Saturday, January 9, 2010


One of our investigative division reporters stumbled upon AIG emails in their endeavor to research the ongoing Geithner revelations. We are able to provide some details at this point. Most of the revelations are being withheld due to national security concerns regarding their impact on our troops. But one of our sources uncovered a secretly taped conversation at AIG

But Mr. Govenor (geithner) this request violates what we believe is all semblance of decency. For us to withold this information from the public is criminal.

geithner....yes ...I know it seems a little unusual but no worries this is in the best interest of the people. Do you mind if I smoke?

No...its perfectly fine. This office is completely private. This is where we used to have our TGIF stripper parties before the meltdown. You should have seen it Tim....sorry I mean Govenor.

No no call me Tim....we are all friends here. In fact ...I know your name Larry can the rest of your give your first names.

Moe....nice to meet you sir.

Ted....but my friends call me Curly...

Guys while we are discussing this dirty little business...Would the rest of you like a little toke...cough cough..

Sure is really cool. No one would ever have thought that you were a stoner sir...

Yes I know...A lot of things about me are misunderstood.....notice how I look like Robert Stack the untouchables actor. Chics dig that guys. Not to mention that a lot of people think I am charismatic. .... Hey knock it off with the laughing guys...(lots of coughing and laughing heard)

Sir can we get back to business....I am getting really hungry and wanna skate outta here. Lets get this straight. Don't tell the sheople we screwed um for 80Billion in Swaps right? After all you are da law....This is soooo rich sir....and BTW I think you do look like Robert Stack...

Yup guys are on board. This year will be the greatest bull run in the Markets history and with your cooperation. We can make our Country proud. BTW I am not Mr. Govenor....Its adios boys. See ya later Larry,Moe and Curly.

All references above are copyrighted by the Kliguy38 news bureau and are reserved for private viewing only...any resemblance to the truth is your problem and you should turn your ass in now....


  1. truth is stranger than fiction so I am certain something even more dubious took place.

    next time use a larger tape to get the whole story

  2. Kli, your other post with Barney Frank showing up was far superior. All these people deserve some "special attention" from Barney. It is like the old joke from years ago, there was a football player who got nailed on some charge and had to go to jail ending his career, so he went to jail as a tight end, but on parole he left as a wide receiver. - Analyze.

  3. If you ask me little snake Timmy looks gay or at least by...I'm sure there are a lot of prison "bubbas" that would like him too. He is a little "too pretty" for my taste and you gotta figure Barney and his fudge packing crew check him out....GROSS! Kli...keep it up, like your humor. TexasBlondie (Did I just say that? :))

  4. For Humor to be Effective, There has to be Some Truth Present. In this case A LOT of Truth is Present......