Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Or how about Chris Dodd a perfect example of a broken Nation. Or how about Chris Dodd American Scumbag. Ok ok i will stop while I am behind. What a dirty shame that creap walks away without being hung in public.

His wife was a blood sucking vampire from the lobbying vampire cave. That slime biatch sat on four health organization boards.

Dodd loved to campaign against lobbyists and turn right around and suck off of some of the biggest corporate criminals. I loved in particular how his special Country Wide mortgage deal was completely swept under the rug.

Yes ......I will be in mourning all day. The Dodd family has asked that all donations and flowers be sent through a toll free number 1-888-EAT-CHIT ....If your donations are greater than 1000 dollars then just place them in a paper bag marked CD and leave it with the other bags on the Capital steps.

Watch miners today as usual.....I liked AUYs price action yesterday. GL gang


  1. After last March and April after he opened up FNM and FRE to the biggest heist in history I am sure he was well compensated. I will keep an eye on him. Like Cheney he will have a major pay out.

  2. Amen, This Guy is a real piece of Chit! What a F-N Coward!! Just wish there was some way to Claw Back all the ill gotten gains the piece of garbage stole.......

  3. The bankers buddy. I wonder how big his war chest is? Tried searching, came up with nothing. Last I looked, a politician is really not supposed to keep monies raised for campaigns, but usually do. Becomes quite a nice sum when they have elections sewn up but still have thier fund raisers. So I assume he did some math, and figured why spend all that money for an election I can't win, may as well spend it on myself.