Saturday, October 17, 2009


Eleven more children died this week from H1N1. The virus is spreading at an unprecedented rate for this time of the year. Most cases I am seeing are relatively mild. Some have been hospitalized.

The emergency rooms are starting to fill up with cases and it is just beginning. Stay away from the emergency rooms.

Recommendations for the vaccine remain the same: do your own due diligence. I am squarely on the fence on this unless you have an underlying medical condition or those cases YOU MUST.

So far research is finding some data on this that makes me very uncomfortable that resortment is potentially still an 800 lb gorilla and could even come through as the grim reaper by spring. In english...this virus could pick up a DNA hiker from another country and be on your doorstep late this year or next taking you to meet your maker.

I have also been informed that this virus has some earmarks in its composition that leads researchers to speculate that may have been engineered.......imagine that (no links today).

Lastly I am not using tamiflu much with it nor does the CDC recommend it except under only set circumstances. Its not that effective anyway IMO. so gl stay safe


  1. Related to your point on the DNA hiker, what do you think of this article of swine flu turning into an air-borne version of AIDS?

    This may just be a red herring to scare people, not sure, but sounds pretty ominous to the medically uninformed like myself. - Analyze.

  2. reassortment is unpredictable at this stage but considered likely due to this virus's capability.....another influenzae subtype avian more probable.....theoretically both of these scenarios have at least a potential.....but either one would be

  3. Hey Kli...Are you still holding CVM? If this H1N1 is as bad as it's being reported...I suspect it will be used as the excuse for the ultimate collapse coming...They'll claim, "Shutting down the economy had to be done"....

  4. still got small core of cvm..trying to trade far so good but it is bronco and it is dangerous......and yes it may have a real impact in next 2 months on production numbers...but that doesn't matter they will have A "seasonality adjustment"

  5. Hey Kli, not sure if you're a Seinfeld fan, but there's an episode where "George Costanza" learns that the opposite of his every initial thought is the correct one haha! I'm feeling that way about this market, it's like logic is out the window. Anyway, sorry you took a hit on DTO, but it may be time to get in soon, maybe next week if/when it crosses $80!?

  6. Sammy may have quick hard squeeze to 85 .....a gift

  7. It's really funny on the SKF board, now that people who have any grasp of TA have left. It is amateur hour, with little Marky trying to show his knoweledge (which is laughable from a TA perspective). Erik tried the same thing constantly bumping up his messages posting to himself. The recent Yahoo snafoo showed how many people posted under aliases. Somedirtyhippie being Erik, notice the ID disappeared. Once anyone with brains left, these trailer court wannabees tried to exert influence. It is not by random that Erik's blog is connected to daytrading douchebags, and stockstop is empty outside of Clair begging for free stockpicks by kissing ass to the amateurs that might bother to show up. "She" had a post earlier tonight on SKF that ended up with a new userid of william (200% returns). Inlet lives there too, he constantly harrassed Daneric day and night, but had Kauneongal removed as a modertor because he disagreed with his cycles in the chat room. Inlet predicted a downtrending market several months ago and has been wrong for months, but as soon as Kauneongal called him on it, he paired up with little Marky to ostracize any dissenters. What a joke. Once the stockstop people stopped posting to teach Marky grade level 101 TA, he switched over to the SKF board to feel like an expert. Now, he has the support of Well_Armed under the geeseflying ID. Too bad WA is not aware of what Marky under many different IDs said about him offline, it might make him remove support.