Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Which way did they go?? Up....down Up .......down. Can you say indecision. Or how about.....stalling for time. Or No bid market. Bulls and Bears are FROZEN.. Except for the gap traders. Joe is still wackin the SWC pinata.

Missed my DTO trade and watched my core of Miners with no trades. For those of you frozen here then I suggest you look at your portfolio. If you are a long term holder then have your core of miners at 20-30% of your portfolio. SLW SSRI AUY EGO ANV GG GFI. A great core of miners. The correction could be in here. If you are a day trader the gap trades are the way to go. SWC is a monster.

If you want to be a long term holder of miners I believe we still hit the 1020 on the SnP. But my core is a little large and I can't really read any of the tea leaves here. The technicals are still in the down trend so you don't have a bottom formed yet. Many of these miners are already in bear markets.....check it ....thats right.

The lack of money is the root of all evil.

MARK TWAIN, Mark Twain's Notebook


  1. What about jag? My svm did well today. GLTA. -sis

  2. ouch......that dog....patience. The boyz want it cheap sis