Sunday, September 20, 2009


Or more importantly.....whats next week gonna be. My instincts say that we are still in a prolonged distribution. With the exceptional volume in one trader how else could you reach any other conclusion.

Cycle theory says we should start seeing cracks in the wall soon but that may have a little wiggle room so be cautious with short entry. I am watching oil very closely for has to get through 75 to carry us to a near term 1200 and I just don't see that . So use your brain with what I just told you.

Watch EDAP UNG and especially for safer plays AUY SSRI on gap trade plays. Also CVM NVAX are nice gambles especially on gaps. Keep your cash heavy here and let the "Boyz" show you their play. Greed will kill you in this market. One of my partners is a greedy little bastard (he reads this blog hehe) and asked me in March about LVS. I hate the casinos long term. But I told him go for it ....P2 is gonna be a monster. He did . Heavy play. Today he is out LVS was 3.50 and today it went over 19..... Lesson here is this whole mess is a casino and you don't have to be the best market player to make money.....but you have to be in the game .....Just remember its a game and if you better be money you can afford to lose. Otherwise you are insane.


  1. kli, you say watch ung, do you mean for more upside? what about the new shares coming out and the premium and the storage,

  2. looks like they may squeeze shorts further if you are already in it play it....otherwise gap trades only.....

  3. This is playing to a tee of the '79 chart Droke posted in his article. If it continues, we should see a 2-3% drop from the high this week followed by a 5-6% rise then a 15-25% drop during the following 3 week period. I do not claim to know what will happen, just following what you posted some time ago and thus far has been spot on. Thanks.