Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Keep your eyes on the ball tomorrow . Gold breaks out tomorrow then over 1000 soon. 1200 in play ....don't get in front and do not chase. If you have a position like I have suggested sit tight.....The junior miners are your play if you have no position...look at GORO TLR ANV (obtw Soros is butt loaded on ANV over 2 million sh)...This is one fkd up mess ..I am not going to pretend I can tell you where this is headed but things are as rotten as Immred predicted they would become. Its like slowly warming a frog in water.....before ya know it your boiled. This is a slow roast for the market participants and our country after a category 5 storm hit last year.

We are not recovering but they are trying like hell to apply first aid to an open head wound and its not working. Again protect yourself with physical gold. Will we get my long hoped for pull back .....DUNNO.....but I think we are going to know this gang...


  1. Isn't AUY just the best? :D

  2. Also, are those miners you mentioned all unhedged? You expect a pullback from today? I got my AUY at 8.99 and not in the mood to go boat-chasing now..

  3. Auy unhedged..........juniors most are not in production

  4. GORO and ANV are unhedged. GORO will go in production soon and ANV already has ton of Gold reserves. For more info on GORO scroll down the link and check it out:

  5. Danke for the info. The funniest thing is I thought my AUY shares were a hedge for my shorting the S&P, but it turns out they're a good position on their own and my shorts are still healthy lol. Not looking that gift horse in the mouth.

  6. Morla,

    GORO and ANV are not trades, you buy some to make sure you are in and then hope for retracement so you can buy more, trying to time the GOLD is not a good idea. GORO and ANV will be lot higher than where they are now by the end of the yr.

  7. I'm really not trying to time gold, I just think on the off-chance that I'm wrong and there's a lot more S&P upside from here that it would have to be inflationary.

    P3, which I think we are either in or soon entering, should also be kinder to gold stocks than to other stocks, though they will go down (time to average down then I agree).

  8. And she'll have fun fun fun 'Til her daddy takes the T-Bird away


  9. immred

    are you at all concerned with ung's problems such as nav, contango etc?

    you set some pretty lofty targets earlier


  10. As for UNG I sent this opinion out yesterday. As for NAV and Cotango, it's working against the ETF at the moment. As for worrying I will quote Alfred E. Neuman with the text: "What me Worry?" Basically the October contract is capitulating now in the futures market rather than in the October spot market like I expected. Didn't add significant to my token unleveraged position or puke it up. As liquidity and real cash disappears, the games to steal what's left will get more complicated and/or creative like cash for clunkers, 1st time home buyer, health care reform and carbon credits. If you are expecting something logical to trade on, you will be front run by the Big Boyz with their shiny quant machines. Best thing is to stay out and get ready for the really bad times to come, if you are in stay unleveraged, expect to be B!tch Slapped on timing and magnitude as your positions are more aggressively front run every day. Once a critical mass of longs in the natural gas futures market have been shaken out at the very last minute, it will be brought back up. Timeline is months to a couple year until higher targets above the 200 dma are reached, still could be wrong and we hug the base as cheap natural gas is used to fuel the start of the re-inflation game.

    As for the general market, personal expectations are still for a commodity spike blowoff before any correction in the short or longer term happens. Don't trade on this opinion, I am not since I have learned the hard way it will happen under the most unfavorable conditions you can imagine

    "Looks like the market and/or market makers is trying to force capitulation in natural gas before the hurricanes and fall hits. This is happening about a month sooner than I expected but I guess that was the idea.

    As for the general market doesn't look to unusual at the moment. "

  11. i thought said above 14 possible 4-6 weeks?

  12. Red absolutely correct.....this thing will be a short squeeze from hell according to Joe......and of course that is the plan

  13. Trading is a range and you weigh those expectations with your risk tolerance. I said a maximum of 14. I also mention a capitulation minimum of 7s to low 9s. To make things muddier you could be rangebound be for a period between 9s to 11s to work out the NAV during that time period.

    Market Makers know this, quant programs know this, you either have stop losses, scale in/out slowly until targets are reached, play unleverage and wait it out or don't play if you cannot stand the dirty games/tricks designed to steal from rational investors outside the loop.

    Another note which you should really think through, don't post your current exact stops or planned entry/exit points, use end of day and mental stops. Investor sentiment and computer stops are being data mined to exploit for maximum profit.

    Natural gas is not known as the widowmaker in the pits for nothing.

    Gold is a little better because it has been manipulated for so long, and is relatively non-critical when fiat currencies rule outside of jewelry and and few industrial application. Gold is attempting another breakout to the upside against fiat currencies with its only competition unemployment.