Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Don't complain about the paint job on the no bid market....its the holiday season. I am sorry for the short posts and ill temper (if you detect it) but I am passing a kidney stone....and it aint fun bein tuff when you are deep down inside a puss.

Great day to trade if you had LCC or the miners ...nice lil swings. I am now out of LCC unless it pulls back at close.....and that is unlikely at this juncture.

Miners were up with gold down so please take note traders....this will happen often in the months to come. AUY was strong today. Still holding a core.

BE VERY CAREFUL with gold and miners.....down trend near term seems still strong. Look for gold to test 1030 area several times to confirm that is the bottom...if it breaks it then it could go sub 1000 .....no problem.

The bad GDP number confirms more stimulus to be headed for the pipeline next year so get ready for stagflation galore. We know gold is going higher at some point. gl


  1. Thanks Kli, I made money on Lcc! need your advice
    and comment on refinery stocks like WNR, TSO, VLO.

    Again Thank you very much and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Have not played vlo for over 2 years....but the chart looks very nice maybe I will have to take a closer look....gl

  3. Kli what happened to Bikini girl, was that a one day thing? Here is one oil play that has had some nice movement of late, BPZ. Thanks for the great blog and Happy Holidays.

  4. Nice movement in this trading inspirational video too.


  5. People are boring. Just no personalities or independent thought whatsoever. I go over to the SKF board, last night people are posting about what shit they are eating for dinner, and most of it is trailer court trash eating cereal and tacos, and proud of it, they probably had to borrow the money from mama to get it. I see sellputs give a post tonight to introduce himself, and people scatter in all directions like they have always done when I post there, because they sense he has a brain and will interfere in the facade they put on, he has posted to Erik there and even on his crap always-wrong blog and been ignored, just like I was ignored a couple months ago. God knows Erik needs any help he can get, let alone from someone like me or sellputs. I post a Lady Ga Ga video here, and there is no woman cool enough to notice the words in the video to come up with an obvious line like, "when it comes to my trading, I'm a free bitch baby". All I get is Lakecabs coming in after the fact with a dumbass post. This is hopeless. Imagination has escaped society. I really don't know why I even bother with my inspirational trading videos like Britney or Shakira. Just venting. That being said, have a good holiday.

  6. Relax anon, it is all good. Do a google search on "Prince William balding", it will make you feel better. Similar to Andre Agassi and his media-produced personality contrived to match appearance, he can now become sensitive instead of a rebel (his charital works will ramp now). The media will now ramp up efforts to frame his brother as "once was rebellious, but now retrievable" to keep the dream alive.

  7. Great post Anon, seeing those pictures made me look at AMGN as a possible long. I am also shorting land mines just the way Princess Dianne would want. I need to run now and post over on the SKF board that I am a 52 year old having dominos pizza for lunch if I am able to bust open a bubble gum machine to get the quarters out of it.

  8. Wow, is that you xq? I was about to post to heartless bitch aka girlcantrade, but this makes me want to post to you instead.