Monday, December 14, 2009


That should make the sheople feel better. Our Prez is givin um hell. Just like Harry S Truman. NOT. What is more sad is that the Feds balance sheet is stockpiled with toxic derivatives that have been exchanged for treasuries and freshly printed dollars. Furthermore they refuse to let ANYONEsee what they have done to our currency. How sad. This once great country has been reduced to a president knealing down before bankers begging them to quit robbing the country into oblivion. Sounds about par for where we have been going for the past 30 years. We are toast.

On a happy note....XOM bot XTO. Wow. Watta deal. HUGE. again NOT. This is nothing more than commodity buying to get rid of dollars. XTO hold huge nat gas reserves. This is more Warren Buffet dollar play. The dollar is done for. Get over it. If you hold dollars you're a fool ......sorry.

Play LCC if you get a chance. But mainly watch the miners . ANV JAG AUY EGO. Have a happy holiday and gl gang.

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