Sunday, January 24, 2010


Traders year indeed....Don't get caught in the noise game gang. I may not be the best fact I may not be close...but to survive this mess it will help to make some moves this year as we have indicated in previous posts. My core miner holding is robust now so I am fat and happy. I may get to add on further miner weakness this week but it will be cautious with gap trades to. Here is a nice analysis to read and this sight has been very good. Here is an excerpt..........

My published stocks analysis expired at the end of December that had called for a rally that targeted 10,500 into the end of December, before a significant correction began, my focus since has been on completing the Inflation Mega-trends ebook (overdue by 8 days) which includes stock market trend implications as well as many others as we head for high inflation for at least several years if not longer.

The 3 day plunge is the strongest price / time action since the birth of the stealth stocks bull market in March, my analysis implication has listed the size of the corrections to date as a guide to what to expect during 2010, therefore this current decline is strong in terms of price / time change that is suggestive of FURTHER declines even if the stocks bounce from current very oversold levels, this is inline with my overall scenario of a sideways trend for 2010 for western stock markets which my earlier analysis (UK Interest rate forecast) alluded to.

Nevertheless this so far is still a correction which means we are STILL in a stocks bull market the probability for which at the very least favours a 2010 sideways trend with an upward bias. Instead we will soon see the perma-bears appear again on CNBC to claim the Bear Market Rally is OVER ! Much as I reacted to the crescendo of crash calls last October (Stock Market Crash Again?). A 60% gain in 9 months is NOT a bear market rally, it IS a bull market, even if the performance of the indebted western stock markets is to be poor during 2010, I do expect emerging market stocks to again significantly out perform during 2010. More on in this in an in depth analysis this coming week (newsletter).


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    TRUTH hurts which is why most humans avoid it especially when it comes to themselves. It's easier to blame power than one looking at their own GREED and contribution to ponzi. All powerful does is taking advantage of individual's greed. People are so good at lieing to themselves, while in reality all they are doing is envy the power they do not have.