Sunday, January 17, 2010


That is only one descriptive phrase in Ron Paul's description in this magnificent speech. I guess an old man that has been marginalized can get away with telling the truth. None of the other Washington retreads will. Watta bunch of cowards our country is governed by. This speech says it all and I encourage you to listen to it in its entirety.....especially the last one third.....especially if you consider yourself a flag waving chickenhawk.

Now for the real reason we join together for comunion this glorious sunday.....making money in the ponzi. Friday sets up nicely for the trend but that means nothing. As stated in earlier posts this year is NOT going to be a repeat of last year. This is the year that good traders can make money in this market if they can understand the ponzi.. I like the miners going into the next 2 years but I warn you it will NOT be a straight up proposition. You will have a strain imposed on your positions to shake you out. It is the way this game works. You will have pronouncements made virutally hourly on CNBC that the real economy has made the necessary turn for actual healing.

We will hear a constant drumbeat for real recovery this year. You will know as market corrections occur to go long when you hear days where Kramer and other CNBC pundits pronounce that things are worse than thought. Beware this is an organized attempt to keep our ship afloat. In some ways you have to root for them to be successful but I cannot be sanguine in this regard.

With the contributors that read this blog and comment you will find pearls of wisdom that may sustain you through this coming ordeal.

Do your own research and be aware that EGO ANV SSRI SLW AUY are some of the stocks to watch. Another junior I want you to be aware should be an evential superstar is VGZ. PAL SWC...on the paladium front.

Finally remember the terrible suffering in Haiti.....give gang


  1. No offense to Ron Paul but that amazing speech is much better in text than delivered by Ron Paul :/

    Look here how the FDA was caught playing patty-cake with big tobacco:

    This link is a good essay by Timothy P. Carney about how regulation is wanted and even lobbied for by the largest player in cigarettes to increase their economies of scale advantage:

    Just like every other issue in modern discourse the tobacco issue has devolved into "us vs them". The anti-smoking movement cares more about victory over the smokers than public health. Add to that a massive tobacco player that cares more about market share than public health and this is a match made in heaven.

    Snus-type smokeless tobacco appears empirically to be vastly safer than smoking. If the hall monitors were really concerned about safety you'd think they'd jump all over this chance to make the halls safer. I'm waiting.

    They don't want people to have nicotine, period. The ideologues just want ruin everyone else's good time, it's all they've ever wanted over 1000s of years. There's always been this "mother knows best" faction fighting against recreational libertarianism on every front.

    So the tobacco giants, with amazing ambidexterity, blame the government for rising cigarette prices while actively lobbying for the legislation that leads to said increases.

    *begin slow clap*

  2. Long DTO, again?

  3. Human greed is so archetypal it could be a deity a thousand times more beautiful and moving of the spirit than Baby Jesus.

    Another, lesser spirit -- Megalomania. The desire to turn the world into one's image, at all costs. This is the disease of the hungry white ghost who has been tricked into believing he is a God, alone on his own island, commanding from up above.

    Such a twisted trick it turned out to be.

  4. I know I've said it before but I love Jesse's Crossroads Cafe! That blog belongs right next to this one on everyone's bookmarks list!

  5. DTO smells like money right now and holdin 60% of my position from friday.....will add or sell tues depend on direction of oil..and thnks morla....Paul was marginalized early on rather than crushed...they felt his impact would never be as great as it has.....they properly assessed his speaking ability but underestimated his tenacity and message.

  6. Kli thoughts on Prechter's latest P3 started and top was in 1/14????

  7. Google is making me happy lately. Pulling censorship from China is bold for a corp to do, Tiananmen searches are going wild. They've got info on how to help in Haiti on their main page and the new MLK-day logo is nice to boot. Sorry for welcoming one of our new corporate overlords of course :)

  8. Give them time Morla..PTB will DEFINITELY have to reign in google.......and Prechter crystal ball says...........nope. hehehe.... I will stick with my guess they push the ponzi to the 61.8 fib.....just my guess based on a number of we get some great moves down before that number (1240 area i believe) YES...anyway doesn't have much affect on my strategy unless we hit the number then I will have more confidence in heavier short aware shorts are big fat targets for GS. I will short but only with what i have mentioned in recent posts and dont even like mentioning them.