Friday, October 9, 2009


A good friend of mine in the pharmacuetical business asked me to give some print to this man tonight so I am obliging.....

He is a problem. You can't shut him up. Last week we had video on him that was an internet sensation that brought him over ten thousand donations...blasting the Federal Reserve.

Then he had the audacity to criticize the Republicans and Democrats obstructing Health Care reform. Not just any attack but an in your face shove it up your axx attack. And he just keeps talking. He has no respect for authority. He was called on the carpet by Reid Pelosi and Steny "the snake" Hoyer. They straightened him out pronto.......He was informed that he was a freshman representative and is to be not seen and not heard. He took the message to heart and immediately went out and ripped a new azzhole in the obstructionists of healthcare reform.

My friend is a well healed benefactor of the healthcare bonanza for the past 30 years and knows what a fixed game it all is and is shocked that this guy has the audacity to stand up to the system and confront the fix. After all only 45 thousand people a year now lose their lives each year due to poor or no health insurance according to a recent Harvard study. In fact he himself took on several of the big boys in his past including Walgreens and Mckesson. He just can't believe someone else has the same audacity.

Personally I can accept 45 thousand dead a year if it saves my taxes going up and I can spend my taxes on something more productive like dumping 12 trillion on the big banks.....(can't miss those bonuses this year)...After all what would our economy do if the best and brightest of the bankers go somewhere else. Personally I vote for China ....they are becoming too cocky and we need to give them a virus. Oh wait ...we did that with H1N1..forget that idea...

Back to that 45 thousand problem....ya know those pesky kids are in that number too....nah forget it.........I will just ignore it....They don't vote anyway and its just too awful to really want to think about in detail. So yeh....I will just ignore it. Let's get back to the facts and that is what this bill you dumbass TRILLIONS...of dollars. You know that currency that is now worthless anyway. Nevermind the current system costs our GDP TWICE what any other developed country spends. Forget that fact too. Not really important. I've got mine now you get yours.

Oh....thats right Alan fkn Grayson....CEASE and DESIST...You are creating problems. You are trying to save lives .....HOW DARE YOU. Insurance companies need help too. Where is your compassion there ....huh .....HUH.... Damn Next thing you know you are going to be criticizing the Fed again. Well don't worry gang....the PTB will figure out a way to stop this insanity. After all we all know (Joe, you too) .....No good deed goes unpunished..So they will take him down. He knows that too........thats why he is my hero...He knows he is going to get it up the axx, but he speaks out anyway. That my friends is the definition of a hero. RIGHT D.S?....Right


  1. The problem with people who stand up and fight authority is that it is very easy to peg them as neanderthals or fringe freaks. You need to separate yourself out from kissing butt to your enemies in order to make a difference. Only people who have overcome fear or a need for attention can do it. The current society is one of repression where you can seemingly only win if you are a part of the mass. We are in a sick world with liars as leaders, and the homosexualization of North America as an underpinning, where people put on a pretence of normality, but are far from it. Corruption is labeled as normal, truth is labeled as freak. But a silent army is standing by that will bring this whole thing down when the timing is right. And they are stone-faced and ready to put their foot on the neck of any servant of satan that has a mouth to get in the way of it. Watch.

  2. Currently, health care is rationed (to some extent) by price. Under Obamacare, health care would be rationed by bureacrats.

  3. Kil

    This from the Book "And there was light" by Jacques Lusseryran a blind hero of the French Resistance who spent the last year of the war in Buchenwald. It is an incredible book.

    "Of myself what can I say why was I never entirely bereft of joy. But it was a fact and my solid support. Joy I found even in strange byways, in the midst of fear itself. And fear departed from me, as infection leaves an abscess when it bursts. By the end of a year in Buchenwald I was convinced that life was not at all as I had been taught to believe it, neither life nor society. For example, how could I explain that in block 56, my block, the only man who had volunteered day and night, for months, to watch over the most violent mad, to calm them down and feed them, to care for the ones with cancer, dysentery, typhus, to bathe them and comfort them, was a person of whom everyone said that in ordinary life he was effeminate, a parlor pederast, a man one would hesitate to associate with? But here he was the good angel, frankly the saint, the only saint in Invalid's Block. How account for the fact that Dietrich, the German criminal, arrested seven years before for strangling his mother and his wife, had turned braved and generous? Why was he sharing his bread with the others at the risk of dying sooner? And why, at the same time, did that honest bourgeois from our country, that small tradesman from the Vendee, father of a family, get up in the night to steal the bread of other men?

    These shocking things were not what I had read in books. They were there in front of me. I had no way of not seeing them, and they raised all kinds of questions in my mind. And last of all, was it Buchenwald, or was it the everyday world, what we call the normal life, which was topsy-turvy?

    An old peasant from the Anjou whom I had just met-how strange that he was born only six miles from Juvardeil- insisted that it was the everyday world which was askew. He was convinced of it.

  4. Thanx Tom.....things are never what they seem it seems..(pardon the yogi berra) but yes it is the world we are living in now......this is a transition from the Unreal to the maybe we can see now who steps forward to give you that piece of bread....knowing that he just shaved time from his life.

  5. Last night while watching Bill Moyers on PBS, it just hit me that we must disconnect the attention and the business of Wall Street to Government connection. We must do this now, and quickly.
    The focus and emphasis needs to be - Main Street to government connection. Now, who steps forward - more like which group. Only in a group will change occur, imho.

  6. Kli: I was truly inspired when Grayson was ramming the FED, for one breif moment I had hope! It was refreshing that SOMEONE had the balls to say what needs to be said! However his last rant re: Healthcare was a Circus side show. As far as I'm concerned He's no different that the rest .........

  7. Sometimes a sideshow in one area can be of strategic significance in another. The only politician who actually wants to regulate the bankers needs all the attention he can get in my opinion.

  8. Agree with Tom. Maybe Grayson has something up his sleeve. Here is the real republican health care plan:
    1.Federal tax credit to purchase health insurance.
    2.Purchase health insurance across state-lines.
    3.Comprehensive tort reform.
    4.Increase HSA contribution limits.

  9. Grayson is a politician.....therefore NOT to be trusted.....BUT .....I will give him the benefit of the doubt even though he may be a trojan horse......I am a cynic .....right there with you....speaking out is all we gotz more powere to far as health care goes I am fatalistic......its a mess

  10. Why stop at state lines lol, why not let us get health insurance from China? I bet they'd cut us a deal lol. Anyway we're primitive not having universal healthcare, not saying I trust the dems to do it right but it does have to happen somehow.