold ( with the exception of Gold & silver of course) for yrs to come. Humans being always have to learn the hard way, so be it.

  4. "Don't equate the end of the Grand Supercycle with Armageddon. No cycle should be viewed as anything more than a rough road map for navigating the markets. Rarely can any cycle be used to consistent success as a standalone trading tool. For best results, investors should combine cycle theory with chart behavior and comprehensive study of rigorous analyses of technicals, fundamentals, market psychology and market liquidity."

    Yup, that's why KRESS is so powerful & reliable.

  5. a good read from skf..thanks bronze

    da black sheep

  6. black sheep,

    Stay away from discussing politics on message boards especially public boards. Big brother monitors the SKF board & names are already in the data base. Talk about economy & stock market.

  7. It's not Armageddon but it's sure gonna suck.

    Kress only shows the possible periods for the deflationary low, things may get a very dark before they go pitch black by 2012-2014.

    Slight disagreement as to what will be the most valuable commodity as this cycle bottoms, physical gold and silver are nice but you will be fighting over the fresh cases of Alpo and Spam (also known as better than gold/silver equivalents) first with your Ak-47s and baseball bats.

    Can gold break $1200+ this fall? If the Chinese panic and start demanding physical delivery quickly as they convert at least an additional 1% of their foreign reserves into gold it is quite possible along with the dollar breaking 69. And the Sabre rattling turning into pre-emptive attacks in the Middle East, war has been traditionally good for manipulating negative domestic social moods and providing some economic juice to a national economy.

    Only question is when the deflationary effects of the H1N1 will hit if the mutations are really getting that serious, the current strain spreading in the US is not that bad unsure about the rest of the world.