Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You're gonna get the horn from the stag so bend over. There is a 95% probability we get a serious dose of essential goods and services inflation as assets deflate and our economy collapses. If you realize this danger you can take action to protect yourself and family now. Its starting here and in other developed economies. Here is an excerpt from an article adressing this.....

THEY WERE SUPPOSED to avert depression. The Bank of England continues to tout their "success".

But it looks like the best that money-printing and zero rates might now deliver is '70s-style stagflation, plus '30s-style wealth destruction and a glacé cherry on top.

Giving Britain its "stag" – as in stagnation – are economic output, wages, capital investment, real estate prices and now, perhaps, a return of the bear market in London shares. Whether or not GDP shows an uptick for the end of 2009, this is the deepest British recession since 1931. Business investment sank to a 6-year low on the last quarterly data, and the number of people out of work for 12 months or more has risen by two-thirds since Northern Rock was bailed out, breaking the dam of bail-outs worldwide in late 2007.

Stepping in with a very 21st century version of drowning, not waving, "The number of people in part-time employment increased by 99,000 to reach a record high of 7.71 million" between Sept. and November '09, says the Office for National Statistics. "There were 1.03 million employees and self-employed people working part-time because they could not find a full-time job...the highest figure since records for this series began in 1992."

Morla bump on health care bill (Insurance Bailout Bill)
Another home run, Kli! Unfortunately the ball hit me right in the mouth.. I was just daring to hope that perhaps our political system was finally so broken (or fixed) that the government might flail on it's back like a turtle for a while.

If they ram this through anyway that will scare me, because phony finance reform will be right behind it. Hell that could be even easier since Hungry Hungry Bankers has been a guilty pleasure of the republicans. One or two will probably wander over for that party, maybe even bring their own marbles.

And yeah none of this has much to do with whatever jerk got elected in Mass. We need third and fourth political parties to get this back in hand. With only two directions of motion, like a train we are unable to steer our course. We can hurtle out of control in one direction or another or we can halt progress entirely.

More political parties bring more to the table than just their own ideas, their very presence would force the existing parties to change their ways to compete.

What I fear is that modern conservatives are so turned-off to the idea of universal health care (and btw conservatives these dem plans are not "universal") that even if we get an intelligent party in power they won't be able to give us the single-payer system we actually need. That system of course would be BAD for fat-cats so not even a democrat would dare try it.

Also BTW conservatives the dems aren't socialists they're corporatists. Like the republicans, but sneakier. So sneaky in fact you all think they're socialists. Socialist like a fox!

After all the repubs had fear on their side all 8 years, ask Machiavelli you can get away with damn near anything when people are afraid. The dems need to funnel money to the wealthy more discreetly because they got stuck with "hope" instead of fear. Regulating away the competitors of their economies-of-scale sugar-daddies of choice as an example. Or perhaps toothless "regulations" that act as assurance to said industries that no real oversight is coming anytime soon, so loot away.

Corporatism is like socialism but the money flows in the other direction. Instead of rob the rich give to the poor (socialism) this is rob EVERYONE (even the less rich) and give to the rich.

Do you want them to rob you or do you want us to help them rob you? Some choice..

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