Friday, January 15, 2010


Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but I like the sound of it. As we all debate the course of the next few years I ran across a couple of articles that are bringing up the term Malinvestment. Put that term in your memory banks are going to hear a lot more of it over the next few years. Its the key to the what will be the failure of the reinflation effort of the government and the Federal Reserve. In spite of the coordinated efforts of our so called best and brightest...the most important aspect of recovery is being completely ignored. Our real growth engines for the future education, manufacturing, infrastructure, small business, small banking, are being left to the wolves. A massacre is coming and you must not fall into the trap that has been set for over 25 years waiting to finally destroy whats left of you. Here is a nice excerpt......

Capitalism has nothing to do with ponzi finance; ponzi finance is a function of fiat currency and credit financial systems where the government creates, prints and lends funds out of thin air, where the INSIDERS get the printed money/credit first, and then inflate asset values to create the illusion of growth. Look at today’s 0% interest rates; banksters and connected organizations get the money virtually free (from the FED and their DEPOSITORS) and lend it to the public at 5 to 30% rates, or to the government. Capitalism was in effect before fiat currencies and will function after this version of them fall to their EXTINCTION

Today is the first day of the rest of your life...SO PULEEEEEZE start taking steps to insure you are not a victim in this ponzi. It requires you to be proactive. A great deal of wealth has been destroyed and will be destroyed. Physical gold.

So lets get with it trading today watch the gaps. Market stinks. They have to take it down to give the suckers entry points. Keep that in mind and try to benefit.

DTO looks like it still has some room. GL gang


  1. Aren't you going to tell people where to buy gold and silver? Let them know about APMEX.COM and MONEX.COM (the most reliable, low-priced dealers I know of). Be aware of credit card extra charges and volume-based discounts. Writing a check might be cheaper.

  2. An even better way to buy gold IMO is eBay.

    Every now and again, BING runs promotions where if you click through a link on eBay from BING, you get somewhere between 7-35% off your purchase if it's a buy it now item and you pay with PayPal.

    So right now if you go to bing and search for 'cheap ipod' you'll see a result at the top that says if you click through you'll get 8% back.

    Once you click through you can search for gold.

    Check bing every few days - if it spikes up to 35% as it does probably for a few days a few times a year, that's the time to pounce.

    I think they limit the total amount per purchase and per year, but it's like 2k, so you'd have to buy a decent amount of gold there to hit that cap.

    Here's a thread about it on a deals website:

  3. fabulescent --

    Ebay premiums tends to be much higher than APMEX or MONEX. Also, if an auction does initially have a lower premium, the bidders will pile in and bid up the premium to record levels. I checked your Bing discount recommendations and it seems that only the garbage auctions om eBay are using that, to stimulate demand for garbage products. Such as 22-karat gold-plated coins, and not solid gold coins.

  4. I agree if the rebate through bing is less than 10-15%

    You're probably seeing lots of crap because a lot of people are buying gold these days. But I keep checking - things are very fluid with gold on eBay. If we get a correction in gold I suspect better quality will show up as people prematurely dump their gold.

    It only works on buy it now merchandise and not on auction items - so the price is fixed. Keep watching - at > 20% through bing things become more worthwhile.

  5. Why do I have to tell guys are here ...hehe...anyway I buy through There are a few card holds the purchase and you get a bank money order thereafter...

  6. Is this a good time to dump TZA?

  7. I own tiny TZA and will hold for now.....

  8. Today it looks like I'm lucky to have GORO and TLR.. Not so much lucky for having AUY but que cera cera..

    Could be hard to price Alpo in gold coins. If you're serious about going physical, in addition to gold coins a big bag of old US 90% silver coins ("junk silver") might be a good buy. Not as an investment, but to facilitate barter. Start flashing gold coins during a depression and you're as likely to get robbed as traded with.

    Keep gold and you'll have wealth after it's all over, but keep silver and you can at least buy some beans and blankets en route.

  9. ---> for physical metal

  10. Morla in Haiti...

    "They are starting to block the roads with bodies," he told Reuters. "It's getting ugly out there, people are fed up with getting no help."

    "4,000 prisoners had escaped and were freely roaming the streets."

    "Small bands of young men and teenagers with machetes roamed downtown streets and helped themselves to whatever they could find in wrecked homes."

    You don't just stock Alpo, ya got to remember to safeguard it. Firearms, bow, hunting knife. What closely at what happens in Haiti as the social order breaks down, now think globally with no US troops coming to the rescue in a la Somalia.

  11. Kli,

    I read your blog everyday, and have been following your comments and views back from the old SKF board. I have never bought physical metals before, but would like to begin. I just checked out the Kitco site you mentioned. A couple of questions- Should I start and or stick with just gold? Any benefit in buying different weights? (1 oz. or 1/2 or 1/4 etc) How easy are they to resell in the future and where? Sorry if these questions seem basic, but I'm trying to prepare for the future. I should mention I only have $5000 I would like to invest in physical metals as of now. Thanks for all you insights and for this blog.

  12. with 5K I would buy half silver 1oz bullions coins and 2 or three of the gold 1oz philharmonics......the silver will be easier to sell to individuals or trade for needed

  13. I do feel that most citizens should have a firearm of some kind, but as has been mentioned places a gun will do you very little good in an urban/suburban setting in any state of real chaos. You could have a mounted M60 and body armor and you're still just one guy in an ocean of windows and hard cover. Getting away from civilization and water filtration will be more important than your gun if it ever came down to it.