Monday, February 15, 2010


Nothing like a fairytale to stir the cauldrons of the sheeple. Hard hitting journalism at its finest. This is all noise for the masses but thought if you wished to see how the masses are kept at bay in a ponzi.....then you could read this. Just be aware that when you read this that you understand that virtually all the eurozone is part of the ponzi. They may not be as completely unaware from a public level as our electorate is.....but their bankers and governments are all involved at multiple levels.......The tenatacles of the banking oligarchy is in all developed countries. One caveat....Asia. Not as controlled. enjoy.


  1. kli & palmmer

    Since you're running EUO, there were a couple items on the feed you might be interested in. The first is of an unnamed central bank buying EURUSD and the second is speculation of a possible EURUSD short squeeze:

    Repeated buying from one central bank agent has been the noted flow in [EUR/USD] and has served to lift trade around 40 ticks from opening levels. Early fix demand also played a role but it is clear that specs are still happy to play the short side. Today's noteworthy flow from the option market has been a seller of 1 month of 1.3705 Eur calls. This also plays into the technical bias that revolves around last Friday's 1.3695 peak. Also of note today, 1.3650 expiries. In summary, a short market forced to pare risk against the CB buyer, but also a strong underlying intent to fade strength.

    Not that we were expecting much from today's holiday thinned markets, but focus was clearly on [EUR/USD], to see whether fresh lows could have been achieved. As it stood, the market was unable to get close to 1.3576 from earlier on today, despite a moderate attempts in late London. Many continue to eye a test on 1.3500, but given a heavily short Eur market, as well as ongoing barrier defence ahead of this level, we see an increasing likelihood of a short squeeze, perhaps towards 1.3800, before fresh attempts on the key fig level are made.


    If the short squeeze occurs, the 1.3800 makes sense as there is resistance in the 1.3750 to 1.3800 area. That would also pull up the other majors and I'de expect the $ to head for the 79 area and also giving a bump to the PMs

  2. EUO as an intermediate term to longer term hold is reasonable. I had a small position I traded out of due to the shorter term issues with Greece and the short squeeze....excellent review. I try to give generat recommendations on positions....which at this moment involve having a core 20% in miners...Maybe a little larger if you are convinced a short term botom was made.

  3. I tend to only provide information that may imply a recommendation but prefer to leave it to the reader to add in the information they already have and make their decision.

    Something is about to happen. ADX on the daily for the Euro, Pound and Aussie are all very high on a lag of the downtrend but the hourly ADX is under 7 for the Pound and Euro.

    I closed out my EURUSD and GPDUSD but bracketed the Euro with buy and sell stops outside near term resistance/support to try to catch the move in either direction. Also lightened up my silver & index shorts last week going into a long weekend with Greece on the front burner.

  4. good post ecbot..agree and I don't like any shorts in PMs here...just not a good risk/reward. Cash heavy is the correct position.

  5. I bet cash scares a lot of people.. the dollar is holding the line..