Saturday, September 19, 2009


Someone asked me recently WHY am I doing this. In other words ....Why am I in this market? Why do I spend all this time in a rigged casino? Because ..................I am trying to make some money. Soooo How do you do it? You GAMBLE. This is one GIANT CRAP SHOOT. And you better understand that if you are going to keep playing this game.

This has always to some degree been a rigged game. But if you can gain some knowledge and make the right bet .......who knows you might make some money..... I have played this game for almost 30 years and taken a number of famous beatings.....I learn something new all the time and hope that you will too.

Now back to earth. This is as rigged as I have ever seen this thing called a stock market. So if you are a newbie realize that there is an excellent chance when this hurricane is all over with in 2014 there is a good chance you could be picked clean. The alternative is get out now and go to physical gold or silver and prepare for the storm.... This is probably the smartest. My money is 401K and I am going to stay in the game but my eyes are wide open and MAYBE just MAYBE I will make the right move. I listen to a lot of people more bright than I......and make up my own decision in the do the same .......make your own decision and LIVE with it.

I hope all of you make it and I hope all of you make money in this absolute mess. Remember above all there are going to be lots of families enduring terrible them as much as you can it will be the ONLY thing that will live with you till the day you to you all.

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  1. Oh, there is a lot of hope. You just need to avoid homosexuals like Gato off stockstop. He remains a great contrarian indicator at all times.